My First Mother’s Day + Life Lately!

Happy Tuesday!

I swear this year is FLYING by! It’s just crazy to me that it’s already mid-May and summer is finally almost here! I can’t wait to actually have consistent warm weather and be able to go outside in the AM for daycare and not wear a jacket!

My first Mother’s Day was Sunday and it was the perfect day! Logan had been asking for a few weeks, what I’d like to do and honestly… the only thing that mattered to me was hanging with my best girl, Magnolia 🙂 I’m sure there will come a day when I just want a break and some “me” time but that hasn’t happened yet so I was excited to be with her all day!

We ran a few errands on Saturday while Logan hit the driving range and for the very FIRST time, Magnolia slept through the errands! She actually slept in her carseat when I transferred her from the car to the stroller then back to the car!

I legit, felt like a magician because how did that happen?!

We just hung out the rest of the evening and binge watched the Walking Dead.  We were on season 6 or 7 MANY years ago when it first came out but then we stopped watching it and we’re re-watching it! We’ll see if we make it past where we were before since it’s finally nice outside and we can be outside!

Sunday morning, Logan went out and got me donuts (my favorite!) and some Starbucks to start our day 🙂

We played for a while with Ms. Magnolia before getting ready and heading to Costco for some flowers!

Side note: I never get flowers from Costco but Logan went on Saturday and said they had great deals so we checked it out!

We ran to Menards for a few more outdoor things and then to lunch for a margarita and queso on the patio!

Again.. I don’t know who this sweet child was but Ms. Magnolia Kate was SO good! She didn’t cry at all and actually enjoyed watching everyone at the restaurant! She was so cute and I’m pretty sure we had everyone staring at us since we were matching 🙂

Logan was mildly embarassed that we were matching and in Lilly! He was reminding me that in Minnesota (and Wisconsin), people don’t wear such bright outfits! Ha!

After that, we headed home to get Magnolia down for a nap and we did some lawn work!

We ended the day with a family trip to Dairy Queen for blizzards (dogs included!). It was just perfect for me 🙂

Life Lately!

Last weekend was busy but fun! We finally had an almost 70 degree day and while Logan took advantage of it golfing (would you expect any less?!), I headed to Stillwater to spend Saturday with my family!

I started the day with one more coffee date with Ashton before her little one is here so so soon! I’m talking less than a week!

Then we did some spring cleaning at home and Magnolia actually let me wear her briefly! She was so confused about what was going on but didn’t cry so i’ll call that a win!

She just always wants to look out and see what’s going on so I’m sure it helped that she wasn’t just facing me! Such a big girl!

Magnolia and I headed for Stillwater to meet up with my family for a bit!

We walked downtown….

enjoyed some chocolates from the candy store and then found a cute patio with some wood fire pizza!

It was perfect because it was shielded with a pergola so Magnolia was covered and not in the complete sun!

I had sunscreen on her but I’m always nervous I missed an area and would hate to see her get a sunburn!

My little niece, Nora played and played as well – it was enclosed (and we were the only people there since it was an off time) so it was perfect to get some of her energy out.

She’s so funny. Notice, my sister in law holding Magnolia and Nora on the ground crying since she noticed she was holding her 🙂 Haha! She didn’t care that she wasn’t playing with Anne while my brother chased her but as soon as Anne held Magnolia, it was over for her!

Sunday involved ANOTHER Urgent Care visit for Magnolia since she had diarrhea for over a week.  After having 3 diapers the day before and 4 that morning, we headed to make sure all was good! One of the kids in her daycare was sick the previous weekend with a stomach virus and diarrhea but when I called the nurse line earlier in the week, they weren’t concerned with her symptoms.

Thankfully, she was acting her normal crazy and happy self so the doctor wasn’t too worried.  We started her on the sensitive formula, per the doctor for a week before we can start reintroducing her regular formula back.  I think we FINALLY got it under wraps, 2 weeks later 😦

Poor girl!

We spent the rest of the day playing and back to her regular schedule.

Our days normally consist of playing when she gets home from daycare and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Ever since she started daycare, we are SO intentional with our time with her since it’s limited!

I can’t believe how big she’s getting and pretty soon, she’ll be moving all around so we’re trying to soak it all in!

Well, that’s life lately around here!




3 thoughts on “My First Mother’s Day + Life Lately!

  1. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    Awe, sounds like the perfect first Mother’s Day weekend! I love the bright and matching outfits. I suspect you’ll inspire some Minnesota folks to brighten up their attire too. 😉 I’m glad Magnolia is feeling better!


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