My pregnancy so far….

Now that you’re all caught up… (if you’re not, go here to see the news!) I’ll give an update on my pregnancy..

I’m 15 weeks pregnant and am finallly starting to feel better. I was nauseous 24/7 with Magnolia and this pregnancy has been no different. The nausea started at week 5 and regardless of what I ate or didn’t eat it didn’t change. Although I did notice eating sugar, made it a litttttle worse. It’s been rough!

13 weeks with Magnolia (left); 13 weeks with twins (right)

Weight gain has been surprisingly low compared to Magnolia – I was only up 2 pounds at my 12 week doctor appointment (and we go back next week!! I’m living for all the doctor appts and am still so nervous in between) but with Magnolia, I gained like 8 pounds in the first trimester alone!

We found out we were having twins at 6 weeks after experiencing some bleeding followed by an ultrasound… I will tell you, Logan couldn’t come with and I was so nervous. I had a miscarriage in May (we can talk about that another time) and had to find out myself, there was no heartbeat, at the 8 week ultrasound since Logan wasn’t allowed in. I facetimed Logan and made sure to not look at the screen or show Logan it until we heard either way. I heard the doctor say “I think there’s a heartbeat there…” and I thought to myself… “YOU THINK?!” this isn’t good… and she said Yep there’s a second heartbeat! AND Y’ALL……. my first response was “There’s a heartbeat???” and I look at Logan and he has a huge smile and he says “There’s TWO heartbeats”. It was surreal to see. We knew it was still early at only 6 weeks but a heartbeat for us, after losing 2 babies and seeing them with no heartbeat, a heartbeat was what we needed! We’ve seen the babies 2 more times since then and it’s so sweet to see them!

We do not know the genders of the babies and we’re actually going to be CRAZY and not find out again! I thought for sure, our next baby, I’d want to find out ahead of time since we didn’t with Magnolia (and I reallllly wanted to) but this time around, it just doesn’t matter to me!

Hmm I’m trying to think of anything else to update you on with the pregnancy and babies so far… If you have questions, leave them below!


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