Weekend Whereabouts

Wow, it’s been FOREVER and a day since I’ve written a blog post! Did you miss these!?!

I thought I’d get back to sharing what we’ve been up to since that was my main reason for starting this little space – so I can remember all the fun times with little Magnolia!

This past weekend was interesting to say the least…

Weekend’s have a whole new meaning around here since Magnolia Kate has started daycare and we’re only with her limited hours in the day! Logan went and picked Magnolia up after work Friday (first for Daddy since usually he’s working until later) and we just hung out for the night! We watched the Masters, of course and made home made pizza with dough from Trader Joe’s!

Total win! We plan to put this on the smoker this summer but for now, the oven worked just fine! 🙂

Magnolia LOVES to snuggle with Daddy and just lights up when she sees him.  It’s the sweetest thing! Also.. he shaved the stache Friday! Woo!

We even matched in some pajamas again – which it’s crazy to see little Magnolia at 5.5 weeks barely fitting into the sleeper and then at 15.5 weeks and she’s definitely outgrown it!

Sully is 6ish weeks here at our Crawlfish boil!

Saturday  morning, we got up and headed to LaCrosse for the day to see some great friends!  We had little Sully’s baptism later that day and we are so honored to be his Godparents.

He’s SO sweet!

It was their first time meeting Magnolia and I have to say… it was a bit rough! Little did we know, she was suffering from a double ear infection and poor little one was throwing up after every feeding (when we could get her to eat! She had barely 9 ounces all day) or was sleeping and not being too social.

It was cute to see the babies together though – Sully went in for a kiss almost immediately! Ha! It was the cutest thing!

We headed back home that night and it was probably a good thing with the way Magnolia was feeling!  We can’t wait to get together again with them though a) when the weather is warmer and b) when all the kiddos are feeling great! We don’t get to see them enough and it’s always SO nice to get together!

Things seemed to get worse for her with coughing, congestion, sneezing, runny eyes and the list goes on! So we headed to urgent care Sunday morning after speaking with the Nurse.

I think it was both Logan and my first time at Urgent Care (as adults at least) so we headed off, hoping it wouldn’t be too long of a visit/wait.

We were out in about an hour and a half and our visit with the doc was about 10 minutes but he was so nice and after checking Magnolia’s ears, knew immediately that our poor little girl had a double ear infection.  This was causing all the other issues and he put her on antibiotics.

He said it would take about 24 hours to really kick in though, so I have her home with me today to make sure she’s keeping milk down and feeling better! She’ll be headed back to daycare tomorrow though, so I’m soaking in the snuggles!

Here’s to hoping she’s on the mend and you enjoyed a fabulous weekend!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Whereabouts

  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Oh the poor little precious girl! I feel so bad- she is still beautiful as ever just like her Mama though- I am sure she is feeling better by now- so nice to read your blog post! Hope there will be more in the near future! 🙂


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