Life Lately!

Happy Friday!!

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared what’s been going on in our world! We always seem to have something going on – and if we don’t then we do because we’re also finishing our basement before Baby arrives… A little ambitious huh?!

I’ve been trying to fill my weekends with Holiday events or at least something fun once a weekend!

So here’s a little look at life lately in the Griedl world:

A few weekends ago, I attended a fun Holiday Boutique event downtown Minneapolis with Jess!

Holiday Boutique

We shopped and made these fun little succulent hangers…


spoiler alert… I had to throw mine away because it was just bad… and it wouldn’t stay inside the actual container! #fail

Later that night, Logan and I attended a friend of ours Halloween Party!


Our first of MANY family Halloween costumes! Logan came up with this one!

Amy always goes ALL out and outdoes herself every time 🙂


Bats galore all lover! Such a fun party!

I wish I would have taken pictures of it all because even the magazines in the bathroom had funky eyes on each person on the covers!


How awesome are their costumes?! Elaine is always SO creative and made these! Their little boy was Abu but he was sleeping at this point 🙂

They even had signature drinks… and let me tell you – they looked and smelled SO good! Logan sampled them all of course and I’m hoping she makes this an annual thing so I can enjoy some cocktails next year 😉


The next morning we had our sweet little Niece, Nora’s baptism.


We feel so honored to have been asked to be her Godparents!


Just a little pictured out I’d say 🙂 Love time with my siblings (above!)

Contrary to these pictures, she is always smiling and such a happy girl! She did SO well during the baptism and service that we were all so happy to be there with her and my Brother and Sister-in-Law to celebrate!


Such a sweet girl!

I attended the infamous Bachman Holiday Idea’s House with Jess last week!


And we got just a bit of snow the same night!

I was going to share all the pictures but I’ll save that for next week since it’ll be even more picture overload otherwise!

This past weekend, we had a double date with our good friends, Ashton and Ryan!


We went to the movie, The Grinch and then enjoyed some great Mexican food after 🙂 Recipe for a perfect night!

Funny note – it showed up on my timehop (or whatever it’s called) on facebook that the same weekend last year, we saw the Grinch at the Children’s theater with these same friends!


Too funny! I was shocked when I saw it happened to be on the same weekend!

We are hosting Thanksgiving next week since we can’t travel and I’m excited!  We usually travel to either my side or Logan’s for the holiday – the only time we didn’t was when we had our first Thanksgiving together and neither of us had off for Black Friday! So instead, my Mama visited from FL that year and stayed with us for a few days so we weren’t alone!

thanksgiving 2010

We look just a little different now a days, don’t we?! Haha!


That’ll be the same this year – my Mom, brother, SIL, niece, friends will all join us which makes it easier not traveling (and not feeling like you’re missing out!). So we’re thankful to have people visit us instead!

Well that’s about all that we’ve been up to lately!

Baby G won’t stop kicking around near my ribs so I’m going to go enjoy this time with our sweet little one all snuggled up inside of me! 🙂 Oh yeah.. and get to work!

Have a great weekend! I’m planning my hospital bag list – and I’ve asked a few of my good friends who are Mama’s for some must haves… but if you have some too, please let me know!!



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