DIY Valentine Pom-Pom Wreath 

Happy Monday! I’m still trying to get over the big Packer loss we had and it’s not making Monday any easier that’s for sure! 

I thought I’d share a short and sweet tutorial today to get you ready for Valentine’s Day! I can’t believe we’re in the last week of January – I’m pretty sure it’ll be Valentine’s Day before I know it!

If you didn’t already know.. I love pom-poms.. they’re so cute on just about everything! Ive made them to put on my beach tote and even some garland.  If you’d like those tutorials, just let me know! 

Without further adieu.. my favorite new wreath just in time for the love day! 

Supplies you need:

  • Yarn ($2 at Michaels for a large roll) – any color but I used red, white and pink!
  • A Pom Pom maker – I found mine at Michaels but they’re out of stock online! 
  • Foam wreath- I got mine at dollar tree for $1! 
  • Scissors

First, you’ll make the pom-pom by wrapping the yarn around the two sides of the maker (see below).

You’ll repeat this step and do it on the other side of the maker as well!

Once you’ve done this so both sides are covered – you will then cut the yarn right in the middle (where the opening is).

Next, you’ll put a piece of yarn in the middle where you cut and then you’ll tie very tightly! 

Hopefully these pictures are actually helping! Ha! I thought about doing a video tutorial and then decided that might be a bit much?! 

Lastly, you will pull apart the maker and pull out your Pom-Pom! You will need to fix it a bit and cut a few of the strands so it looks more even! Then viola! 

Now that the pom-poms are made, you can assemble your wreath! I made about 30 poms in order to fill this littler wreath! 

You simply hot glue the poms to the wreath to your liking! 

I did a mixture of the small and large poms to split it up a little bit! And after it was done.. I hung it up for some easy decorations!

I made two of these (one for the porch) and if I could change it – I’d add light pink in to show the different colors since the red and darker pink blend a bit!

Here’s how it looks outside! 

Have you been decorating for Valentine’s Day? Or am I the only crazy one?! 😂 


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