Mommy and Me Outfits!

I asked and y’all responded.. you want to see more Mommy and Me outfits and trust me.. I have only about 20 in our closet as we speak 🙂

We matched for Easter…


And our dresses are from Old Navy – mine is on sale for $11.88 today BUT I got it for $3.99 on our clearance rack so double check there if you have one near you! Magnolia‘s is $7 but they always run deals on hers lately, I’ve noticed! There’s also a cute top that could match her dress perfectly too, that’s under $10!

Another favorite is from Old Navy and it’s the same dress for Magnolia but in black!

I didn’t know if this top would be TOO flattering on me with my larger chest but it actually is super cute! And it’s under $10 so mommy and me outfits for under $20 total?! WIN!

Lilly Pulitzer is HUGE for mommy and me pieces but I’m going to be honest… I have a hard time paying full price!


I stocked up during the last sale (their after party sales are usually in August and January!) and now, Magnolia and I have 7 mommy and me outfits that I’m dying to put her in this summer!

However, if regular price Lilly is in your budget, I’m loving these prints for Mommy and Baby!


Y’all, I’m all about a good deal – my dress is comfy and I love the contrast between stripes and gingham and little Miss‘ is $6! My version also comes in a top that looks really flattering!

A girlfriend told me about this line at Belk and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

Isn’t the dress for Magnolia just the sweetest and I love this top for myself!

All of these outfits come in toddler and girl sizes too so if you have a little one older than Magnolias age, you could still match!

To be honest, you don’t even have to have a little one to match to wear any of these either! I just love the prints and prices that they’d all be great for spring and summer!

Let me know if you have some mommy and me outfits you’ve been wearing (or wore in the past!) because I’m always looking for more, if that’s possible! 🤣



Fall Maternity Wear!

Happy Thursday!

The weather here is definitely Fall like around here!  It’s been in the 60’s all week with rain and it’s been nice to have a little bit of a cool down.

I polled you guys on Instagram and y’all definitely were ready to see some more fashion posts this way, especially now that I’m pregnant!  I did a try on session at Old Navy and do plan to do more because I know you guys really enjoyed that – but I finally have bought a few more maternity pieces!


And I’m ready to put those to good use (as my belly is definitely getting bigger and bigger!) however, I still enjoy wearing some non-maternity/pre-pregnancy pieces too!  I bought this dress during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but it’s still available here in both black and olive green!


I love any “body-con” style dress that can show off my bump during this pregnancy! This shawl, I got last year before going to London and Paris but I love this one and this one with pockets!  I like this price point a lot more though!

Are you a body-con girl or more into flowier dresses?!


Ending the week in… Lilly!

Happy Friday, y’all!

It’s the last week of Lilly on the blog and some of you are probably like this…

While others are like this…

I feel you.. both! 🤣

I can’t believe I managed to blog 5 days this week… FIVE days! It’s so much easier when I have fun outfits to share!

Today, I’m sharing two outfits.. mainly because it’s the end of Lilly week – and I figure you might not want to see more next week 😉

Let’s jump right in!

This Meg top is one of my very favorites! I have it in a few prints and it’s so comfortable and easy to pair with anything!

It can be dressed up or dressed down! Throw a faux fur vest on with it, cute jean shorts or work pants and you’re good to go! Of course, not all together at the same time 🤣

This little love wanted to see me while I was putting my shoes on!

This next top was from the sale as well – only $19! I’m going to love it more when it’s warm and sunny out but for now, this would be a fun going out top in spring!

Just so you can see the colors and top up close – don’t mind my hair and paler skin 🤣🤣

In all honesty – do you wear your Lilly Pulitzer all year round or just in summer?! And I need to know.. what are your favorite pieces because I’m always looking to add to my closet! #fashionaddicted

On another note – I stopped by Target and they have such cute stuff.. for real! I have a fun Giveaway for y’all next week and I’ll share all those favorites!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Weekend Recap in Lilly!

Happy Thursday!

This past weekend was a busy one – sort of! I started off Friday night with a Mimosa because #its5oclocksomewhere

And a little happy hour and queso with the Mr!

On Saturday, we headed to Eau Claire for the day for a bowling tournament for Logan – luckily for me, my Mom and Grandma live there (and where I went to college!) so I was able to squeeze some time with them!

We had lunch at Mancinos – one of Logan’s favorite grinder places ever – before Logan left us for bowling!

I promise she was happy to see me and have lunch, contrary to her non smiling face 🤣

Then headed to a few shops with my Mama – Ross, Pier 1 and Walmart!

My mom had Lilly on too but you can’t see it under her vest 🙂

Then we stopped for some Coldstone because #wheninrome

I always get the Cake Batter and Cookie Dough.. obsessed!

I picked Logan up shortly after and hung around with some of his work buddies for a few drinks!

My Moms birthday is this Sunday and even though we will end up seeing her this weekend, we have her gifts before we headed out!

She was pretty stoked for the Kindle 🙂 oh yeah, and Lilly!

That was our weekend! Sunday, we relaxed and watched some football! I should have done my meal planning but that didn’t happen #shocker but I’ll get back to it next week!


Let’s Make It Sunny!

We’re halfway through the week and I’m already ready for the weekend!

We’re doing some Superbowl activities this weekend because when will we ever be around the Superbowl?! Probably never… So we thought it would be fun to act like tourists for a day and do all the things!

I’ve had a few of you ask if there are other ways to purchase good Lilly at decent prices #not200dollarsforadress AND there is! Of course, there’s the After Party Sale that’s twice a year but also, there are so many groups on Facebook, Re-Lilly is one where people put their gently used Lilly up on there for sale and you can contact the person to purchase.

I also use Poshmark as a selling mechanism (and have purchased a thing or two) for all things Lilly! You can check out other sellers reviews and make sure the items are good quality!

So check those out for some good deals! Moving onto this fun dress…

Isn’t it so fun?! I didn’t know if I loved it because of the style (it’s the Linden dress, if you’re wondering!) and with my larger chest, sometimes these dresses aren’t the cutest…

But, boy do I love a good flamingo print?! #allthehearteyes

These cute flats have my monogram on them and are only $15! They definitely need to be broken in – the backs are killing me after one wear but I’ll let you know how they are after a few wears!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?! Or just this fun Wednesday?!


Dreaming of Warmer Days…

While I’m over here thinking about wearing #allthelilly, Minnesota clearly didn’t get the memo!  We got about 5-6 inches of snow yesterday and it was insane!

Thankfully, I did not end up having to drive in after my appointment yesterday and was able to head home (the roads were TERRIBLE even around that time!) and listen to the call from there.  I can’t even imagine driving in it after work with how bad it was at noon!

It’s day two of Lilly over here and I’m dreaming of Spring and Summer.  It’s almost here, right?! Ha!

Aside from dresses, Lilly Pulitzer popovers are one of my favorite pieces because you can wear them year round!

They are slimming, bright and so colorful! I just love them all 🙂

Fun fact: I wore these flats at our wedding! I wore uggs for the actual ceremony (since it was an outdoor “winter” wedding in Minnesota in December) but threw these flats on for the dancing and reception! I always thought I’d wear heels for our wedding but I’m glad I have a pair of shoes I’m more likely to wear again and reminisce about that day!

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!


Lilly Pulitzer Week!

Helllllllo! Happy Monday!

We have a snow storm upon us #whatsnew and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it!  Normally, if it snows at all, I work from home because if I don’t have to be on the roads – I’m not! But today, we have meetings in person so off to the office I go!

I polled instagram last week about a full week of Lilly outfits – and y’all responded that you ABSOLUTELY do want to see those After Party Sale purchases and how I’m styling them this Winter. So every post this week will be just that; a sale purchase!

First up for the week: the Willa Dress!  

I’m on the fence about this dress to be honest…. The style is good but the colors just aren’t as vibrant as I’d like!

However, we had 2 days of 40 degree weather, and while I’d prefer it to be a littttttle bit warmer to wear this, I would absolutely wear this dress with booties much like in the pictures.  It’s perfect for the cooler weather!

Not pictured but I’d also throw on my faux fur vest in case it got a little bit chilly!

Did any of y’all pick up this Willa dress from the sale?!

I didn’t do meal planning yesterday as planned…. mainly because I’m not sure how long it will take me to get home from the office today.  ON a good day, it’s an hour… with the snow they’re talking about us getting.. it could take up to 3 hours!  But I will work on getting meal planning done tonight for the week though because it’s been SO much easier the past two weeks with it planned out.

Wish me luck today… hope you have a fabulous day!!


Friday Favorites – Lilly Pulitzer Style!

The Lilly sale was here and is gone already! I always look forward to this one since the next one isn’t until August – which signals the end of summer!

I’m craving warmer weather already (can we just have it above 0 at least?!) and shopping Lilly always puts me in a sunny mood 🙂

I’ve had so many of you ask about what I’ve purchased from the sale and I figured it’s only fair to share!

This top was only $19 and I thought it would be cute to dress up with white jeans and wedges or dress down with jean shorts!


The Meg Top is one of my favorite tops!  It’s like the Elsa’s (which I love!) but comfier! I have this top in another print and I wear it to work or on the weekends – perfect top (and it was only $24!).


The Willa dress is a new one for me but I can’t wait for summer so I can throw it on with sandals!


I can’t wait to get these in the mail – the colors are always a lot more vibrant in person versus online!

How cute is this print on the Linden A-Line dress?! I’m obsessed!


The two things I was most looking forward to were a popover and an Elsa!  The sale is the time to stock up on those items (and every other item!) and I was so happy when they showed up on the sale the second day!

The popover I went with – I’m hoping I love… I love the popovers but am not sure I picked the best print. We’ll see once it comes in the mail!


The Elsa top is a print I’ve never tried before either and I can’t wait to see if in person! The Elsa’s are perfect for work or everyday wear. They’re a bit pricier for a top – regular price so it’s a good time to get them for over 50% off.


I also got my littlest niece a little Lilly shift dress because how cute will that be?! I don’t think my older nieces would love the bright colors since I didn’t start them young on it, like little Nora 🙂

I went a little crazy this year after they released more items later on Wednesday – but that just means I’ll be on a shopping hiatus for a little while; mainly because I don’t need anything more!

Let me know if you want a small try-on session when the items come in!

What did you grab from the sale?! Any fun plans for the weekend?!


Two Casual Holiday Looks!

If you know me… then you know I love everything about the Holidays; from the movies, foods, Christmas trees and lights to the drinks, family time and overall holiday spirit!

Another thing I love? Cute holiday outfits, of course!

Nordstrom is a huge place I shop throughout the holiday season for both myself and Logan. – shocker, I know 😉


They have legit, everything!

Logan is a big fan of Vineyard Vines so this shirt was a no-brainer with their take on holiday colors!  Vests have been all the rage for Logan lately – I know, he’s a little late to the game! – and this Patagonia one is perfect to wear over shirts and sweaters! It would also make a great gift for your brother/father/significant other… just saying 🙂


I’ve always been a fan of puffer vests but this is my first Patagonia vest! I love how warm it is – even on the windiest of days.  My shirt isn’t available but  how cute is this one?! I love any floral type tops and this one is all the heart eyes!

Fun story – Logan and I looked at this venue for our wedding!  I was obsessed with the outside of the yacht club and was convinced we’d get married there!  After we toured inside though… I wasn’t as in love! Had we been able to have the whole wedding and reception on the front law, I would have been like “take all my money, I NEED this” but unfortunately that wasn’t an option they said SO we ended up where we got married instead which was beautiful as well 🙂

Y’all… about these next outfits…

A) I need a spray tan, STAT! B) this is the cutest little house C) look at the camera, giiiirl and D) Where has this faux fur vests been my whole life!?


I wish I could say we have a fun holiday party where we get to get all dressed up and swanky BUT not this year!  This dress would be perfect for Christmas Eve though 🙂 How fun are those bell sleeves?!


Logan switched out his vest for this North Face style and has been wearing it non-stop! It’s his go-to for the cooler days that don’t require a jacket.  He’s also been wearing it under a lighter jacket because it’s great for the office to keep a little warm! PS – why are offices so cold?! I swear every time I’m in the office, I just shiver!


I just can’t believe we’re officially 2 weeks from Christmas today!  I’m trying to soak up all the Christmas things and embrace the holiday season as every year before but this one just seems to be a flying by! I need time to sloooooow down!

What fun holiday activities have you been doing?!


What I wore Wednesday!

Happy hump day and last day of the work week for many, myself included!

I’ve had so many questions about outfits from Instagram and in other posts and realized it’s been forever since I shared a “what I wore Wednesday” post!

A lot of the items are on sale now as well which is a bonus!

Top (on sale)

scarfFAVORITE sweatshirt (40% off right now!!!)

Top (size up), Handbag (sold out, similar, on sale)


Top – sold out, Similar, on sale

Where are you shopping for Black Friday?! I saw JcPenney is opening at 2:00 tomorrow.. on Thanksgiving! It’s just crazy to me how much earlier these stores open every year.. I’ll be enjoying some turkey and football during that time, thank you very much! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!