Weekend Happenings

Happy Friday!!

This has been the longest week ever, I swear! Magnolia hasn’t been feeling the best since a a few kids at daycare had a stomach virus but I’m hoping she’s on the mend finally!

I never shared about our weekend last weekend and since I’m all about documenting things, here it is!

Friday night, we met some friends for dinner! Queso and a margarita.. my favorite!

When I met ashton two years ago, we were in the thick of infertility. I had miscarried and was waiting for the “year of trying” again to come to an end so we could finally get some testing done! Her and her husband were kind of in the same boat so it was nice to have a friend who was going through it all at the same time!

After all the frustrations and heartache, we have Magnolia and she’s about to welcome their baby any day now!

The weather Saturday was just kinda eh.. chilly and overcast as usual (at least it wasn’t snow, right?! 🤦🏻‍♀️) so we just kinda hung out all day!

My in-laws were in town, including my brother and sister in law as well which is always nice!

It was great to catch up since we don’t see them as often and they loved seeing Magnolia!

Sunday, we were finally able to meet Baby Kinley! She is such an amazing little one!

She was born at 32.5 weeks and agewise is only 5 weeks younger than Magnolia but what a cute little peanut!

We are all SO thankful she’s such a strong little one and at home now!

That was our weekend! It’s been so busy the last 4-5 weekends that it’ll be nice to relax a little for this one! And we’re hoping Magnolia Kate is on the mend and feeling a lot better!

And I’ll leave you with this for the people who didn’t see it over on Instagram! Mine and Logan’s baby picture with Magnolia! My goodness, she’s sweet!

Have a great Friday!!


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