15 fun fall date ideas!

Fall is officially here around these parts and as much as I dread  dislike that summer is over.. I can’t wait to curl up in sweaters and blankets!  Oh yeah, I’ll also take a PSL and my husband and I’m golden!

I am a true believer in “dating” your spouse!  With the hubs being back in school and working full time, it’s hard to find time to go on “dates” so I’ll take what I can get but I am hoping we can change that this fall! #wishfulthinking


I’ve compiled a list of date night ideas that are perfect for fall!  I’m hoping to cross quite a few of these off the list with my own hubs!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are open around these parts and I just love getting some hot cocoa, bundling up and heading to look for the “perfect” pumpkins!  It might not be the hubs favorite but he appeases me and I just love it every year!

Carve Pumpkins

We usually have friends over while we carve pumpkins and it’s always so much fun!  We have a whole bottle few glasses of wine and the boys a case of few beers and get to town! I love seeing the finished product on the front porch with a candle 🙂 Can’t wait to do these things with our kids one day!

Watch a scary movie

Since my freshman year of college (10 years ago) I loved watching scary Halloween movies with my Grandma.  I’d stop by there during the week and we just loved every time the Halloween series started up 🙂 My hubs isn’t a HUGE fan of scary movies but sometimes he gets into it!

Visit an apple orchard

I say any apple orchard BUT there’s this super great one by the hubs’ family which has the best caramel apples (any topping you want!) and such a fun atmosphere!  We usually pick a few apples as well – last year we visited it with the hubs brother and his girlfriend and it was the perfect “double date”.

Tour a new winery

With the changes of leaves during fall, wineries can be just beautiful!  I love to tour wineries all summer long but there’s something about fall and the crisp air.. and a bottle of wine that just sounds amazing!  The hubs doesn’t drink a lot of wine but he doesn’t mind a good wine tasting 😉

Go through a corn maze

I used to be so scared of these things.. I mean, have you seen Children of the Corn?? But the last few years we’ve navigated our way through a corn maze and it’s been a lot of fun!  Last year, we did it with friends but it could be just as fun doing it by yourselves!

Make a bonfire

And some s’mores and snuggle on up!

Make a fort with blankets in the living room

And share “ghost stories” or just watch some scary movies together! Popcorn is a must! If you have an air mattress to sleep on in the fort, double bonus!

Try as many hot pumpkin drinks as possible 

Go to a various coffee shops and try pumpkin everything 🙂  Starbucks is seriously the best but there’s something about those cute little shops!

Watch football all day (even if you’re not a fan!)

As if that’s not on your routine list every Sunday? If not, try it!  And if you don’t have a favorite team (Go Packers!) then pick one each game and cheer for them! It definitely gets you in the competitive mood and it just screams fall!

Go to a haunted house

If that’s your thing… it’s totally my husbands but not mine.. at all! I can watch scary movies/shows all day (Hello, ID discovery!) but when it comes to haunted houses.. count me out! If you’re in the Minneapolis area, my hubs has been dying to do the Soap Factory’s haunted house. It seriously looks like the most terrifying thing (I’ve heard they strap you down in a wheelchair!) so i’ll be counting myself out of this date night idea! But if it’s your thing.. check one out!

Dress up in costumes

And hand out candy together to all the little kids for Halloween 🙂 Not too scary though!

Celebrate Oktoberfest

In your town or explore a new one.. just enjoy the festivities!

Check out your local high school football game

And bundle up (it’s a theme for fall after all!)! Nothing screams fall like football! My brother is a coach at Stillwater High School and it’s always so much fun to go watch a game and cheer them on! Brings me back to the high school days..

Rake up a pile of leaves and jump in them

That’s not only for kids right?! How fun to go back to the days when that life was carefree and it was just a blast! Or if you don’t have any leaves to rake up then just take a walk through some!


What are your date ideas for fall?! I always love to hear what I can add to my running list!




Weekend Recap- 4th of July Style!

Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and i’m just now recapping our weekend!!  It was a long weekend that seemed to go slow and fly by at the same time… if that makes sense?!  I have picture overload on the blog today so bear with me 🙂

We hosted the hub’s family (and 9 pups!) for the weekend and we had lots of fun!  We attended our annual firework show at one of the hubs coworker’s house and it was phenomenal!! I’m honestly so glad we have this tradition!

Meeting up and eating/drinking before the Fireworks in Durand!

Last year, my Mama and family attended the show with us! We tend to switch it up every year 🙂

We got home late (as usual!) and therefore it was bedtime for everyone.  The next day, the hubs and his brother golfed a bit while us girls (and Marcus!!) shopped our butts off at the Outlet Mall!!

Once we got back home, the hubs started the Crawfish boil (straight from Louisiana!) and everyone else played some lawn games…

… or snuggled this little girl and the other baby puppies!

We then had the second batch and a quick photo shoot 🙂

After dinner, we finished playing lawn games and started in on the “beer pong” while starting a fire for s’mores!


This girl was my partner (my sister-in-law) and our theme song was “All we do is Win, Win, Win no matter What, What,What…” unfortunately, we never did win a game but we were close!

The night came to a close (for myself at least since I was exhausted!) but the family stayed up and played some Presidents & Assholes (flashback to college days!).

The next day, the hubs and the guys (minus Marcus) went for more golf while we mini-golfed and hit up Psycho Suzi’s for a few drinks and pizza!

I love me some Psycho Suzi’s but can I just say that we had the WORST service EVER.. and it wasn’t even busy!!! Our server never came back to us after she told us we could switch to a different table (in the shade) until it was time for the check… I literally had to go to the bar to get refills AND when we asked for an additional plate for the pizzas- the runner said “you’ll have to ask your server for that..” umm what?? So don’t worry… we had to get up and get one ourselves!! Not sure what was going on that day but… not a great impression for out of towners!

We went shopping after (imagine that!) and picked up some yummy treats from Trader Joe’s! And let me tell you… my soon-to-be (hopefully within the next year or a little more?!) sister-in-law makes up the cutest cheese platters! Shout out to her for this one she styled 🙂 Oh yeah, and we enjoyed some Sangria this weekend (first, she made some strawberry lemonade Sangria and then after we finished that off.. we went the easy route and purchased this Pre-made Sangria.  Seriously so great too if you add a splash of lemon-lime soda!!

The hubs pulled out the Ronco and made some chicken for a late dinner Sunday night, per the request from my brother-in-law!

Monday, most of the family left (my brother and sister-in-law and their significant others) and the rest of us enjoyed the day at the Zoo (umm can I take a flamingo home yet?!?!?!) and enjoyed more mini-golf!

I did get quite a few hole-in-ones this weekend… so now i’m a professional mini-golfer.. so there’s that..

Overall, we all had a lot of fun this weekend and it went way fast!  It’s nice to have company in town since we don’t get to very often… but we’ll be back to see them soon… in 48 hours!!

I’ll leave you with this… he’s such a little mischievous boy but we love him anyway 🙂

Now to the part everyone has been anticipating… the winner of the Nordstrom Giftcard is…

Shari G.

I will be sending an email to you and you will have 48 hours to respond!

Thanks to everyone who entered and be ready for another Giveaway in a few short weeks!!


What’s going on, Wednesday!

This past weekend was a nice and calm (for the most part!) weekend spent at home with the hubs!  I thought i’d recap some of what went on- and rejuvenated us for the summer weekends ahead!  We don’t have a free weekend until the middle of August… and June just started.. i’m tired already!

(pictured left to right; breakfast Saturday morning with great friends, shopping with a sweet friend, one of our handsome puppies, dinner at BWW on Friday night, hitting the driving range with my brother, our sweet girl, Leinie, golf at Baker National, Excelsior Brewing Company, Licks Unlimited for ice cream and golf at Bunker Hills)

This weekend included lots of golf (would you expect any less with a husband like mine??) and some fun exploring some areas we don’t typically go to!  My husband is hands-down my favorite person to hang with and I was so excited to spend the whole weekend with him!  I know that sounds funny, but he has class Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and has golf league Tuesdays (most weeks) so it’s been rare to have some quiet time with just us!

In case you missed this post, yesterday was my Birthday and I listed all the items on my *wish list*.  I am so thankful for everyone who took a few minutes out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday and think of me!  It was a low-key day with lunch and dessert (pictured) with my coworkers and a birthday dinner with the hubs!  In case you haven’t noticed by now, I am obsessed with chips and queso so was thankful to get a little bit of that on my celebration!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the hubs and I in my 28th year- it’s going to be hard to top last year (with our wedding this past December) but i’m so excited!

Happy Hump Day!!