39 (almost 40) week Bumpdate!

Happy weekend before Christmas! I worked today and am hoping it’s my last day before maternity leave (since we’re off Monday and Tuesday)! Fingers crossed!

I don’t feel like our lives will be changing in hopefully the next few days and it’s such a surreal feeling trying to believe it all! Let’s get into how it’s been the last few weeks… it’s been a bit rough!

How Far Along? 39 weeks! Only a few days shy of 40 weeks!

Size of Baby:
 A Pumpkin – and boy it feels like it!

Gender: We’re SO close to finding out! Or so I’m hoping…

Weight Gain: 
Ooph – I’m up to 40 pounds… My swelling has been a bit crazy the last few weeks and I gained about 4 pounds in the last week. I thought I’d max out at 30 pounds so 40 is a bit crazy to me!

Maternity Clothes:
 Wearing both still! Somehow I can still fit into my sweaters and some pre-pregnancy tops. Pants are only maternity leggings – I think I wore maternity jeans twice?! But I basically only wear leggings (maternity) because that’s all that’s comfy!

Nursery: The nursery is all done finally and it’s really sweet
. It was fun being able to share with the girls at my cookie party last week! It’s quiet, serene and comfy! My inlaws were in town last weekend and they were lucky enough to sleep in there – with an air mattress of course (the basement is SO close to being done and well have our guest bedroom(s) back!).

 ALL THE TIME. I love this  and don’t at the same time. The baby  has been up in my ribs for quite some time but baby is also A LOT bigger than he/she was when they first started up there. So now, it’s beyond painful. I’m talking 24 hours a day of pain and it doesn’t subside. At my last appointment on Tuesday, I told the doc that he/she must be stuck in my ribs or something and somehow we need to get the baby to move!! He said the baby is most likely separating my ribs and the tendons are tearing quite a bit… The doctor also noted that normally babies slow down by now and aren’t moving as much but lucky for me, Baby G is making room on his/her own since he’s running out of it! When I feel where it’s killing on my ribs, I can feel him/her moving around!

 See above for the wonderful pain I’ve been feeling. I mean it doesn’t stop! My heartburn has been the same as previously as well – unfortunately the pills he prescribed aren’t working as well – so it hasn’t been the most fun! My feet and ankles really swelled up the last week as well – so much so that he had me tested for preeclampsia just to be safe because of my pain and feet! I’m full after the smallest of food and then feel so sick afterwards 😦 I feel like if the baby would just drop more and I had relief on my ribs then I could definitely go longer but man, this last few weeks has been pretty rough and I’m READY for baby to be here!

 Thankfully, aside from having to pee a few times a night, I’ve been able to sleep pretty well. I’m usually SO exhausted throughout the day so by the time we go into bed, I’m passed out pretty quickly! It’s getting a lot harder (and more uncomfortable) to roll from side to side though with my big belly! Just SO much weight!

Cravings: Nothing new this week – still craving pizza and all the sweets!

What I Miss: I miss having a glass of wine and feeling normal! The rib pain has really gotten to me the last 2 weeks and I can’t wait to feel some relief – although then I’ll be sore and hurting in another place once that happens so we’ll see which I think is worse! I miss being able to bend over and it not hurt as well as wear normal shoes or boots!

Best Moment This Week:
 Knowing there’s an end in sight, or hopefully! I can’t wait to meet Baby G and I really hoped he/she would make their appearance on their own before 40 weeks… however, that doesn’t seem to be the case! I’m still not dilated at all (not even to 1/2 cm) and while I know everyone says, including my doctor, that you don’t have to be dilated for anything to happen or start but I don’t have too many contraction and I just don’t think it’s happening on it’s own! My next appt is Monday and he’ll check again if I’m dilated and if not, he said he’d send us over to the hospital that night for cervical ripening BEFORE an induction.  The cervical ripening happens for about 12 hours – so he said to be prepared to be at the hospital for 2-3 days BEFORE a baby comes – which is rough 😦

Looking Forward To:
 Meeting Baby G!! Finding out baby’s gender and seeing who he/she looks like! Finding out  how big Baby is (I feel like he/she is HUGE!!) and being done with pregnancy and all the rib pain! No joke, it’s been rough lately!

Thanks for sticking with me through this journey! I can’t believe we’re almost to the end of it and beginning the best one yet – being parents! We’re just in the waiting stages AGAIN but hoping next week, we’re at the end (or this weekend??!).

I can’t wait to share Baby G with you all and the nursery, my hospital bag (which is currently in the back of the car ready!) and all the things 🙂

Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas! Let’s hope the next post is sharing Baby G!


8 thoughts on “39 (almost 40) week Bumpdate!

  1. Rechelle says:

    Oh I am praying for you girl and hoping Baby G decides to come soon! So sorry that it’s gotten rough these last two weeks but thankfully you’re close now. Can’t wait for the announcement 🙂 Merry Christmas Griedls!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    Oh my goodness, girl you are seriously toughing it out at this point! I know it’s all worth it. Hopefully sweet Baby G will come sooner than later and you’ll have relief while holding your little angel. Good luck in the coming week as you get prepared and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I’ll be eagerly awaiting an announcement! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lindsay says:

    Happy 39 Weeks!! Fortunately Minnesota doesn’t seem to have snow in the forecast this Christmas so you won’t have to deal with messy roads with your new baby! Can’t wait to read that the baby has arrived. Do you guys have any special Christmas plans this year??

    Liked by 1 person

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