A Year in Review

I loved looking back at the first year of our wedded bliss and everything we’ve accomplished this year #weddings ūüôā ¬†I hope y’all enjoy it as well!


We came back from our honeymoon ready to roll as Newlyweds and I made the hubs take wedding pictures in the snow by the talented Jess Nolan!

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We had fun weekend visit this month from our besties, Aaron and Michelle!

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We’re hoping for more visits from friends (including these two!) in 2017.


My first blog post ever!

I also shared¬†27 things I’ve learned in 27 years¬†as well as documented many of my¬†bridal showers.


We went to¬†Florida¬†for one of my best friend’s weddings – the first of many for the year! I shared all about our¬†wedding reception¬†and my¬†bachelorette party ūüôā I also posted my first¬†Fitting Room Snapshots¬†and y’all seriously loved it! I need to add more of those for 2017!


We celebrated our second wedding of the year and it was so much fun to dress up!



I babysat my nieces for a fun weekend and shared all about it¬†here!¬† I introduced you to my favorite little pups, celebrated¬†two more¬†weddings and hosted a couple’s shower¬†for my brother and sister-in-law!


I shared a few outfit posts on the blog for the first time, our fun weekend at the lake (always our favorite!), a little bit of our home and a fun bachelorette night!  This was a busy month for us..


We hosted a¬†surprise 50th¬†birthday party for my MIL and also celebrated my Brother’s wedding!

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We did our annual trip to the MN State Fair in August; I shared some of my fall favorites and also my segway tour around Minneapolis; we celebrated two more weddings; and you guys loved this post on my favorite Lilly Elsa.



I shared my favorite¬†fall cookies¬†and my husband’s¬†favorite breakfast. ¬†We celebrated our¬†last wedding¬†of the year and my husband turned the¬†dirty thirty!


This month I was all about blogging apparently as it produced the most blog posts!   This month, I shared how I tie my favorite blanket scarves; our fun Halloween costumes; one of my favorite cold shoulder dresses; lots of outfit recaps; and a fun weekend with my family.

I shared some fall date night ideas; our trip to Milwaukee to visit my BIL and SIL to be; and a little post about my quirks.


I shared what I was most thankful for this month; our family pictures; our escape room experience and lots of our favorite recipes.



I recapped my favorite books of the year; Celebrated our 1 year anniversary; shared a cute holiday outfit and all about my fun Cookie Exchange party; a weekend trip to Chicago; and our holiday home tour!


2016 was a year full of ups and downs¬†and I have to say I’m ready to see 2016 in my rear-view mirror! ¬†I’m ready for all the good to come in 2017 and can’t wait to see where the year takes us ūüôā

I hope y’all have fun plans tonight to celebrate the New Year and are looking awesome while doing so! ¬†Thank you so much for following along on my little space ūüôā ¬†See you next year, followers!


My Favorite Books of 2016

I’m so glad I remembered my love for reading in 2016- I used to read all the time but life got busy and reading was pushed on the back burner. ¬†But little by little, I started to read more before bed and all of a sudden I was reading any little chance I got! ¬†I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favorite books I’ve read this year.. I’m always looking for new recommendations and if you are too, then read on down! ūüôā


This was such a fun light read! ¬†It’s a story about a southern socialite (already sold on it??), Minty’s move to New York and how she tries to find her way in the new world without the ¬†help of her wealthy parents. ¬†It was just a fun book – I loved the contrast between life in New York and in the South along with the story of love and heartbreak. ¬†If you’re looking for a good easy read that you don’t have to think too much about, this is for you!



I am a big fan of Emily Griffin! ¬†Her books are just easy to read and this was just like that. ¬†This is the sequel of¬†the book, Something Borrowed and follows the life of party girl Darcy Rhone while, gasp, pregnant with twins! ¬†She moves to London with her friend, Ethan and tries to figure out her new life. ¬†I loved this book and while it’s a total chick flick type book, I found myself wanting to read more! ¬†I wish there was a third book!

{Three- Five}

These were my favorite books of the year, hands down!! And not just because they are Christmas themed ūüôā I fell in love with the Quinn family and after finishing the first book, NEEDED to pick up the second book immediately and the same with the third! ¬†The story follows the Quinn Family and all the different dynamics while taking place on Nantucket. ¬†If you’re looking for a good read this winter, do yourself a favor and read these immediately!


Image result for the rumor elin

This was my first book by Elin Hilderbrand and after reading it, I’m convinced I need to read all of her books (see above; favorite books!). ¬†This book follows two families on Nantucket and it’s just good! ¬†Can I say that any more?! ūüėČ ¬†It was fun and after reading it, I decided I need to plan a trip to Nantucket.. anyone with me on that one?!


Between Sisters by [Hannah, Kristin]Another author I love is Kristin Hannah – I first found her when I read Firefly Lane.. if you haven’t read that one, you need to! ¬†When I picked up Between Sisters, I didn’t know what to expect but it was such a great read! ¬†It’s about two sisters who are complete opposites and follows their lives through love, heartaches, sicknesses, etc. ¬†It’s a tear jerker (I cry in every book so that could be debatable) but if you have a sibling, you definitely need to read it!


I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved this author ūüôā This book was so interesting to me. ¬†It’s about a Mama who falls into a coma and her husband (Dr. Liam) needs to keep his family together. ¬†The truth comes out about Mikaela’s past – that she was married to a world famous actor, Julian True and her husband will do anything to get Mikaela back.. even bring her ex-husband to her bedside. This book had so many turns and Oh My’s that it kept my interest throughout it. ¬†If you’re looking for another easy read that will keep your interest, pick this one up!


I picked up this book after it as recommended by my¬†BFF¬† Reese Witherspoon (seriously, LOVE her!). ¬†This kept my interest for sure! ¬†I didn’t know what was going to happen next and who was to blame, or what the secret was until the very end! ¬†If you’re looking for a creepy book, read this! ¬†It’s about a set of girls who go to a remote cabin for a bachelorette party.. someone ends up dead and they need to figure out who the killer is. ¬†It wasn’t my favorite book of the year but it was good! ¬†It was the only suspenseful book I read all year!


Don’t worry, just my other BFF, Mindy ūüôā I had to read this book because A) I love her B) I love the Mindy Project C) I enjoyed her other book. ¬†This one wasn’t my favorite, which was odd for me because did you know, I love her? ūüôā ¬†I loved learning more about her but I really loved all of her other stories in her first book. ¬†I did like she mentioned things she would and wouldn’t do that Mindy Lahiri does (from the Mindy Project in case you aren’t familiar) and I loved getting to know more about her – but it took a little bit to get into it and I need a book that makes me not want to put it down!

{Currently Reading}

I got this book for Christmas and was so excited to dive in! ¬†I’m about halfway through and I can’t say I’m in love! ¬†I don’t know if it’s the way it’s written or what but I just can’t get into it! I totally love them and their show but not in love with their book. ¬†I’ll let you know how I feel after I’ve finished reading it. ¬†Have any of you read it?! What were your thoughts?

Books I want to read in 2017:

All the Elin Hilderbrand books ūüôā

I have these two on my nightstand ready to read!  Have any of you read these?! Which of her books are your favorites?

Here's To Us Here's To Us

I know this is probably making some of you cringe but I totally want to read this:

I’m not a huge RHONJ but I’m interested to see what life was like for her in jail and for her kids. ¬†Have any of you read this? Recommend?

I also want to read this one:

I was never a fan of Emily on the Bachelor or Bachelorette… and the fact that she didn’t end up with either guys is kind of annoying BUT maybe this book would make me like her?? I’d love to hear the ins and outs of life on the TV shows too ūüôā

What other books should be on my list for 2017?