I’m back… with beyond exciting news!

I am back after a LONG break from this blogging world…. like 10 months?! I didn’t necessarily mean to take a full year off – but after putting Magnolia to bed, it was so much easier to relax for about an hour before we went to bed as well!

I feel like SO much has happened since my last blog post but also that a whole year went by with not much to chat about due to Covid.. we haven’t done anything or gone anywhere in like 9+ months and y’all…. I’m so over it! But I didn’t come on here to tell you that…

I’m back to blogging about our lives and what we’re doing to stay from going too crazy in this new world we live in! To catch you up, I still work from home (not due to the pandemic but before that I did as well) and now Logan got a new job in September so that he is 100% remote as well (he had been remote since March with his old job due to Covid) and our sweet girl is now going to be TWO on Christmas Day. She’s absolutely precious and has such a fun personality (and girl LOVES to talk – wonder where she gets that from?! :)) and I think we’re both in disbelief that she’ll be TWO!

Otherwise… not a whole lot has changed for us this year… except one thing…

Just a little change for us to end 2020 on a high note 🙂

I plan to share more about our journey to TWINS and what we’ve been experiencing fertility wise the last few years after having Magnolia (I know many of you follow me from our previous infertility journey which lead us to our miracle).

Short and sweet to say Hi, I missed you all – and hope you haven’t had too rough of a year with what seems to be the “new normal”. Let me know how you’re doing below… and we’ll chat soon!


6 thoughts on “I’m back… with beyond exciting news!

  1. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    Truly this has been the best news of 2020! I’m excited for your family and to learn if they’ll be girls or boys, or fraternal and you’ll get one of each! AHHHH SO FUN!!! I would love to have twins and they run in our family on both sides…lots of twins! My nieces are identical twins. Perhaps if ever the day comes… =}}}}


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