Weekend Whereabouts

We have had a few busy weekends and y’all… i’m here for it! Yes, it’s WAY more stressful and a lot more work with the kids but it’s just so nice to have plans versus sit at home every weekend! We did that for way too long the last few years so it feels good to finally do things. I told my Stepmom, the other week that even if it’s hard, I want to start doing more with the girls (meaning the twins) like going out and about or visiting people. I feel like for so long, we were being cautious with Covid and then it’s just A LOT of work getting 2 babies out the door along with a toddler but it’s been nice to have plans for once!

On that note… we kicked off the weekend with a sleepover for Magnolia at Mimi and Papa’s house (my inlaws). She hasn’t done many sleepovers and honestly, nights have been REALLY hard with her so we weren’t sure how she’d do (aka if she’d sleep or make someone lay by her all night) but she did pretty good and thankfully, I think she’ll be welcomed back again for a sleepover 🙂 We got to spend some much needed 1:1 time with the twins that night and the next morning and it’s crazy how easy it seems with 2 babies (without a toddler). It was a win for everyone though because Magnolia got some time by herself with my inlaws and we got time with just the littles.

I met them down at my in-laws house on Saturday and we headed out to the zoo for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a little blistery so we all bundled up (aside from Magnolia who insisted on not wearing a winter jacket) and headed out!

She enjoyed the games they had the most but did love seeing the animals too – usually she’s craaaaazy about Easter Egg hunts but it wasn’t too hard when they had hundreds of eggs laying all over the ground!

We headed back to my in-laws (how many times can I say that in a blog post?!) for a little bit since the twins fell asleep on the ride back! I got home in time for dinner and then bath time for the babies – played with Magnolia and then headed out with a few neighbor gals for some drinks!

Sunday, we headed to tennis (for Magnolia!) and she shockingly hit the ball this time. She’s not very interested in the sport (to Logan’s dismay) so she isn’t usually doing much during the lesson- but this time she did great!

I should say, she’s usually the only kid in the lesson too which doesn’t help!

After tennis, we headed on down to my in-laws again for some Easter Cookie decorating and a meet and greet with the good ol’ Easter Bunny.

I thought for sure Clementine would scream immediately once placed in his arms (her stranger danger is off the charts) but she actually really liked him and sat super chill.

Annabelle enjoyed touching his face – ha! And Magnolia was so happy to see him until it was time to get close to him for a pic (so lucky Mama had to get in the picture)…

We headed back home later that afternoon and had a really wonderful poop in the bath tub incident with Clementine – so that was fun! Thankfully, Logan came home from tennis just in time and was able to help with the clean up.

That about sums up our weekend! Easter filled activities and now we’ll be dying some Easter eggs (with whipped cream! I can’t ever do the vinegar smell!) this week to get ready for the bunny to come visit!

Weekends like this remind me of why we moved here – thankful for all the extra hands!

Hope you all had a fun weekend!