Life Lately!

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and then before we know it, (let’s hope!!!) it will be Easter! I’m beyond ready for some WARM weather since today’s high is literally 1 degree. Can’t wait to be able to go outside with Magnolia to play and for walks.

Since we can’t do that for the next 4 months (yep, most likely 4 more months of this glorious weather….), I thought I’d share a little of what we’ve been up to lately!


We did venture outside one day for a little sledding in our driveway action. Not to be redneck or anything but it was a whole lot easier than trudging through the feet of snow in the backyard without snow pants!


Just as we figured… she LOVED it and didn’t mind the cold. She kept saying “more” and after about 5 times in a circle around the driveway (got my cardio in, that’s for sure!), we decided we’d be done!


We’ve been playing a lot in the basement since we finished her little play area (for the most part) with the insane amount of toys she got with having her birthday and Christmas about the same time!


She’s a lover of all things cheerio ๐Ÿ™‚


I feel the same way about pretzels, girl.


In case you were wondering, this blog has completely turned into Magnolia’s world and I’m just living in it! I remember the days I used to post about cute fashion and now i’m a total “Mom” in every sense of the word and wear all the leggings and top knots that I can!


I did wear a super cute and comfy top for coffee with a girlfriend the other week. I’m also trying the Isle of Paradise drops in my moisturizer so that helps me with a little glow!


And then we attended Magnolia’s first friend birthday party! She sure wasn’t shy at all…


Crazy for balloons!


These girls are technically only a little over a month apart and I hope they grow up being best friends!


We’ve also been celebrating Valentine’s Day all month long!


We started by making a plate with her feet on it so we have it to pull out every year for decorations (and I can look back and remember those little things!).


We decorated for the holiday and added some of these gel window clings!


Magnolia made Valentine’s for our families to send!


We also made Valentine heart-shaped brownies and Magnolia is a HUGE fan of these!


My helper being silly!


Magnolia hasn’t been feeling well (thankfully this week she’s doing great – but it’s a day by day thing with daycare these days!) and had Influenza A last week.



Grabbed her purse so she could go shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

While she was CRAZY fussy – I don’t blame her at all but man it was rough with Logan traveling for work – she had moments of her silly self come out too ๐Ÿ™‚


I shared this picture on Instastories and a good friend said “Wow, she is your daughter!” and no truer words have been spoken! HA!


I’m alllllll about the pretzels (I could live off them, no joke!) and sunglasses!


I absolutely love watching their relationship! She is just wild about her daddy and it’s the sweetest thing to see!



I had a much needed brunch with girlfriends this past weekend to celebrate a big birthday (not mine!) and we ALWAYS say it’s going to happen more often but I feel like I need to make a standing date because life just gets too busy for all of us!


We also had an almost 40 degree day one Sunday so we went outside for a little sledding in the backyard again (AKA workout of pulling a 20 lb baby on a sled through thick snow!).ย  Good thing her smile is so sweet.


In case you’re also wondering about makeup… Magnolia is still obsessed with her Mama’s makeup and this will keep her busy for quite some time! She loves trying the brushes on her face and looking at every piece of makeup! You can also notice her little snaggletooth on the top ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course our sweet little one wouldn’t get in any front teeth first!

Magnolia’s worn something Valentinesque every day this week and today is no different ๐Ÿ™‚ How cute was she yesterday for school?!


That’s life lately around here! Thankfully it’s been pretty relaxing, just like we like it!

Come back tomorrow for some Friday Favorites and let me know… Do you guys do anything fun for Valentine’s Day? Date night or with kids?!



Friday Favorites – TV Show Edition!

It’s finally Friday – this week has been insane! Logan was gone in Denver all week for work so I was solo-momming it again, Magnolia came home sick Wednesday afternoon with a fever and stayed home Thursday (anything worse than a sick teething baby?!) and now I’m ready for a big glass of wine and a relaxing weekend!

Image result for netflix meme

I’m changing directions for this Friday Favorites post and because I’m always interested in new shows/movies to watch, I’m sharing a few of my favorites (and hoping you’ll share some too for me!):

  1. Virgin River – I just binge watched this show while Logan was out of town this week and while I didn’t think I’d be interested… I am hooked! I can’t wait for the next season! It’s not the rom-com type like I thought it would be though and it left me crying in some episodes (shocker, I know!).ย  The show is about starting over under mysterious circumstances in a small town as a Nurse Practitioner in a grumpy doctor’s office – it definitely leaves you hanging!
  2. Bless this Mess – I love this show!! It’s so cute and funny with Dax Shepherd. This show is about a newly married couple who leave their home in NY to move to a farm in NE for a simpler life. They have no idea how to run a farm or anything with this rural life.ย  It’s light-hearted and one I look forward to every week (this is on Hulu – not the Live version, just regular Hulu).
  3. American Housewife – This is one of my favorite shows! It’s hilarious – it revolves around a family who moved to a very wealthy town in Westport, Connecticut and Katie Otto, the Mama of the family, tries to teach her children about real life among the prestigious and arrogant families.ย  It’s only 30 minutes and it’s just so funny. If you’re looking for an easy show – this is it! I watch this on Hulu as well (not the Live TV version either)
  4. Good Girls – I started this show on Maternity Leave as a recommendation from my good friend and I was surprised with how quickly I was sucked in! It follows 3 Mom’s who are trying to navigate life with money problems – that get into some sticky situations (I don’t want to give anything away!).ย  This is on Netflix and they just came out with the second season!
  5. You – I think everyone has already seen this show but it’s a favorite ofย  mine! I started it back when it was on Lifetime (the first season before it moved to Netflix) while I was on maternity leave and I was immediately hooked! If you haven’t heard, it’s about a guy who starts stalking his girlfriend and becomes obsessed.
  6. Merry Happy Whatever – this might just be a seasonal show, but I thought it was cute. A girl brings her boyfriend home to the East Coast from LA to meet her crazy family and strict father (Dennis Quaid). It had funny moments and I’m definitely hoping they bring it back for another season – and preferably for the holidays again too!
  7. Hart of Dixie – This is my all-time favorite show and I’m currently watching it AGAIN.ย  It’s such a sweet show and makes me want to move to Bluebell, Alabama (if only it were real!). It’s about a NYer (Rachel Bilson) fresh out of med school who moves to small town Bluebell to take over part of a medical practice and has to figure out life in this different life! It’s all around cute and happy! I truly wish there was a small town we could move to that was similar! If you know of one, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. 2020 Dateline – Need I say more?
  9. Lost in Space – I mentioned this in my last week’s post and it’s still a current favorite! We have 2 more episodes left and i’m just waiting to watch those!

Are you watching any of these shows? What are your favorites that I’m missing- I’m always looking for new shows to watch at night! ๐Ÿ™‚



Toddler/Kids Valentine Craft!

I am such a sucker for bottling up as much of Magnolia Kate at this age as I can! I wish I could bottle up her sneaky smile when we tell her “no” – don’t worry, she keeps doing it even worse then- the way she runs at me so excited, her hugs and cuddles, her baby smell and the way she perks up her eyebrows when she’s interested in something.. She’s growing up SO fast and I can’t believe that we no longer have a “baby” and she’s more of a toddler these days!

I am able to take a million pictures and videos which I will look at forever and miss so many of those days.  I’m also able to bottle up her little hand prints and feet prints and love anything with those on them! I can tell you, I have about a million crafts with them on it from daycare that I just can’t part with already! Magnolia LOVES doing crafts at daycare and does one just about everyday ๐Ÿ™‚ Most are ones she paints, versus her prints but I still love them nonetheless.

My first Mommy & Me date with Magnolia was to a pottery shop where I had an Easter plate made with her feet on it and it’s such a fun memory (and also the best take home gift!).  Ever since then, I want a plate for every holiday! She made one at daycare for Christmas as a gift to Logan and myself with her hand prints on it! I loved having the Easter plate out with her Easter Bunny picture – and her Christmas one out with her Santa picture. I can’t wait to put out her Easter one in a few months again and just see those tiny feet (she was just shy of 3 months).


Ahh, Baby Magnolia is so sweet! Look at those little feet prints!

Long story short… I want one for every holiday but at $40 a plate at the pottery shop, isn’t quite what I want to spend for so many holidays so I decided to make my own starting with Valentines Day (and it was roughly $6!)!  I posted this on Instagram the other day and so many of you had questions on “how do you do this?!” so I thought i’d share in case a few of you wanted to give it a try!


  • a plain plate; I bought mine at the Dollar Store so legit $1
  • acrylic paint in red and pink (I bought mine at Walmart for $.50 a piece but you can get it at Michaels too!)
  • a Painter’s Pen in red – same aisle as the acrylic paint at Walmart ($2.49)
  • a sponge dobber – you don’t necessarily need this but they sell them in a pack at Walmart ($2)



  • Color your sweet little one’s feet (or hands) in paint – I did one foot at a time and then cleaned it immediately with a wet wipe since Magnolia tends to cross her feet right after (this time, she kept saying “more” with her hands when I was done with painting her toes, sweet girl!) – and pressed her foot onto the plate (truthfully, I did it on 3 different plates since sometimes her prints don’t turn out so good! So I wanted to be sure I got one good one). Repeat with the next foot – you could even put them in the shape of a heart!
  • Then, you are going to use your painter’s pen to write on the plate – whatever you would like it to say! You could do “first Valentines Day” or “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I also put her name and year (in case we have another baby in the future!
  • Next, I used my sponge dobber and alternated the colors around the trim of the plate – if you don’t have a dobber, you could just use a smaller paint brush and paint circles instead
  • Lastly, once your plate has dried – you will put it in a cold oven and preheat to 300 degrees. Once it’s preheated, set your timer for 35 minutes.  Turn off your oven with the plate still in the oven and once it’s cooled down, you’ll take the plate out and you’re all set!

It’s just so sweet to see the plate out on our counter with her tiny toes! Are you crazy like me and have all the things hand/feet print from your kids?!


Give me all the hearts!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved Valentines Day! I didn’t have a boyfriend often during this holiday so it certainly wasn’t because of that – like legit, before Logan, maybe 1-2 years total of having a boyfriend for Valentines Day?! I just have always loved celebrating LOVE! I get it, we could and should celebrate that all the time but let’s be real, that just doesn’t happen!

Im allllll about that pink and red too. I mean, can you get more girly?! I just love it all! I’m always looking for cute heart things to wear for the week of Valentines Day and anything with free shipping, is the only way to go!

Here’s a few super cute options, if you’re looking! I’m debating which to order for myself!

Womenโ€™s heart pullover

Love a good plain top like this – and it has great reviews (which I hear now a days, doesn’t necessarily mean much but still, makes me feel better!) and it seems so comfy!

Heart Sleeve Pullover

This is one of my favorites! It’s subtle so you can wear it all the time (which, for me, is wear hearts all year either way but in case you’re questioning it!). Great reviews again – with actual peoples pictures which is what I always look for!

Heart long sleeve top

I love this option since it’s lighter and is just so darn cute!

So I was going to order this last one I’m sharing… however…

โ€œOff the shoulderโ€ heart sweater

I was just telling logan (as if he really cares ๐Ÿคฃ) that it’s so weird to me when bloggers continuously show tops that really are vneck – and not wide neck vnecks as off the shoulder tops! Like clearly it stays for a picture but when you’re out and about.. it’s not an actual off the shoulder top! Something that tends to annoy me – clearly! Ha! So I’m refraining from ordering this one for that reason. It’s so cute and it is a wider neck so if you’re not moving much, it might stay off your shoulder.. but as a Mama who’s constantly moving and picking Magnolia up, this is a no go for me!

I thought I’d share a few options for your littles to match you – or at least be decked out for Valentines Day!

Baby Heart Outfit

This outfit is $13.99 and totally matches the top sweater you could get for yourself!

Heart Pants outfit

Obsessing over these pants?! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

The next one is a total match for a Mommy + Me outfit with the top above!

Heart Onesie Outfit

Magnolia is wearing this sweet romper for her Valentine party at “school”.

Valentine Romper

It’s not Amazon, but it’s pretty darn sweet! I’m pretty excited! ๐Ÿ˜

She has a Valentines Day party next Friday so she’ll be decked out with some treats in tow!

Do you guys do big things for the holiday or just lay low as if it’s any old day?! We won’t be doing anything crazy but I love celebrating even the littlest holidays with our sweet girl!