Weekend Whereabouts

It’s been forever since I’ve shared what we’ve been up to and these are my favorite posts to look back on.. I love seeing what we were doing a few years ago and even just a few months ago (assuming I’d been up to date on posts.. Ha!) so I figured why not bring those back?!

We had a busy weekend of travel- and on Friday after daycare and work, we headed to my Dad and Stepmom’s house about two hours away from us. Aye aye aye, its usually always worth the headache of the travel (and it was in this case!) but man, the crying of not just one but TWO babies gets to be a little rough! I think Annabelle cried for the last hour in the car.. and not just cried but SCREAMED and was gurgling because homegirl just does not breathe when she’s that upset. Made for a fun car ride….

I always forget to pull out my phone when we’re busy so a big thanks to my Stepmom for grabbing these!

Thankfully, once we got to my Dad’s, the girls could all stretch and get out! They live near a lake so we headed down to their access so Magnolia could do a little fishing. The twins LOVED the wagon ride (Magnolia got the golf cart ride) and Clementine couldn’t stop waving at anyone she saw outside with saing “Hello!”. It was pretty cute.

Magnolia refused to touch the fish after she caught them but Clementine really enjoyed touching them and putting her little finger in its mouth after seeing Grandpa do it..

Saturday, we just hung out for the day and headed back down to the lake for more fishing and sand time for the twins! It rained off and on so we stayed close by and the guys got out golfing.

Honestly, this girl would have ROCKED vacation if she could have gone in the sand and water!

Annabelle loved the sand and Clementine loved trying to walk out on the pier. No joke, she seems to be our adventurous one as of now.. They kept running around the grassy area with snacks and just were giggling as they ran!

Do I need to post a million pictures?? No but since I have them, why not?!

Meanwhile… Big sis (as the twins call Magnolia) was doing this with her big cousin.

Can’t believe my niece will be a senior this year!!

Then Magnolia took a break from fishing and her and Clementined enjoyed the golf cart 🙂

And then also enjoyed being out on the pier and in the water with Nean!

While Annabelle enjoyed alllll the snacks!

We ended our weekend with a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo to meet up wtih my inlaws for a food truck type event.

The twins loved seeing the elephants and giraffes – let’s be real, any animal they could actually see – ha! It’s hard when you have to try and find the animals in their areas or when you’re in the stroller where the railings are the exact height…………..

Magnolia loved the music (of course the animals), the face painting and the carousel.

Annabelle, on the other hand, hated it. I wish I had a picture from the first time she went on it – it was the saddest thing as she held onto it crying (with her head on the bar where her hands were). She was riding with Logan’s cousin, Jenna and she had to just grab her off while it was still going! They thought maybe it was the motion going up and down that she didn’t like so they gave it another shot but turns out she just isn’t a fan!

Did I mention she loved the face painting? Aye aye aye – what happened to just getting a small little animal on your cheek or something?

Magnolia got to ride on a pony too – her first time and she loved that too! She kept saying “Mommuy, I got this! I don’t need you to hold me” as I walked next to it trying to avoid all the poop that happened to be alllll over.

Love her “cheese” face… always.

Clementine was really hoping she was big enough to go on but she’ll have to go next year!

Annabelle was more into the birds than the Hippos apparently!

I didn’t take my phone out for any pictures (I think I got like 2 total) so thankful for others having theirs out to grab some pics! We headed home and enjoyed a peaceful 2 hour drive…………. Did I say peaceful? I meant this time, Clementine screamed and cried the last hour instead of Annabelle. Gosh, so fun!!

It was a full weekend and honestly, I’ve traveled the last 3 weeks in a row so I’m beyond exhausted! Such a fun weekend though and I’m reminded that our summer days will be coming to an end too soon so we need to soak it all in!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend as well – and looking forward to a busy week!


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