What we’ve been up to…..

We totally thought we were brave and decided to take all 3 kids to the beach since Magnolia loved it so much the last week…

Not sure what we were thinking… A) that dang stroller clearly isn’t made for sand… Ha! We looked so silly Im sure pushing it to the spot we wanted…

Magnolia wasn’t as crazy about the water and sand this time which was SO odd since she was obsessed when I took her!

We did build some sand castles – that she quickly stepped on after asking if she could… 🙂 And she loved the playground more this time!

It was going so well until Magnolia and I got back from the splash pad and Daddy was trying to feed a screaming Annabelle.. Logan kept saying “we need to leave right now. We need to leave”.

With Magnolia, I felt that SO strongly anytime she’d cry or fuss – we need to leave or I need to pull over in the car because it would just make me so anxious but with the twins, one of them usually has to cry unfortunately because when Logan is working, there is only one of me!

So it didnt bother me – but Logan said it was the last time we’d be taking them anywhere for a while…. Clearly the whole “lets get them used to being out little by little” isnt applying!

We’ve taken lots of pictures of the girls – or at least, I have!

Shocker, right? Ha!

We visited Eau Claire for a few days and hung out with family.

The girls have done a bit of cuddling…

We are not co-sleepers and they have separate bassinets but at 5 am – I’ll take some cuddles instead of getting up for the day!

Y’all.. how am I a mama to 3 girls?!?!? Still crazy to me!

We also had Logans siblings in town for a weekend visit to meet the girls..

And really to play with Magnolia more, of course 🥰 She sure loves seeing people after not for so long due to Covid!

The siblings and Logan took Magnolia to the zoo for a few hours (I stayed home with the babies since it was a hot one!) and she loved seeing the penguins!

And we’ve spent plenty of time trying to get the girls on a good schedule for night sleep!

My sweet Clementine

That’s life around here for now! Low key somewhat and trying to soak it all in! We have gymnastics for Magnolia tonight and for the first time, I think I get to actually take her! She started when I was pregnant and really couldn’t lift her and I needed to be 6 weeks postpartum (tomorrow!) in order to be able to lift her again! So excited to be able to do “uppy” with her again!


What’s going on, Wednesday!

This past weekend was a nice and calm (for the most part!) weekend spent at home with the hubs!  I thought i’d recap some of what went on- and rejuvenated us for the summer weekends ahead!  We don’t have a free weekend until the middle of August… and June just started.. i’m tired already!

(pictured left to right; breakfast Saturday morning with great friends, shopping with a sweet friend, one of our handsome puppies, dinner at BWW on Friday night, hitting the driving range with my brother, our sweet girl, Leinie, golf at Baker National, Excelsior Brewing Company, Licks Unlimited for ice cream and golf at Bunker Hills)

This weekend included lots of golf (would you expect any less with a husband like mine??) and some fun exploring some areas we don’t typically go to!  My husband is hands-down my favorite person to hang with and I was so excited to spend the whole weekend with him!  I know that sounds funny, but he has class Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and has golf league Tuesdays (most weeks) so it’s been rare to have some quiet time with just us!

In case you missed this post, yesterday was my Birthday and I listed all the items on my *wish list*.  I am so thankful for everyone who took a few minutes out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday and think of me!  It was a low-key day with lunch and dessert (pictured) with my coworkers and a birthday dinner with the hubs!  In case you haven’t noticed by now, I am obsessed with chips and queso so was thankful to get a little bit of that on my celebration!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the hubs and I in my 28th year- it’s going to be hard to top last year (with our wedding this past December) but i’m so excited!

Happy Hump Day!!