Five Things I’m doing to get in the Christmas spirit…

This year has been rough for the majority of us! My brother shared a quote a few months ago that “Were in the same storm but Were not all in the same boat. Some are on yachts, some are on rowboats and some are drowning.” That’s not exact but I truly felt that when I read it! It’s so true – it’s been rough for us but it’s been so much worse for others and I’m constantly thanking God for all our blessings! ❤️

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year! It’s just so magical and honestly, after October 1 comes, I’m counting down the days until thanksgiving so we can be full on Christmas mode! 🎄I even had a baby shower that was even Christmas themed!

Pregnant with Magnolia in 2018!

But if I’m being honest… this year I’m just not feeling it! I’m not sure if it’s because we aren’t seeing family snd havent for so long or what the reason is but it’s just not there for me this year!

However, I still want all the Christmas magic for Magnolia this season (and every year!) so I’ve been doing things to make sure she feels it! If you’re feeling the same as me this year… here’s what I’ve been doing to help:


BAKING! I shared of our favorite recipe on Monday but we have been doing so much cookie baking for ourselves! And this weekend, we’re going to make some Christmas sugar cookies (with Magnolia’s great grandmas frosting recipe!) and next week, we’ll do more peanut butter blossoms! I always loved baking Christmas cookies with my Mom so I’m excited to keep this up with Magnolia!

Two & Three

Decorate a Christmas tree! Even if it’s a little one! I put a small tree in Magnolia’s room with all her favorite things on it for ornaments and she just lights up when we plug it in!

Her tree is filled with her favorite things; Elsa, reindeer, sharks, donuts and dinosaurs! 🥰

Wear Christmas jammies! I bought a few pairs from Target for Magnolia and she loves seeing Santa on them! She’s a huge fan of Santa and reindeer so she loves wearing them! She’ll be wearing them loooong after Christmas as well 🎅🏻


Drive around (or walk if it’s nice where you are!) and find Christmas lights! We did a display show this year but we also drove around to a neighborhood or two that have great Christmas lights! When she (snd the twins) gets older, I really want to do Shay’s Hot Cocoa Christmas tradition! It sounds perfect!

Wearing Christmas jammies (and her daddy’s packer hat) on the way to the Glow light show!
We’ve only done drive bys so I don’t have any pics to share! This is about 3 years ago..


Give to a family or child in need! I did this with my Mom when we were way younger.. we’d go to the mall and by Santa, we’d pick a name off the tree and purchase a gift for that child. I still remember doing that today! Logan and I have been doing this now for quite some years and I can tell you, it’s one of my favorite things! I can’t wait until Magnolia (and the twins!) truly understands and can go with us to pick out the gifts!

I still can’t believe we’re a week until Christmas (and our sweet girl’s birthday!) . What ways are you brightening up your holiday season?! I can always use more ideas and tips!


2 thoughts on “Five Things I’m doing to get in the Christmas spirit…

  1. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    These are great ways to help perk up the season even if you’re not fully feeling it. I love Magnolia’s little tree! So precious and adds to the magic for her. What helps me get into the spirit is definitely most of what you said as well as wear as much festive attire as I can every day and keep Christmas music on non-stop in our house!


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