Cookie Exchange!

So many of you have asked about the details from my Cookie Exchange party and I’m finally sharing! PSA: This post is literally FILLED with pictures, so beware 🙂


I sent out these cute invites in early November in hopes everyone could come!

I had a cute little “boxing” station with lots of Christmasy containers for the girls to take the cookies home in!  I also (always) provide favors for parties so the girls took home a cute little throw and those cute mugs on the counter!


I served appetizers, wine and hot cocoa (thankfully a few of the girls brought some too!).


And a few pictures of the cookies 🙂


My favorite Frostbite Cookies – in one of our wedding gifts! ❤


Yummy Spritz cookies.. how good do these look?! And it looks like the ones you get at a store!


The Snowman Pretzels were the big winner this night 🙂



Missing: Lalo, Sugar and Gingerbread cookies!

And after visiting a bit, we headed upstairs to the photo-booth and games!


Did I mention, this post is filled with pictures?!


Love these girls!


We played Christmas Family Feud  which was pretty funny!  Then we headed downstairs for the “cookie testing” and voting part!  There was a tie initially between the Gingerbread cookies and Snowman Pretzels but the Snowmen ended up winning!


After she opened her winning gift, we played Reverse Christmas Charades!  This was a pretty funny game 🙂 Easy, by all means but funny!

I usually am not a fan of charades.. I can’t act!! But with reverse charades, it makes it so much easier when you’re acting it out with a group of people versus just yourself!

Then we had a little more fun with the photo-booth!

Gosh these girls are fun!


All in all = the party was a success!  I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the decor and how I set it up but maybe next time I’ll remember!

It was such a great time having a girls night and the games/cookies definitely helped! Oh yeah.. and the wine #givemeallthewine  I can’t wait for the next party!

The hubs was gone during the party (girls only!) but showed up for a quick picture after the girls left!


Have any of  you hosted a cookie exchange?  Anything I totally missed and need to add next year?  I’m always looking for things to add to my parties!

It’s almost the weekend and I can’t believe how close we are to the last weekend before Christmas!!  Such a bittersweet feeling – I can’t wait for Christmas but I also never want it to end! Any of y’all with me on that one?!


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