Weekend Happenings – Easter Weekend!

Happy Monday!

My goodness, the weekends just fly by now! They were quick before but now with a little one and work, they really go quick! We had a busy weekend again traveling and it was A LOT easier this time. Especially with Magnolia on the mend from her double ear infection.


I enjoyed a milkshake Friday to celebrate windows down weather on my lunch!

We relaxed Friday night with little girl for our last meatless Friday of the year! I baked those Special K Bars and Sprinkled Rice Krispy Treats for Easter the next day.


We took our time getting ready on Saturday morning before heading over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Wisconsin to celebrate Easter! We used to go back and forth between my grandparents (when I was real little) on Easter Sunday which made it hard sharing the time so my Grandma on my Mom’s side, switched Easter to Saturday so we could have more time and it’s been that way ever since!


Our first day out in matching clothes! Love this more than you can know ❀

My Grandma was in the hospital this past week and is now in a nursing home while she heals – if you could send some prayers her way, that would be wonderful πŸ™‚ We’re hoping for a speedy recovery and to get her back home soon!



We were SO fortunate to have a sunny beautiful day in the 70’s on Saturday so we could spend the whole day outside!


Magnolia and Auntie Anne!

It was just beautiful and I think Magnolia didn’t know what to do with herself since she hasn’t actually been outside outside a whole lot!



With Grandma and her Easter basket from Great Grandma!

My Grandma and my Mom made sure Magnolia had an Easter basket – and like all the little kiddos there, she had to go find hers from my Grandma πŸ™‚



How cute is my little niece, Nora?!

After all the kids found their Easter baskets and Easter eggs, we played a game of Kickball (which has become a tradition) and just enjoyed the weather!


And my big nieces! Can’t believe they’re getting so old!

It was so great to be with my family and spend time with my nieces (and siblings!).


She was just SO happy all day! πŸ™‚


With her oldest cousin, Trinity!


And so cute, with Sydney!

Magnolia had never met this side of the family so we were excited for her to greet everyone!


Too funny! I’ve never seen someone get so upset that Grandma was holding another little one! Nora was crazy about her Grandma on Saturday πŸ™‚ And so jealous anytime she’d hold Magnolia!

And y’all.. she did SO good! Not ONE meltdown and no crying! She napped when I took a walk with her in the stroller (covered with her sound machine) and she just was so sweet!


Her Easter basket from my Mom! So sweet that it noted her 1st Easter!

My Mom also surprised me with a little shower for Magnolia since she wasn’t able to have one while I was pregnant (mainly because all of our weekends filled up too quickly!).


Magnolia was definitely covered up from the sun πŸ™‚

Everyone got us the cutest clothes for Magnolia. I’m talking all the neon and flamingo prints!


Just a FRACTION of the stuff they got her! Seriously, so cute!


We headed back later that day and celebrated Easter Sunday at our home, just the three of us!


We sure got A LOT of sun on Saturday. And we all might have forgotten the sunscreen. #rookiemistake

Logan started his morning off with his first round of golf of the season while Magnolia and I facetimed with my Dad and Janean, Alex, Anne and Nora and wished them all a Happy Easter!

Oh wait… Magnolia may have found her Easter basket from the Easter bunny at home and there was also a gift from her Grandpa and Janean she got to open!



Logan put in the ham in the oven before he left that morning so it was set to eat when he got home! We made a little Easter lunch with potatoes, zucchini au gratin and ham!

Y’all… I bought this Lilly dress when I was pregnant the first time. We had just found out and it was the Lilly sale (which as you know, only happens twice a year) so I thought I’d buy a few pieces on the off chance that the baby was a girl.


We lost that baby a number of weeks later and I didn’t know if I’d bring the few pieces out with our next one or if those would stay in the box with the other few things that we had for the first baby. After we had Magnolia, I knew that she would shine in these pieces that were meant for what would have been her big sister – and I was right. I’m so glad I have these still and that Magnolia will wear them πŸ™‚ It reminds me of how blessed we truly are to have her!


I waited for YEARS to be able to match my little girl and now that she’s here, I can’t stop! Dream to match in these Lilly dresses πŸ™‚

We just hung out (we didn’t do church this weekend since we went last Saturday and figured it was a long day for M the day before) and spent a little bit of time outside and just relaxing for a busy work week!

How was your Easter weekend? Do you celebrate big with your family or keep it more intimate at home?





7 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings – Easter Weekend!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Can Magnolia be any more adorable?? I saw your post on instagram and knew I had to come over and check out the Easter weekend outfits! ❀

    Do you guys live far from Minneapolis? I think I've asked that before but I can't remember for sure! πŸ™‚

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