Whereabouts Wednesday – Charleston Edition!

I know I said I’d post yesterday for my “try on Tuesday” but it was a bit crazy traveling yesterday and after a few delays, we didn’t get back home until 1:30 this morning! Needless to say… I decided to forego my Tuesday post!

I’ve had a lot of requests for what we did in Charleston and so I thought I’d share the first day of our trip to South Carolina!  I say, the first day because it might be #pictureoverload and therefore, I need to put it into a few posts!

Onto our trip!

After a 4 hour flight delay and lost golf clubs, we finally arrived in Charleston 7 hours late (and at 8:30 pm)! #ThanksSouthwest

We changed and headed out for a quick bite closer to our hotel at Sesame Burgers and Beer and it did not disappoint! Also, they offered a free crab artichoke dip so that was sweet too 🙂

Ok, so Logan at least changed out of his sweatpants 🙂

Then we hit up a local brewery by the hotel for a quick drink.

I was pleasantly surprised when they had wine on the menu!

The brewery wasn’t Logan’s favorite.  He did a flight of four (out of the six they offer) and he didn’t care for any of them; which says a lot since he can usually find at least one he likes!

After the brewery, we hit the hotel for a snooze!

We were originally going to tour Boone Hall Plantation on Thursday when we got into Charleston but clearly, our plans had to change due to our flights and the lost clubs.

The lost clubs changed a lot of our plans and it was quite stressful trying to figure it all out (to say the least!) and Southwest Airlines wasn’t the easiest to deal with either!

Alas, Saturday morning we headed out for Boone Hall to tour the plantation.  I think I was most excited for this! Honestly… the drive through the “Avenue of Oaks” was one of my favorite parts!

I mean, seriously.. does it get any more gorgeous?

It was amazing to hear all about the history of this Plantation.  It’s one of the oldest working plantations and the grounds are definitely beautiful!

The Plantation is featured in a lot of movies such as The Notebook; it was Ally’s summer home in the movie! They showed us many different areas where Noah swam and the trees that were in the movie as well.
You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the home because it’s still currently a private residence but the outside isn’t a bad view, am I right? I totally think I could get used to driving on up to our new home 😉

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were married here as well!
They had the cutest little Cafe with beer/bottles of wine and cute old fashioned coke bottles!
Also, can I just say that these Miller sandals are without a doubt my favorite pair of shoes?! I heard mixed reviews about how comfortable they were but honestly, I brought 4 pairs of shoes and only wore these! So comfortable and they go with everything! Double win! 🙂
That Avenue of Oaks sure has my heart 🙂
They also had a butterfly garden that had so many of these little guys!

There was honestly so much to do around the Plantation and so many tours and history.  We spent about 4 hours and I feel like I could have spent more time there somehow! Or maybe I just really enjoyed my views 🙂

After the Plantation, we headed to Charleston for lunch on the water!

Logan had the soft shell crab sandwich for lunch and we enjoyed these lobster and shrimp stuffed hush puppies for an app!

I tried the Charleston Sunset and usually I’m a huge fan of a fun drink but this one was a bit too “peachy” for me!
After lunch, we headed back to the hotel so we could try to deal with Southwest and figure out where the heck Logan’s clubs were! We found out they finally made it to Atlanta (Friday) but it would take about 24 hours to have them brought to our hotel…………. 24 hours.. it was just beyond ridiculous!

After doing that, we headed down to King St to check out some of the shops and to grab a drink!

We stopped by Skinny Dip per Kate’s recommendation and their Frose was so refreshing! It was incredibly busy so we didn’t get to go out on the rooftop but the rest of the store was so cute!

We stopped by a few more stores and ended up at John King Bar for  a few drinks and rounds of Connect 4!

Logan is a huge fan of Diners, Drive ins and Dives (I mean, HUGE) so we stopped by Tattoo Moose for dinner to give it a try, per Guy’s recommendation 🙂

We headed back to the hotel after a late dinner to relax and get ready for a day at the beach!

Whew, enough pictures, huh? And this was just day 1! 🙂

It was a stressful beginning to our trip due to the delayed flight (eventually our original flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues but we were fortunate enough to get on a flight on stand by) and the lost golf clubs but we tried to make the best of the time!

We had reservations for Magnolia’s (the ONE main place I wanted to go!) on Thursday night but unfortunately we had to cancel due to the delay and we couldn’t get in before we left! Big bummer!

Thanks for following along! I can’t wait to share the remainder of our trip with y’all. I’m ready for some 80 degree weather again!