Christmas 2021 is in the books!

Happy Monday! Or end of day Monday so maybe Happy Tuesday! Lets wait to see if all of my kids are in daycare tomorrow and then we can see how happy it is…

Ugh, the struggle, am I right?! With Covid these days, I feel like we’re even more cautious to keep them out if they have any symptoms since daycare says if they have 2 symptoms, they need to be out (which these days, there’s 98 so it’s hard to really say) and had to have Clementine home last week two days due to an ear infection. The week before that, we had Annabelle home 2 days due to a cold (was negative for Covid thankfully!) and then Magnolia was sick with the stomach bug the next day and then the twins were exposed to Covid at daycare and they were out 10 days. I’m not kidding… I think my kids are out of daycare more often than in it and it’s a miracle if we get a full week of daycare for all 3 kids! So here’s to hoping they’re all in it for the rest of the week…. fingers crossed!

Anyways, over the weekend we had our last Christmas with my Dad and Stepmom. We traveled to them (about 2 hours away) for a few hours and it was our first trip longer than 30 mins with the twins in the car since we moved here in August. Kinda crazy – and of course, I thought if we timed it right then they’d nap in the car 2 hours and on the way home………… yeah we made it 25 mins for naps and then they were all awake for the remainder of the drive. Gotta love that. Thankfully they didn’t really cry too much at least!

My Dad with Clementine Irene (Irene is my dads grandmas name 😊)

We weren’t able to all get together for Christmas this year (for my family) so we had it separate with my Mom, the week before Christmas…

My Mom and Stepdad with the girls!
We baked cookies with my Mom when she was in town!

And then my Dad this past weekend.

It was a quiet day for my family christmases with just us and my parents but it’s been nice to catch up and the girls loved the one-on-one time! Hopefully this summer we can all get together!

My Dad with Annabelle

We were with my in-laws Christmas Day to celebrate and it’s honeslty the first time we’ve been with any family on Christmas since before Magnolia was born. Crazy to think that! But with Covid and Magnolia’s birthday on Christmas Day, we have alwasy spent the day(s) by ourselves. It was definitely chaotic this year and we’ll probably re-evaluate timeline for Christmas day next year!

Magnolia requested pink for her birthday so pink on Christmas it was!
Mimi and Papa (my in-laws!) with the girls!
My sister in law with Annabelle (and Magnolia attempting to cheer her up!)
Magnolia with her Aunties

Can’t believe the first Christmas for the twins is over – it honestly flew by so quickly. It’s been a bit of a rough year so I’m not sure we felt super in the spirit this year (even though we did make sure to do some fun things for the girls!). Hoping it’ll be a more calm year and we’ll be more prepared for the holidays to come!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Wishing you a wonderful and loving holiday even if it’s not how you’d normally be spending your holiday this year! We’re home by ourselves this holiday season and while it’s not our first pick – we’re making the best of it and making new traditions!


Five Things I’m doing to get in the Christmas spirit…

This year has been rough for the majority of us! My brother shared a quote a few months ago that “Were in the same storm but Were not all in the same boat. Some are on yachts, some are on rowboats and some are drowning.” That’s not exact but I truly felt that when I read it! It’s so true – it’s been rough for us but it’s been so much worse for others and I’m constantly thanking God for all our blessings! ❤️

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year! It’s just so magical and honestly, after October 1 comes, I’m counting down the days until thanksgiving so we can be full on Christmas mode! 🎄I even had a baby shower that was even Christmas themed!

Pregnant with Magnolia in 2018!

But if I’m being honest… this year I’m just not feeling it! I’m not sure if it’s because we aren’t seeing family snd havent for so long or what the reason is but it’s just not there for me this year!

However, I still want all the Christmas magic for Magnolia this season (and every year!) so I’ve been doing things to make sure she feels it! If you’re feeling the same as me this year… here’s what I’ve been doing to help:


BAKING! I shared of our favorite recipe on Monday but we have been doing so much cookie baking for ourselves! And this weekend, we’re going to make some Christmas sugar cookies (with Magnolia’s great grandmas frosting recipe!) and next week, we’ll do more peanut butter blossoms! I always loved baking Christmas cookies with my Mom so I’m excited to keep this up with Magnolia!

Two & Three

Decorate a Christmas tree! Even if it’s a little one! I put a small tree in Magnolia’s room with all her favorite things on it for ornaments and she just lights up when we plug it in!

Her tree is filled with her favorite things; Elsa, reindeer, sharks, donuts and dinosaurs! 🥰

Wear Christmas jammies! I bought a few pairs from Target for Magnolia and she loves seeing Santa on them! She’s a huge fan of Santa and reindeer so she loves wearing them! She’ll be wearing them loooong after Christmas as well 🎅🏻


Drive around (or walk if it’s nice where you are!) and find Christmas lights! We did a display show this year but we also drove around to a neighborhood or two that have great Christmas lights! When she (snd the twins) gets older, I really want to do Shay’s Hot Cocoa Christmas tradition! It sounds perfect!

Wearing Christmas jammies (and her daddy’s packer hat) on the way to the Glow light show!
We’ve only done drive bys so I don’t have any pics to share! This is about 3 years ago..


Give to a family or child in need! I did this with my Mom when we were way younger.. we’d go to the mall and by Santa, we’d pick a name off the tree and purchase a gift for that child. I still remember doing that today! Logan and I have been doing this now for quite some years and I can tell you, it’s one of my favorite things! I can’t wait until Magnolia (and the twins!) truly understands and can go with us to pick out the gifts!

I still can’t believe we’re a week until Christmas (and our sweet girl’s birthday!) . What ways are you brightening up your holiday season?! I can always use more ideas and tips!


Give me all the hearts!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved Valentines Day! I didn’t have a boyfriend often during this holiday so it certainly wasn’t because of that – like legit, before Logan, maybe 1-2 years total of having a boyfriend for Valentines Day?! I just have always loved celebrating LOVE! I get it, we could and should celebrate that all the time but let’s be real, that just doesn’t happen!

Im allllll about that pink and red too. I mean, can you get more girly?! I just love it all! I’m always looking for cute heart things to wear for the week of Valentines Day and anything with free shipping, is the only way to go!

Here’s a few super cute options, if you’re looking! I’m debating which to order for myself!

Women’s heart pullover

Love a good plain top like this – and it has great reviews (which I hear now a days, doesn’t necessarily mean much but still, makes me feel better!) and it seems so comfy!

Heart Sleeve Pullover

This is one of my favorites! It’s subtle so you can wear it all the time (which, for me, is wear hearts all year either way but in case you’re questioning it!). Great reviews again – with actual peoples pictures which is what I always look for!

Heart long sleeve top

I love this option since it’s lighter and is just so darn cute!

So I was going to order this last one I’m sharing… however…

“Off the shoulder” heart sweater

I was just telling logan (as if he really cares 🤣) that it’s so weird to me when bloggers continuously show tops that really are vneck – and not wide neck vnecks as off the shoulder tops! Like clearly it stays for a picture but when you’re out and about.. it’s not an actual off the shoulder top! Something that tends to annoy me – clearly! Ha! So I’m refraining from ordering this one for that reason. It’s so cute and it is a wider neck so if you’re not moving much, it might stay off your shoulder.. but as a Mama who’s constantly moving and picking Magnolia up, this is a no go for me!

I thought I’d share a few options for your littles to match you – or at least be decked out for Valentines Day!

Baby Heart Outfit

This outfit is $13.99 and totally matches the top sweater you could get for yourself!

Heart Pants outfit

Obsessing over these pants?! 😍😍

The next one is a total match for a Mommy + Me outfit with the top above!

Heart Onesie Outfit

Magnolia is wearing this sweet romper for her Valentine party at “school”.

Valentine Romper

It’s not Amazon, but it’s pretty darn sweet! I’m pretty excited! 😍

She has a Valentines Day party next Friday so she’ll be decked out with some treats in tow!

Do you guys do big things for the holiday or just lay low as if it’s any old day?! We won’t be doing anything crazy but I love celebrating even the littlest holidays with our sweet girl!


Happy New Year – Christmas style!

Happy New Year!

We’re set and relaxing our way into 2018 and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s been a whirlwind Christmas season and I’m finally sharing a recap of all the fun!

*disclaimer: this is picture OVERLOAD so just be prepared!

We headed to my Mama’s on Saturday before Christmas and enjoyed some queso and margaritas 🙂


I got to pick the restaurant and I couldn’t NOT pick Mexican 🙂


After dinner, we headed back to my Mom’s to do some Christmas baking…


while Logan helped do some wrapping 🙂


My siblings arrived the next day just in time to celebrate Christmas Eve at the Leinie Lodge!


We matched when Ms. Nora arrived so I just had to get a picture 🙂


This has kind of become a tradition for us at my Mom’s.  We head there for a little bit of beer tasting (not my favorite!) and some soft pretzels (a total favorite!).


We goof around and look at all the fun Christmas decorations and the good sales on cute stuff.




We took 15 pictures and legit… this is our best one! #husbandgoals




Once we got home from the Brewery, we tried something new and did a Christmas crawfish boil!


Logan braved the cold while boiling it all up outside!



We enjoyed matching pajamas (well, the girls enjoyed some!), took a few pictures by the tree before playing some games and heading to bed!


Just a few pictures, as usual 😉




We celebrated Christmas morning opening gifts, enjoying Baby Nora (her first Christmas!!) and getting everything ready to head over to my Grandma’s.


How sweet is this girl?!


We did a Secret Santa (via Elfster) with my in-laws and since we couldn’t be there on Christmas to open them, we facetimed them and opened our gifts so we could keep the guesses flowing.


We headed back out with my family for good food and a fun White Elephant game – with some dice involved!


This is my little (2nd) cousin – she’s such a doll and my Mom swears Bre and her look alike 🙂


It’s sweet when you get all the little cousin’s together!


We also hear that we look a lot like – so they needed a picture of us together to see 🙂


We ended our night with more games!

And that was Christmas 2017 with my family!

We celebrated with my in-laws and somehow I didn’t take many pictures…. which is ironic because Logan surprised me with a really nice camera!!


We opened presents (sans pictures, boo!) and spent time with Logan’s grandparents!


My SIL had a Gymnastics meet and we were able to go see her compete!


It was a closed meet so we made sure to sneak in quietly 🙂


She is seriously amazing – I can never get over how good she is on all those events!


We got matching pajamas (so fun – i wasn’t kidding when I said I loved those things!) and they just so happen to be monogrammed – two of my favorite things!


Love these girls!


The boys got a matching top too – we’re just missing Tanner and Erika!


We visited my Dad and Step-Mom for a few hours to catch up, open gifts and have lunch.


My Sister came over too – which is always so great to see her 🙂


We enjoyed Mimosa’s which are a HUGE favorite of mine!


We went back to Logan’s parents and played “That’s what she said” – along with “What’s yours like”?  You definitely need to play both of these games – if you like to laugh 🙂

We celebrated New Year’s by ourselves at home after a busy few weekends!


We  my husband smoked Prime Rib in -8 degree weather!  Isn’t that crazy?!


We toasted to a New Year with good food, good drinks and better company (I mean, our pups are great company! :))

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Years!

I’ll be back tomorrow (big shocker, isn’t it?!?!) with my favorite styles to prepare for the Lilly sale!








Holiday House Inspiration

Happy Monday! Can you believe we’re ONE week from Christmas?! I really can’t! Normally I’m crazy in the spirit but this year it’s been a little tougher.

I did, however go to the Bachman Holiday House this past weekend that I’ve shared so many times and it as usual, it did not disappoint!

The theme of the shed was ice fishing at the lake and it was seriously so cute!

The front porch is always a favorite of mine! I could just imagine snuggling up with a large cup of hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music! Doesn’t t sound magical?

The bedrooms are so dreamy!

I legit want every room in our house to look like them!

Usually there aren’t so many sale tickets but it was the last day of the tours so they were making sure to get rid of everything!

How fun are all the things above the beds?! I would never think of half those things!

The last bedroom was turned into a gift wrapping room and y’all…

I need it! How cute is this?! Wrapping paper on the windows even??

And I loved this idea for a checklist – I swear I love making checklists but I lose them more often than not!

They even decked out the small bathrooms and it just shows, you don’t need a huge room to make it cute 🙂

I’m obsessed with the sleighs turned into shelves.. now I just need to find some old sleighs to turn into shelves!

Even the toilet paper holder was a sleigh!

How smart is this makeshift bar area?! So perfect for a small area you need to fill!

Next year, I’ll go a lot earlier for a tour to get ideas before the holidays! It’s just amazing what they do this same house every year!

They show this house 3 times a year, spring, fall and holidays so if you’re in the Minneapolis area – you should definitely check it out! 😍

I still need to get 2 white elephant gifts for Christmas! Does anyone else do this?! If so, I’m all ears for ideas for gifts! Aka please oh please give me some!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and are ready to rock the last week before Christmas!


Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!

My oh my.. it was my 2nd annual Cookie Exchange on Tuesday and while that doesn’t seem like much… it’s one of my favorite events every year (aka this year and last… 🤣🤣).

How it works: I send out an invite a few weeks ahead of time. Have everyone send me their recipes a week in advance and I put together a book for everyone to have a copy! This year, I did an EBook because let’s be real… I lose all things paper!

I have all the girls bring a dozen cookies per person and we have fun, sip wine, play games and enjoy cookies!

We vote on a winner and there’s always a prize for the best cookies!

Last year we did Christmas charades and family feud. This year we did two Minute to Win It games and they were hilarious!

The first game was a candy cane competition where you had to pick up candy canes and put them in a bucket. Sounds easy right?!

Try it with only using a candy cane 🙂

I got a whopping 2……. Ashton was our winner with 9!

The next game really had us girls crying! It’s called… Bottoms Up!

How it works… tie string around your waist to make a belt. Tie a longer string to hang down and attach an ornament.

You set up empty cans and have to use your booty to get the ornaments to knock down the cans!

It was so funny! And one other thing.. you only have 60 seconds to do each game!

Then we chatted more, ate cookies and voted for our favorite!

This years favorite was Elaine’s Christmas Crack! 😍

It really is the best time! We were missing a few girls but they’ll be there next year I’m sure! 🙂 It’s been a bit of a rough year for personal reasons and I wasn’t feeling the most Christmasy.. which if you know me is very UNLIKE me!

I actually wasn’t even sure if I wanted to have this party.. but I’m so glad I did! These girls are something special 😊

I’m already looking forward to our next get together and next years Exchange!

What holiday traditions do you do every year?! I’m always looking to make new ones 😊


Happy Friday!!

Two consecutive blog posts?! Keep ’em coming, right?! 😉

This Friday Favorites is a little different because I want to chat with you guys about a fun little contest I’m going to be having!

Do you remember when I shared some tips for a perfect front door?!

Well… while shopping this weekend, my Mama came up with this brilliant idea… Let’s do Christmas/holiday front door contest!

front porch 3

Um… yes please!

So here how it’s going to work… In order to enter and participate, you just have to email me a picture of your front door/house ( after it’s all dolled up – before December 1.  I will then share and allow people to vote for a winner!

A winner will be shared on December 8!  How fun is this going to be?! I figured December 1 gives people enough time to decorate after Thanksgiving (if you wait until then ;)).

Want to know what you’re going to win..?!?! 

A few of my favorite winter/Christmas things!  I’ve started accumulating and will share once I have it all 🙂 Some things they include are a good winter candle, warm fuzzy socks, favorite Christmas candy/treats, a fun ornament, Starbucks gift card, my favorite lip balm and a few other things! It’s definitely worth it!

To enter:

1. Decorate your front door/steps/porch

2. Take a picture of it (or a few for good measure!)

3. Email it to

4. Get ready to vote and share until you WIN!

Sound like a fun time to get us all in the spirit?!

I can’t wait to see all the beautifulness shortly! And even if you live in an apartment – a good wreath and doormat add so much 😉

Let’s get decorating!


Holiday Outfits in the snow!

I am totally failing at this whole blogging thing this week… I mean, I haven’t posted since Monday and it’s my favorite week of the year!  I wish I could say that I was busy doing fun Christmas things but I was busy packing and baking… Oh yeah, and cleaning!  #adultingsucks

While packing for Christmas Eve this year (that’s when we get all dressed up for church. Christmas is more of a casual day) I couldn’t help but turn to J.Crew for our holiday outfits!  I fell in love with my husband’s shirt when I saw it in the store (it just screams holiday to me!) and knew that it’d look great with this sweater for Christmas Eve (and any time, because let’s be real, he looks great.. just saying! ;)).


As usual… when I have some kind of idea for fashion, he obliges.. well I say, as usual but let’s be real, he usually says no and pitches a little bit of a fit but this time, he was all in! 🙂 AKA he didn’t have to completely pack for himself this way!

_mg_8500My dress is sold out but this one is fun and off the shoulder (under $60); I also love this one and this one!  Plus, if you order by 12:00 pm today, you can get it delivered to you by Christmas!


Please ignore the fact that my skin literally blends in with the snow… I’d like to say I’m the fairest of them all.. but let’s be real, I need a tan!


Gosh, I love him and a good holiday picture ❤

J.Crew is currently offering 40% off with GIFTNOW so if you’re looking for a few last minute gifts or holiday outfits, head there now- such great deals that they aren’t always offering.

And one more because I just love these outfits and any pictures that my husband smiles in 🙂 In case you didn’t know.. its a bit of a struggle with him getting a good picture.. hello goofy faces! So it’s nice to have a few he smiles in 🙂


If you’d like to see the outtakes… this blog post would be WAY too long! ha!

Any way, I’m clearly rambling so i’ll put you out of your misery and move on.. we’re off to our first Christmas of the year with lots of games, presents and some family time.

Try to soak up the last few days of Christmas. Merry Christmas Eve Eve! ❤


Easy Christmas Treats!

It’s the week of Christmas.. which is just crazy to me!  It’s such a bittersweet time.. I’m so excited for Christmas (of course) but so sad it’s almost over!  The holiday season is just magical to me and I hate when it’s time to go back to reality!

While everyone is doing final touches on gifts or treats – I thought I’d share a few of my favorite easy and quick treats!  These are perfect for little gifts wrapped up or to bring to holiday parties!


The first one up.. is seriously so quick! I mean, it takes longer to take the wrappers off the candies than it does to actually make the treat!

Rolo & Hug Pretzels!

There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for these so if you need more of a tutorial, just click on a few there 🙂


  • Pretzels (holiday or regular)
  • Chocolate candies – Rolos, Hugs, Kisses, etc.
  • M&Ms (holiday or regular!)


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees and line baking sheets with aluminum foil or parchment paper, whichever you have on hand!

Next, line up the sheet with pretzels (I used holiday wreaths but you can use regular pretzels too) and place Rolos and Hugs on top of pretzel.


Put in the oven for 4 minutes – until slightly melted.  Once you pull these out of the oven, place an M&M on top and put in a cool place to set. Because it was -15 in Minnesota today (not even kidding – or counting the wind chill), I placed these outside for just a few minutes!


These are easy peasy and so festive 🙂 You could switch out the color of the M&Ms too for any holiday!

Christmas White Trash was next on my agenda to make!

I used Alton Brown’s recipe and it was just as easy as the pretzels!


  • 3 1cups Cheerios toasted oat cereal
  • 3 cups Rice Chex
  • 3 cups Corn Chex
  • 16 ounces M&M’s plain chocolate candy
  • 2 1cups salted mixed nuts
  • 2 cups small pretzels
  • 2 (11 ounce) packages white chocolate chips (Ghirardelli brand preferred)


Compile all the ingredients (minus the white chocolate chips) into a big bowl.  Next, melt down the white chocolate on a double boiler and pour white chocolate in large bowl over all ingredients.  Mix until all pieces are coated.


 Lastly, put all on a large baking sheet and let cool.  Once cooled,  you can break it apart and serve!



I was done with both treats within a half hour which is perfect – so you can start other baking projects or finish your Christmas wrapping!

Do you have any quick and easy treats that are your go-tos for the holidays?  I still have a bit of baking to do before we head out to Oshkosh this week BUT am happy to cross a few things off my list 🙂

Happy Christmas week!