Magnolia Kate is FOUR months old!

You are a third of a year old and I’m in total disbelief! I’ve never had time go as fast as it has these last 4 months! I swear, I blink and you’re doing something new or learning something new!

This is a crazy long post since I’m WAY behind but I’ll be making sure to do these monthly again! So I can look back and remember always 🙂

{Two Months}

We cuddled a lot this month as you were navigating into being a big two month old!


We had our first big roadtrip as Mama and Magnolia 🙂 We headed to Eau Claire for a night with Grandma and Great Grandma!


You didn’t love the car ride and decided to scream the last 45 minutes to Eau Claire but were such a gem while at Grandma’s overnight!


You became more content this month and decided you kinda liked your bouncer and looking at the hanging toys!


You continued to LOVE tummy time and can hold your head up SO well!


You still REALLY enjoy your time on the ball!


We went on our first Costco trip as a family – you didn’t love it though and ended up throwing up on yourself 😦


We celebrated Valentine’s Day and you might have gotten a Valentine or two 🙂


You went to your first big Golf show that Daddy loves so much! I think he’ll be getting you some clubs there next year already!


And you had Auntie Dee and Marcus visit you because they missed you oh so much!


We also did your first trip to Bingo and you were Auntie Dee’s good luck charm!


You also found your voice this month and learned that you LOVE to hear yourself talk! We love it too!

We had our first Mexican lunch date with Jess and you made us work for it! Jess did lunges for you most of lunch just to make you happy!


You had your first big day with Daddy while Mama went to a baby shower – and you did so good!


We also went on our first Target run which was the first time Mama took you somewhere by herself so we had to document that with a photo 🙂


{Three Months!}

This was a big month for you! You started pulling toys down and trying to hold onto things!


Grandpa and Janean visited you for the first time and you LOVED it! No tears for you 🙂


Even Grandpa enjoyed holding you!

We had our first appetizers and brunch with the girls – and let’s just say… you were a peach for a little bit but then you got HANGRY and refused to eat – oh yeah you started your weird not eating thing this month too! 😦


You found your hands and you can’t keep them out of your mouth! Which makes for some gross smelling formula hands if we don’t clean them ASAP!

You went on a REALLY long car ride to visit your Daddy’s family and Mama’s side too!




The car ride wasn’t fun but once we were there, you were so good!


You got your first cold this month too – right before our trip to Wisconsin and you were SO congested! Poor thing!


We started to get your smiles on camera this month too! You have the BEST smile!


We visited Mama’s work this month and you were able to meet Mama’s coworkers. You did pretty good for a while but then got pretty upset but I’m sure it was because you realized Mama was going back to work and you’d be headed for daycare soon enough!


Mama and Daddy had our first date night to a hockey game while you hung out with Auntie Gayle. You didn’t love it but we made sure to rush home for bath time and bedtime! I also vowed that we don’t need any date nights again any time soon 🙂


We also made our first trip to the Doctor (sans a baby well check up) because your left eye was full of goop! The doctor’s were concerned but after seeing you, they figured it was just a blocked tear duct. Thankfully, it went away after a few days!


We visited daycare this month and you met your teachers. Mama cried quite a bit (and we weren’t even dropping you off yet!) when you gave your pouty lip.


We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and you looked so cute in your pretty outfit and bow!


You still really LOVE to kick and do so anytime you can!

Our yoga ball broke this month but you showed us that you didn’t really need it anymore! Rocking in your nursery helped us BIG time!


You rolled over from tummy to back for the first time (March 22) and showed us that you are beyond determined for the next thing!

Your Uncle Alex, Auntie Anne and Cousin Nora came to visit you for our first NICE day outside! We played and played and finished the day with a walk 🙂


We matched for the first time this month in Lilly Pulitzer – and your obsession with their clothes begins!


You grew SO much this month and we’re beyond blessed to be your parents!

{Going into Four Months}

You started giggling more this month and it’s the CUTEST thing we’ve ever heard! You think Daddy’s really funny!

You still love to tell us stories and all about your day!

We had our first Mommy and Me Event and we made the sweetest Easter plate with your little toes! I can’t wait for more of these!


Your Papa Jay, Shari and Auntie Cam visited this month for a few days and you loved showing them how you can roll over like a big girl!


You went in your jumper table for the first time this month and somehow grew overnight to touch your feet to the ground!

You started daycare this month and after a few rough days, you’re a rockstar with your teachers and the other kids! We enjoy all the pictures we see of you learning so much! 🙂


You even sent Mama flowers your first day at daycare because it was a rough rough few days for Mama!


You still LOVE music and love to hear us sing to you! Your current favorite is “Happy and you know it!” and it just makes you smile smile smile!


We finally finished your nursery this month to add the girly Magnolia Kate touches it needed and we love it!


We celebrated your transfer day and couldn’t believe it had been a year since you were put inside me!

You rolled from back to tummy this month and are obsessed with doing it anytime you are laying down! Once you get onto your tummy, you swim swim swim and want to move already! Constantly grabbing at things to try to pull yourself further!

You are sitting up so good this month unassisted! Not 100% but I think by month 5, you’ll be sitting up all by yourself! You don’t like to sit back or lay back anymore – you’re constantly trying to sit up!


We had our first snow day with daycare this year (we didn’t know that could happen!) and we enjoyed a day of playing and snuggling instead!

We went to LaCrosse to visit your friends Sully and Preston and while it wasn’t your best day ever, we were so happy they could all meet you!


We had your first urgent care visit this month and found out you had a double ear infection, sweet girl!


We went to see the Easter Bunny this month and you did SO good! No tears at all and we even got a little smile out of you 🙂 We can’t wait to have you visit Santa!

We went to Chetek for Easter this month and you met all of your cousins/great aunts/uncles on Mama’s side.


It was our first FULL day outside and you did amazing! No tears or meltdowns at all!


You got FOUR Easter Baskets this month – so many!


And you found your Easter basket from Great Grandma Marilyn!


Grandma had a little shower to welcome you, Baby Girl with our family and you got the cutest gifts! I can’t wait until the weather stays nice for you to wear them all!


We celebrated Easter Sunday at home with Mama and Daddy and you matched with Mama 🙂



You are loved baby girl, more than you will ever know! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us with you – you are just incredible!




Mommy and Me Outfits!

I asked and y’all responded.. you want to see more Mommy and Me outfits and trust me.. I have only about 20 in our closet as we speak 🙂

We matched for Easter…


And our dresses are from Old Navy – mine is on sale for $11.88 today BUT I got it for $3.99 on our clearance rack so double check there if you have one near you! Magnolia‘s is $7 but they always run deals on hers lately, I’ve noticed! There’s also a cute top that could match her dress perfectly too, that’s under $10!

Another favorite is from Old Navy and it’s the same dress for Magnolia but in black!

I didn’t know if this top would be TOO flattering on me with my larger chest but it actually is super cute! And it’s under $10 so mommy and me outfits for under $20 total?! WIN!

Lilly Pulitzer is HUGE for mommy and me pieces but I’m going to be honest… I have a hard time paying full price!


I stocked up during the last sale (their after party sales are usually in August and January!) and now, Magnolia and I have 7 mommy and me outfits that I’m dying to put her in this summer!

However, if regular price Lilly is in your budget, I’m loving these prints for Mommy and Baby!


Y’all, I’m all about a good deal – my dress is comfy and I love the contrast between stripes and gingham and little Miss‘ is $6! My version also comes in a top that looks really flattering!

A girlfriend told me about this line at Belk and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

Isn’t the dress for Magnolia just the sweetest and I love this top for myself!

All of these outfits come in toddler and girl sizes too so if you have a little one older than Magnolias age, you could still match!

To be honest, you don’t even have to have a little one to match to wear any of these either! I just love the prints and prices that they’d all be great for spring and summer!

Let me know if you have some mommy and me outfits you’ve been wearing (or wore in the past!) because I’m always looking for more, if that’s possible! 🤣



Weekend Happenings – Easter Weekend!

Happy Monday!

My goodness, the weekends just fly by now! They were quick before but now with a little one and work, they really go quick! We had a busy weekend again traveling and it was A LOT easier this time. Especially with Magnolia on the mend from her double ear infection.


I enjoyed a milkshake Friday to celebrate windows down weather on my lunch!

We relaxed Friday night with little girl for our last meatless Friday of the year! I baked those Special K Bars and Sprinkled Rice Krispy Treats for Easter the next day.


We took our time getting ready on Saturday morning before heading over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Wisconsin to celebrate Easter! We used to go back and forth between my grandparents (when I was real little) on Easter Sunday which made it hard sharing the time so my Grandma on my Mom’s side, switched Easter to Saturday so we could have more time and it’s been that way ever since!


Our first day out in matching clothes! Love this more than you can know ❤

My Grandma was in the hospital this past week and is now in a nursing home while she heals – if you could send some prayers her way, that would be wonderful 🙂 We’re hoping for a speedy recovery and to get her back home soon!



We were SO fortunate to have a sunny beautiful day in the 70’s on Saturday so we could spend the whole day outside!


Magnolia and Auntie Anne!

It was just beautiful and I think Magnolia didn’t know what to do with herself since she hasn’t actually been outside outside a whole lot!



With Grandma and her Easter basket from Great Grandma!

My Grandma and my Mom made sure Magnolia had an Easter basket – and like all the little kiddos there, she had to go find hers from my Grandma 🙂



How cute is my little niece, Nora?!

After all the kids found their Easter baskets and Easter eggs, we played a game of Kickball (which has become a tradition) and just enjoyed the weather!


And my big nieces! Can’t believe they’re getting so old!

It was so great to be with my family and spend time with my nieces (and siblings!).


She was just SO happy all day! 🙂


With her oldest cousin, Trinity!


And so cute, with Sydney!

Magnolia had never met this side of the family so we were excited for her to greet everyone!


Too funny! I’ve never seen someone get so upset that Grandma was holding another little one! Nora was crazy about her Grandma on Saturday 🙂 And so jealous anytime she’d hold Magnolia!

And y’all.. she did SO good! Not ONE meltdown and no crying! She napped when I took a walk with her in the stroller (covered with her sound machine) and she just was so sweet!


Her Easter basket from my Mom! So sweet that it noted her 1st Easter!

My Mom also surprised me with a little shower for Magnolia since she wasn’t able to have one while I was pregnant (mainly because all of our weekends filled up too quickly!).


Magnolia was definitely covered up from the sun 🙂

Everyone got us the cutest clothes for Magnolia. I’m talking all the neon and flamingo prints!


Just a FRACTION of the stuff they got her! Seriously, so cute!


We headed back later that day and celebrated Easter Sunday at our home, just the three of us!


We sure got A LOT of sun on Saturday. And we all might have forgotten the sunscreen. #rookiemistake

Logan started his morning off with his first round of golf of the season while Magnolia and I facetimed with my Dad and Janean, Alex, Anne and Nora and wished them all a Happy Easter!

Oh wait… Magnolia may have found her Easter basket from the Easter bunny at home and there was also a gift from her Grandpa and Janean she got to open!



Logan put in the ham in the oven before he left that morning so it was set to eat when he got home! We made a little Easter lunch with potatoes, zucchini au gratin and ham!

Y’all… I bought this Lilly dress when I was pregnant the first time. We had just found out and it was the Lilly sale (which as you know, only happens twice a year) so I thought I’d buy a few pieces on the off chance that the baby was a girl.


We lost that baby a number of weeks later and I didn’t know if I’d bring the few pieces out with our next one or if those would stay in the box with the other few things that we had for the first baby. After we had Magnolia, I knew that she would shine in these pieces that were meant for what would have been her big sister – and I was right. I’m so glad I have these still and that Magnolia will wear them 🙂 It reminds me of how blessed we truly are to have her!


I waited for YEARS to be able to match my little girl and now that she’s here, I can’t stop! Dream to match in these Lilly dresses 🙂

We just hung out (we didn’t do church this weekend since we went last Saturday and figured it was a long day for M the day before) and spent a little bit of time outside and just relaxing for a busy work week!

How was your Easter weekend? Do you celebrate big with your family or keep it more intimate at home?





Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!

Three blog posts in ONE week?! Woah, who am I?! Its been forever since I’ve shared any favorites so thought it was time 🙂

It’s Easter this weekend so a few of these are Easter favorites, of course! It’s the first “big” holiday since having Magnolia and I can’t wait to celebrate! Yes, we celebrated Valentine’s Day… and she dressed up cute for St. Patrick’s Day but Easter?! This is a bigger one for her! We’re headed to Chetek to celebrate with my family tomorrow then we’ll celebrate with our little family on Sunday! It’ll be so much fun!


Magnolia’s Easter Basket! I ordered this basket back in January I think?! It’s simple and little which will work for her in years to come!

I’ve included 2 books, a bunny rattle, stuffed animal, hair bows (naturally!) and some empty Easter eggs! I can’t wait until next year when we can dye Easter eggs and have her help!


Daycare teacher gifts!

I shared these over on Instagram and what all was included in them but her teachers are a favorite this week! I had such a hard time bringing her the first few days but they are so sweet with her and I know they love having her! They have made it so much easier dropping her off every day!


Old Navy has been having crazy great deals lately and I somehow got all of these items for her, PLUS a matching top for me for only $40!

How cute are these matching dresses (mine was only $3.99 and hers was only $6!).

Here’s the matching top with her matching dress 🙂 My gosh, we’ll be matching all summer long!

Now, if we’d have warm enough days for all these cute pieces!


This Easter trail mix?! Obsesseddddddd! Do yourself a favor and stock up before Easter is over Sunday!


This little girl of ours has been rolling around lately and loving it! I laid her on her back on the mat, went to get her a bottle and came back to this…

What?! Not just rolled over but turned 180 degrees as well! Now, she’s just loving rolling around! How is she getting so big?!


I finally shared about our weekend on the blog and visiting with good friends!

Check it all out over here!

What are your plans for Easter? Do you celebrate big or keep it small? What did you add in your kiddo’s Easter Baskets if you do those? I will need ideas for years to come! 🙂

If you need a quick dessert to bring for Easter, these are what I’m making and LOVE!

Have a fabulous Friday!




One of my favorite desserts…

I have always had a love affair with Special K bars but never knew how to make them until I ate them one night while visiting a girlfriend at school in Milwaukee.  Her roommate had made some and I seriously could NOT get enough!!

This is also the ONLY dessert I make that the hubs eats (aside from my cupcake cookies but that’s another story!).  Normally, I’ll make cupcakes or cookies or other bars and he doesn’t even though them! #hesnotasweetsguy #savoryonlyforhim

So I love to make these because we both enjoy them and I love to make things that we both can eat!  Check below for the recipe if you love these little bad boys too!

Special K Bars


1 cup sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

1 1/2 cups peanut butter

6 cups Special K cereal

1 cup chocolate chips

1 cup butterscotch chips


Pour Special K into a large bowl. Put aside.

Mix sugar and corn syrup in a large saucepan.  Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until it comes to a boil. Remove from heat.

Add peanut butter to mixture and stir until melted.  Pour mixture over cereal until fully coated.  Pour into an ungreased 13×9 baking pan and pat down evenly.

Melt chocolate and butterscotch chips together over a double boiler over simmering water (you can microwave if easier- i’m just always afraid to burn them!).  Stir continuously until melted.

Pour over cereal mixture in pan and spread evenly.

Let bars cool (either on the counter or if you’re too anxious to eat one, in the fridge for 10 minutes!).  Cut and enjoy! 🙂


Weekend Whereabouts

Wow, it’s been FOREVER and a day since I’ve written a blog post! Did you miss these!?!

I thought I’d get back to sharing what we’ve been up to since that was my main reason for starting this little space – so I can remember all the fun times with little Magnolia!

This past weekend was interesting to say the least…

Weekend’s have a whole new meaning around here since Magnolia Kate has started daycare and we’re only with her limited hours in the day! Logan went and picked Magnolia up after work Friday (first for Daddy since usually he’s working until later) and we just hung out for the night! We watched the Masters, of course and made home made pizza with dough from Trader Joe’s!

Total win! We plan to put this on the smoker this summer but for now, the oven worked just fine! 🙂

Magnolia LOVES to snuggle with Daddy and just lights up when she sees him.  It’s the sweetest thing! Also.. he shaved the stache Friday! Woo!

We even matched in some pajamas again – which it’s crazy to see little Magnolia at 5.5 weeks barely fitting into the sleeper and then at 15.5 weeks and she’s definitely outgrown it!

Sully is 6ish weeks here at our Crawlfish boil!

Saturday  morning, we got up and headed to LaCrosse for the day to see some great friends!  We had little Sully’s baptism later that day and we are so honored to be his Godparents.

He’s SO sweet!

It was their first time meeting Magnolia and I have to say… it was a bit rough! Little did we know, she was suffering from a double ear infection and poor little one was throwing up after every feeding (when we could get her to eat! She had barely 9 ounces all day) or was sleeping and not being too social.

It was cute to see the babies together though – Sully went in for a kiss almost immediately! Ha! It was the cutest thing!

We headed back home that night and it was probably a good thing with the way Magnolia was feeling!  We can’t wait to get together again with them though a) when the weather is warmer and b) when all the kiddos are feeling great! We don’t get to see them enough and it’s always SO nice to get together!

Things seemed to get worse for her with coughing, congestion, sneezing, runny eyes and the list goes on! So we headed to urgent care Sunday morning after speaking with the Nurse.

I think it was both Logan and my first time at Urgent Care (as adults at least) so we headed off, hoping it wouldn’t be too long of a visit/wait.

We were out in about an hour and a half and our visit with the doc was about 10 minutes but he was so nice and after checking Magnolia’s ears, knew immediately that our poor little girl had a double ear infection.  This was causing all the other issues and he put her on antibiotics.

He said it would take about 24 hours to really kick in though, so I have her home with me today to make sure she’s keeping milk down and feeling better! She’ll be headed back to daycare tomorrow though, so I’m soaking in the snuggles!

Here’s to hoping she’s on the mend and you enjoyed a fabulous weekend!