Toddler/Kids Valentine Craft!

I am such a sucker for bottling up as much of Magnolia Kate at this age as I can! I wish I could bottle up her sneaky smile when we tell her “no” – don’t worry, she keeps doing it even worse then- the way she runs at me so excited, her hugs and cuddles, her baby smell and the way she perks up her eyebrows when she’s interested in something.. She’s growing up SO fast and I can’t believe that we no longer have a “baby” and she’s more of a toddler these days!

I am able to take a million pictures and videos which I will look at forever and miss so many of those days.  I’m also able to bottle up her little hand prints and feet prints and love anything with those on them! I can tell you, I have about a million crafts with them on it from daycare that I just can’t part with already! Magnolia LOVES doing crafts at daycare and does one just about everyday 🙂 Most are ones she paints, versus her prints but I still love them nonetheless.

My first Mommy & Me date with Magnolia was to a pottery shop where I had an Easter plate made with her feet on it and it’s such a fun memory (and also the best take home gift!).  Ever since then, I want a plate for every holiday! She made one at daycare for Christmas as a gift to Logan and myself with her hand prints on it! I loved having the Easter plate out with her Easter Bunny picture – and her Christmas one out with her Santa picture. I can’t wait to put out her Easter one in a few months again and just see those tiny feet (she was just shy of 3 months).


Ahh, Baby Magnolia is so sweet! Look at those little feet prints!

Long story short… I want one for every holiday but at $40 a plate at the pottery shop, isn’t quite what I want to spend for so many holidays so I decided to make my own starting with Valentines Day (and it was roughly $6!)!  I posted this on Instagram the other day and so many of you had questions on “how do you do this?!” so I thought i’d share in case a few of you wanted to give it a try!


  • a plain plate; I bought mine at the Dollar Store so legit $1
  • acrylic paint in red and pink (I bought mine at Walmart for $.50 a piece but you can get it at Michaels too!)
  • a Painter’s Pen in red – same aisle as the acrylic paint at Walmart ($2.49)
  • a sponge dobber – you don’t necessarily need this but they sell them in a pack at Walmart ($2)



  • Color your sweet little one’s feet (or hands) in paint – I did one foot at a time and then cleaned it immediately with a wet wipe since Magnolia tends to cross her feet right after (this time, she kept saying “more” with her hands when I was done with painting her toes, sweet girl!) – and pressed her foot onto the plate (truthfully, I did it on 3 different plates since sometimes her prints don’t turn out so good! So I wanted to be sure I got one good one). Repeat with the next foot – you could even put them in the shape of a heart!
  • Then, you are going to use your painter’s pen to write on the plate – whatever you would like it to say! You could do “first Valentines Day” or “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I also put her name and year (in case we have another baby in the future!
  • Next, I used my sponge dobber and alternated the colors around the trim of the plate – if you don’t have a dobber, you could just use a smaller paint brush and paint circles instead
  • Lastly, once your plate has dried – you will put it in a cold oven and preheat to 300 degrees. Once it’s preheated, set your timer for 35 minutes.  Turn off your oven with the plate still in the oven and once it’s cooled down, you’ll take the plate out and you’re all set!

It’s just so sweet to see the plate out on our counter with her tiny toes! Are you crazy like me and have all the things hand/feet print from your kids?!


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