Gift basket for the newly pregnant Mama-To-Be!

I love making gift baskets for people for any occasion; engagements, birthdays, weddings, etc. But when it came to pregnancy baskets or for moms to be, that was harder for me. Partly because of the season of life we were in with trying so hard but also because I’ve never been a Mama so it was hard to know what one would want!

I’m constantly asked “what can I get someone who is newly pregnant to show how excited I am?!” and I just love that y’all are thinking of others and how you can celebrate them! I’ve been meaning to share this with everyone so they can get some ideas and inspiration but #pregnancybrain

My sweet friend, Steph surprised me with this cute care package after we told them I was pregnant! We have been so fortunate to have some really great friends who have been SO supportive of our journey to become parents!

How cute is this mom-to-be care package?! She picked things that she used throughout her pregnancies and things that would be beneficial to me! And who doesn’t love a sweet gift package??

Everything in it was so thoughtful and totally practical and it was just so fun to go through!

  • She had the following items in the box:
    • Cute pineapple cup for mocktails (and it’s Lilly colors even!!)
      Cocoa butter lotion – to help with dry skin
      Travel tums – to help with heartburn
      Bath salts – to help with muscle aches
      Chapstick – to help with dry lips
      Photo album – for baby’s first pictures!
      Thank you notes – for all those thank you notes you’ll write πŸ™‚
      Goldfish crackers – to help with morning sickness
      Journal/notepad – to help with pregnancy brain (it’s a real thing, y’all!!)
      Pregnancy journal – to help with keeping memories
      Candy – to help with cravings!
      Candle – to help with foul odors

    I haven’t been the best at gifting others with these cute baskets but it’s on my list for what Mamas-to-be would love!

    It was one of the sweetest gifts I’ve gotten because it is just nice to know you’re thought of πŸ™‚

    Have you made baskets like this and if so (or not even!) what else did you include?! Or what else could be included for future Mamas?


    2 thoughts on “Gift basket for the newly pregnant Mama-To-Be!

    1. rechellemorris says:

      I love this so much! All such perfect items for those new moms to be πŸ™‚ I like to gift a good themed basket but like you never knew what to get for moms since I hadn’t been there yet. I’ve done a lot of sunshine gift baskets for friends who need a little cheer!


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