Friday Favorites!

It’s been a hot minute since I shared some favorites around here so thought it was time! Super random things but


These picture boxes! I was having a hard time thinking of how I wanted to preserve pictures for my girls for when they’re older. I don’t only want them to only have digital pictures but actual photographs too! I thought about a Shutterfly type book for every year or even a photo album but honestly.. they don’t want 18 picture books to have to take with them after they’re done being at home!

Enter these picture “boxes”. The only flaw is there is only 16 so I’ll have to do some more thinking BUT basically each box will hold at least 50 pictures so I’m going to do the year on each individual box and add the pictures for each of our girls for those corresponding years! Then when they move out, they just have this box versus 18 albums! Again, I need to figure out my last 2 years but still, a great idea!


Ok it’s kinda gross how long I’ve done a deep clean in so many areas of our house but now that I got this tool, it helps with alllll the areas!

It helped in our shower big time since we have tile – it gets in all the areas nicely! Also helped with the outside of our microwave and the stove top! Just a great tool and only $17 which is nice too!


Get yourself these cookies from Aldi stat. They may not be the healthiest but they taste just like Chips Ahoy!


Now hear me out on this one… my sweet Magnolia has my hair – which basically means it’ll never really grow until she’s maybe pregnant like mine did?! I swear I always had such a short Afro or curls and it really took until now for me to be able to even do a braid in my own hair!

Not the best quality aka it won’t last a super long time without getting real tangled but still cute. Elsa Frozen wig

She has an “Elsa braid” that’s supposed to connect to your ponytail and stay in but because her hair is so thin and she doesn’t have much of it, it was constantly pulling and wouldn’t stay in so instead, I got her this Elsa wig and she’s OBSESSED! So if your little is similar, this one is actually pretty good and only $15! Or if you need one for Halloween, it’s a good one.


All the outside time! These girls are obsessed with being outside. Literally the messages from daycare every day tell me how much they love it (and I know they do at home too!).

They will stand at the sliding glass door and pound on it until we say we can go outside 🤣

I know I’ll miss these days when we’re stuck inside for 6 months but sometimes I really wish they were more into sitting and playing inside!


I took Magnolia out of daycare early on Wednesday this week and surprised her with a trip to the pool with 2 of our neighbors.

She was so excited and kept saying “we’ve never been to a place like this before!” And she’s very accurate, we’ve never been to a public pool before 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 legit, never except maybe an indoor pool at a hotel. I’m looking forward to doing this for all my girls next year when the twins are a little older – so they get individual time with me!


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