Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale

Happy Monday!

I can’t believe it’s time for the big Lilly Pulitzer (formerly After Party) Sunshine Sale! It’s no surprise, if you’ve been around a while, that I am a BIG fan of Lillly for the last 15+ years?! I loved it prior to kids and love it even more after having kids! This sale is twice a year (the next one is usually in September) and it’s usually 50-70% off their items – This is the only time you”ll get sale items from Lilly unless you find any randomly on Amazon or Zappos so if you’re looking to try any out, now is the time! The sale is only ONE day this year so hop on anything you want ASAP!

The sale starts at 8 pm Est and you’ll be put into a virtual line until it’s your turn to get in. Don’t hit refresh, it’ll just update while your page is up!

I usually get asked about styles I like, sizing, etc and I’ve referenced so many here but thought I’d update it as I’ve tried more styles.

The twins have all of Magnolia’s old Lilly pieces and the shifts are so sweet!

The Etta top for me – this is always part of the sale (as are the baby shifts!) and it’s so flattering!
This is the Lana romper and it’s definitely not my style so I’d pass if it’s in the sale this year!
This is one of their Elsa tops and it’s such a great staple for your closet! I wear a S but the M would fit great too!
These body suits are perfect for those winter months!
These summer body suits are so cute as bubbles too!
This is the Etta short sleeve top – very flattering for all shapes!!
This is a Lilly for Target dress but the little maxis are so cute!
Not the most flattering pic BUT these shifts are so darn sweet!

Clearly the babies will have PLENTY of Lilly to wear for years to come! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

Now onto other ones I’ve worn over the last year for my faves and sizing!

This is the Harper dress – I sized up to a medium in this for pregnancy and I’m about 30 weeks pregnant here with the twins!
This is the same dress but in an XS for Magnolia
This is the Essie dress (Size M for me) and the Astara Dress (XS for Magnolia). I sized up in this one since I would be post-partum and so glad I did! I love it flowier. Magnolia’s first time in “normal” sizing and not infant sizing. The XS is a little big on her but she’ll be able to wear it this summer again too!
This is the Jane shift dress – I will say this runs a bit bigger. I sized up again to an 8 since I wasn’t sure the fit of this one based on reviews. I am happy I sized up – I am larger chested (34G) and I definitely need the room for my bust and it’s flowier on the bottom then. It’s really cute and can be dressed up or down but I’m not sure I’ll order this style again with my body shape.
The Jane shift again – I absolutely LOVE the neckline on this one though!
Another Astara dress for Magnolia – love this style for her and the prints! The babies are in Magnolia’s old Lilly (and they have plenty to wear!).
This one is just OK for me as well, if I’m being honest. I reallly wanted to love this one – the Finn dress because it’s so comfy and just darn cute (and Love the matching top for Magnolia) but truthfully, it’s not the best for my body shape again with my larger chest and the way the pattern lays.

These are the main ones that I’ve been loving (or not loving as much!) lately. Clearly, I could go on and on about this sale and the pieces but if you’re looking for a few good ones, now is the time!


Ending the week in… Lilly!

Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s the last week of Lilly on the blog and some of you are probably like this…

While others are like this…

I feel you.. both! 🤣

I can’t believe I managed to blog 5 days this week… FIVE days! It’s so much easier when I have fun outfits to share!

Today, I’m sharing two outfits.. mainly because it’s the end of Lilly week – and I figure you might not want to see more next week 😉

Let’s jump right in!

This Meg top is one of my very favorites! I have it in a few prints and it’s so comfortable and easy to pair with anything!

It can be dressed up or dressed down! Throw a faux fur vest on with it, cute jean shorts or work pants and you’re good to go! Of course, not all together at the same time 🤣

This little love wanted to see me while I was putting my shoes on!

This next top was from the sale as well – only $19! I’m going to love it more when it’s warm and sunny out but for now, this would be a fun going out top in spring!

Just so you can see the colors and top up close – don’t mind my hair and paler skin 🤣🤣

In all honesty – do you wear your Lilly Pulitzer all year round or just in summer?! And I need to know.. what are your favorite pieces because I’m always looking to add to my closet! #fashionaddicted

On another note – I stopped by Target and they have such cute stuff.. for real! I have a fun Giveaway for y’all next week and I’ll share all those favorites!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Weekend Recap in Lilly!

Happy Thursday!

This past weekend was a busy one – sort of! I started off Friday night with a Mimosa because #its5oclocksomewhere

And a little happy hour and queso with the Mr!

On Saturday, we headed to Eau Claire for the day for a bowling tournament for Logan – luckily for me, my Mom and Grandma live there (and where I went to college!) so I was able to squeeze some time with them!

We had lunch at Mancinos – one of Logan’s favorite grinder places ever – before Logan left us for bowling!

I promise she was happy to see me and have lunch, contrary to her non smiling face 🤣

Then headed to a few shops with my Mama – Ross, Pier 1 and Walmart!

My mom had Lilly on too but you can’t see it under her vest 🙂

Then we stopped for some Coldstone because #wheninrome

I always get the Cake Batter and Cookie Dough.. obsessed!

I picked Logan up shortly after and hung around with some of his work buddies for a few drinks!

My Moms birthday is this Sunday and even though we will end up seeing her this weekend, we have her gifts before we headed out!

She was pretty stoked for the Kindle 🙂 oh yeah, and Lilly!

That was our weekend! Sunday, we relaxed and watched some football! I should have done my meal planning but that didn’t happen #shocker but I’ll get back to it next week!


Let’s Make It Sunny!

We’re halfway through the week and I’m already ready for the weekend!

We’re doing some Superbowl activities this weekend because when will we ever be around the Superbowl?! Probably never… So we thought it would be fun to act like tourists for a day and do all the things!

I’ve had a few of you ask if there are other ways to purchase good Lilly at decent prices #not200dollarsforadress AND there is! Of course, there’s the After Party Sale that’s twice a year but also, there are so many groups on Facebook, Re-Lilly is one where people put their gently used Lilly up on there for sale and you can contact the person to purchase.

I also use Poshmark as a selling mechanism (and have purchased a thing or two) for all things Lilly! You can check out other sellers reviews and make sure the items are good quality!

So check those out for some good deals! Moving onto this fun dress…

Isn’t it so fun?! I didn’t know if I loved it because of the style (it’s the Linden dress, if you’re wondering!) and with my larger chest, sometimes these dresses aren’t the cutest…

But, boy do I love a good flamingo print?! #allthehearteyes

These cute flats have my monogram on them and are only $15! They definitely need to be broken in – the backs are killing me after one wear but I’ll let you know how they are after a few wears!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?! Or just this fun Wednesday?!


Dreaming of Warmer Days…

While I’m over here thinking about wearing #allthelilly, Minnesota clearly didn’t get the memo!  We got about 5-6 inches of snow yesterday and it was insane!

Thankfully, I did not end up having to drive in after my appointment yesterday and was able to head home (the roads were TERRIBLE even around that time!) and listen to the call from there.  I can’t even imagine driving in it after work with how bad it was at noon!

It’s day two of Lilly over here and I’m dreaming of Spring and Summer.  It’s almost here, right?! Ha!

Aside from dresses, Lilly Pulitzer popovers are one of my favorite pieces because you can wear them year round!

They are slimming, bright and so colorful! I just love them all 🙂

Fun fact: I wore these flats at our wedding! I wore uggs for the actual ceremony (since it was an outdoor “winter” wedding in Minnesota in December) but threw these flats on for the dancing and reception! I always thought I’d wear heels for our wedding but I’m glad I have a pair of shoes I’m more likely to wear again and reminisce about that day!

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!


Lilly Pulitzer Week!

Helllllllo! Happy Monday!

We have a snow storm upon us #whatsnew and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it!  Normally, if it snows at all, I work from home because if I don’t have to be on the roads – I’m not! But today, we have meetings in person so off to the office I go!

I polled instagram last week about a full week of Lilly outfits – and y’all responded that you ABSOLUTELY do want to see those After Party Sale purchases and how I’m styling them this Winter. So every post this week will be just that; a sale purchase!

First up for the week: the Willa Dress!  

I’m on the fence about this dress to be honest…. The style is good but the colors just aren’t as vibrant as I’d like!

However, we had 2 days of 40 degree weather, and while I’d prefer it to be a littttttle bit warmer to wear this, I would absolutely wear this dress with booties much like in the pictures.  It’s perfect for the cooler weather!

Not pictured but I’d also throw on my faux fur vest in case it got a little bit chilly!

Did any of y’all pick up this Willa dress from the sale?!

I didn’t do meal planning yesterday as planned…. mainly because I’m not sure how long it will take me to get home from the office today.  ON a good day, it’s an hour… with the snow they’re talking about us getting.. it could take up to 3 hours!  But I will work on getting meal planning done tonight for the week though because it’s been SO much easier the past two weeks with it planned out.

Wish me luck today… hope you have a fabulous day!!


Friday Favorites – Lilly Pulitzer Style!

The Lilly sale was here and is gone already! I always look forward to this one since the next one isn’t until August – which signals the end of summer!

I’m craving warmer weather already (can we just have it above 0 at least?!) and shopping Lilly always puts me in a sunny mood 🙂

I’ve had so many of you ask about what I’ve purchased from the sale and I figured it’s only fair to share!

This top was only $19 and I thought it would be cute to dress up with white jeans and wedges or dress down with jean shorts!


The Meg Top is one of my favorite tops!  It’s like the Elsa’s (which I love!) but comfier! I have this top in another print and I wear it to work or on the weekends – perfect top (and it was only $24!).


The Willa dress is a new one for me but I can’t wait for summer so I can throw it on with sandals!


I can’t wait to get these in the mail – the colors are always a lot more vibrant in person versus online!

How cute is this print on the Linden A-Line dress?! I’m obsessed!


The two things I was most looking forward to were a popover and an Elsa!  The sale is the time to stock up on those items (and every other item!) and I was so happy when they showed up on the sale the second day!

The popover I went with – I’m hoping I love… I love the popovers but am not sure I picked the best print. We’ll see once it comes in the mail!


The Elsa top is a print I’ve never tried before either and I can’t wait to see if in person! The Elsa’s are perfect for work or everyday wear. They’re a bit pricier for a top – regular price so it’s a good time to get them for over 50% off.


I also got my littlest niece a little Lilly shift dress because how cute will that be?! I don’t think my older nieces would love the bright colors since I didn’t start them young on it, like little Nora 🙂

I went a little crazy this year after they released more items later on Wednesday – but that just means I’ll be on a shopping hiatus for a little while; mainly because I don’t need anything more!

Let me know if you want a small try-on session when the items come in!

What did you grab from the sale?! Any fun plans for the weekend?!


After Party Sale – Lilly Pulitzer

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

If you have a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store by you, then run, don’t walk to your store because the sale starts in store today!

If you’re like me and don’t have one near you then get ready for tomorrow when the madness begins!

I’ve shared about the sale previously herehere and here but we’ll chat about it a little more again…


  1. You will be placed in a virtual line once you head to their website (it starts 8 am EST).  DO NOT refresh your browser – it seems like the numbers take forever to move but trust me, it’ll put you at the end of the line if you refresh.
  2. Use as many objects as possible… meaning, use your computer, your significant/roommate’s computer and your phone or whatever means necessary so you can hopefully get in quicker on one of those.
  3. Log into your account ahead of time and make sure all of your information is updated including address and payment methods so you can check out ASAP if there’s a certain item you want in your cart!
  4. Having an item in your cart does not mean it’s reserved! Remember that – if there’s one item you want so badly (as if there’s only one!) then check out quickly.  You’ll be placed back into the virtual line but if you’re on multiple devices then you might be able to get in earlier!
  5. Above all else – have fun! This is always so crazy and the excitement is overloading – but even if you get just one piece… you’re golden!

Now for the fun part… Here’s a few of my favorite that I always look for during the sale:

Elsa Tops:



These are without a doubt some of my favorite tops – they’re comfortable, dress up any outfit and can be worn to work or for fun.

For size wise, I am a small.  I have a few that I sized up in to a medium but these run true to size!

Meg Tops:


I bought a few of these at the last sale and it’s become one of my favorite tops! It’s so comfortable (cotton) and lays so nicely!

A Lilly Pulitzer

I’d say this runs true to size – I wear a small!

Enna Tops:


I love a good off-the-shoulder and ones with bright prints are total favorites!  These tops are perfect because they stay on your shoulders – how awesome is that!? No moving or scootching up!

I own this in both prints and can’t wait for warmer weather so I can wear them again! Sizing wise: I’m a small!



This is the time to order one off these great sweatshirts! They’re flattering and normally $98.. not ideal to me for a sweatshirt – so I make sure to wait until these sales to stock up!

These run a little small but I stuck with my normal size and was happy!


I haven’t met a Lilly dress I didn’t like… No joke, I could wear one everyday if I lived someone where it wasn’t -8 degrees!


I wore these two from the previous Lilly sale in Madeira and LOVE the tropical feel.


These two are some of my favorite dresses – the Essie dress (and is also a top!) and the Jessica dress! So comfy and cute to wear for any occasion!img_7431-1img_7694

In all honesty – I wear these in Minnesota where not many people wear such bright colors and I just love it!  Every time I put Lilly on, it just makes me smile 🙂


If there’s a style you have a question for sizing – or just want some help shopping – definitely reach out! Clearly, I wear my fair share of Lilly 🙂img_5678img_5406img_5048img_4692

Good luck and happy shopping! Keep up with me on my Instagram (Kristilynn531) as i’m going to be instastorying my finds throughout the day tomorrow!


After Party Sale

Happy Monday! Guess what this morning is?! It’s time for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!

If you’re new around here, I spoke more about it last year here.  Lilly Pulitzer has 2 sales a year (one in January and one in August) where they offer their clothing at a large percentage off.  Hopefully the site won’t crash this year (although I say that every year) and we’ll all find some great deals!

I thought I’d take a few minutes to share a few of my favorite pieces from the last few years with some sizing info! I’ll be sharing what I snagged from this sale throughout the day!



This t-shirt dress is ridiculously comfortable.  It’s perfect for a casual day or you can add a cardigan and heels for a day in the office!


The dress above fits TTS and is super comfortable.  I would dress it up with heels for a happy hour or with a long sweater for the office.


The Essie Dress is one of my favorite dresses.  It’s versatile and is usually always part of the sale!


I’m wearing the Ali Dress in the above and below pictures.  This dress is great as well (aren’t they all?!) because it’s a casual dress that fits TTS. img_5221-1img_5403

I love a good cold-shoulder shirt so this dress was beautiful for a girls night out.  Definitely recommend this dress for a dressier event; wedding, night out, or just for fun!


I love their long sleeve tops (besides more than just the Elsas) because I can wear them to work and it’s easy to throw on! This top runs TTS and is meant to be a looser fitting top.


The Enna tops are so incredibly cute! They also have the perfect white hanger strings (is that what they’re called?! ha!) so it keeps the top ON your shoulders! Win win in my book!


This dress is beyond gorgeous – yes, it’s bright but that’s what I love! It’s great for work or for a more dressier event; I wore this to Easter Mass but have also worn it to work. It runs TTS.


This Del Lago Tunic is incredibly versatile; it can be a swim cover up, worn with booties for fall or with sandals if you still live in a warm area!  It runs TTS and I got a small in it!


The Elsa tops are always a go-to for me when the chillier weather is here! I own a few of these and they run TTS – I’m wearing an XS in this one as that’s what was available but a small would have been better (and my normal size).


The Popovers are one of my favorite pieces from Lilly! They are so comfortable but make you look like you made a lot of effort as well. These run a little bit – I sized down to an XS but the Small would have been OK as well. Perfect for fall and winter!


I styled it with a pink puffer vest for winter and spring.


The Etta top is one of my favorites as well – it’s the perfect fit but does run a little bit so I’d size down if this one is in your cart!


Another Enna top.. this one is so pretty and bright!  I love Lilly’s prints but love a good pink top as well.  This top runs a little bit so I’d size down one!


Another Elsa top – Again, these are pretty TTS!


Another Essie Dress – can you tell I love these?!


I have a few of these Marlowe dresses and they are great for fall with boots! These run a little small so I’d size up one if you find you love these!


Good luck shopping today.  You will be placed in a virtual line like years past so just be patient if you can!

What things are you hoping are part of the sale and what did you end up purchasing?!

Happy shopping!


Fitting room finds! 

Happy Thursday!  I’m so ready for the weekend (per usual) and can’t believe we have just a few days left!  I’m pretty excited because my Brother is meeting me for lunch today at work and it’s always so nice when we can get together! And Chick-fil-A is a definite favorite of mine so that helps as well!

It’s no surprise that I love shopping and Lilly Pulitzer #duh so when I stopped into the Via Lilly store the other day, I knew I needed to try a few of their new prints!  Of course, the hardest part is leaving without all of them (and breaking the bank!). One thing.. I’m not the biggest fan of this store – it’s pretty dark, the dressing rooms aren’t fun at all like at Lilly and the staff isn’t the nicest! Every time I go in there, I never think LILLY! Anyways, I’ll stop my vent sesh..

And so it begins…. 🙂

I loved this Etta top! It’s so comfy and the print is incredibly vibrant! I shared it in a #realoutfitgram on Insta this past weekend and can’t stop wearing it!

I hadn’t tried one of their popovers yet but after this one, I think I’m hooked! They are so soft and comfortable!  Surprisingly, they are pretty flattering too which seems crazy for a sweatshirt?! Also… do you see the zipper has a pineapple and a tassel for it??

This top is an older print and was on sale for $21 so I thought I’d give it a try! But the xs was just a little too tight with the material so it stayed at the store!

I’m all about the Elsa tops ( I own just a few ;)) and in case you weren’t aware.. I love cold shoulders so this new top was a total love of mine after I tried it!

So cute, right?!

I own a few of these Essie dresses and they’re always favorites of mine! They’re so easy to throw on for errands or dress them up with wedges for drinks out! I’ve even worn mine to work with a cute cardigan and wedges!

I own 2 of the Marlowe dresses and thought I’d try this new print on!  I don’t always love this type of dress because of my larger chest (it’s not the most flattering!) but this print definitely brightened it up!

This was the first Bay dress I’ve tried and while I love the print I’m just not sure about the fit as much..

It has a super cute little button clasp at the back of the dress which is a sweet touch!

The last dress that I tried and fell in love with quickly was the Adira Off The Shoulder Dress! It’s seriously so cute!!  I’m not always a fan of off the shoulder for obvious reasons but this one didn’t disappoint!

That wraps up my Lilly session 🙂 I’m always looking to add more Lilly to my closet and can’t decide on which dress to pick up for spring and summer?

Are you a Lilly fan?! Which dresses are your favorite?