36 Week Bumpdate!

I feel like all I post lately are “life lately” blog posts and bumpdates! I swear I’ll get more creative once I have more energy 🙂

I swear this whole pregnancy has just been surreal! How are we under 30 days until we get to meet our precious little Baby?!  I still don’t feel 100% pregnant most days (even though I’m very clearly pregnant haha!) and I don’t think it’s hit either Logan or myself completely that we’ll have a little baby by the years end!  We are just SO excited and thankful for all of this!

Alright, now onto what’s been going on!

How Far Along? 36 weeks!

Size of Baby:
 A Cantaloupe! or it says Baby G is as big as a 2-liter of soda (crazyyyyy)

 Getting more and more eager to know! I still think Boy 100% and Logan is saying girl! So we’ll see….

Weight Gain: 
I’m up 30 pounds…. but have my doctor appointment this morning so I’m guessing it’ll be up a bit more since that was my last appt at 34 weeks!

Maternity Clothes:
 Yes and no still – thankfully I can still fit in some of my non-maternity sweaters and tops so I’ve been able to just wear maternity leggings with those! I do have a pair of maternity jeans as well but think I’ve worn them only a handful of times because leggings are just so much more comfy! I also like the under the belly leggings – over the top are just too itchy for me!

We are almost there people!! We just have to put things on the wall and then I’ll be ready to share it 🙂 Are you excited or what?! ha! I’m hoping to figure out where I want everything – and what I even want to put up since things have changed since we first started and I first started collecting! All I can say is it’s VERY gender neutral – it’s a soft gray and white/cream and it’ll be nice and cozy for Baby G.

 So much movement most of the time, which I love! I finally got a video of Baby moving since I always forget to and figure we’ll like to look back at Baby moving so much! I think I can feel when Baby has his/her heel in my ribs by pressing on my belly and it’s just been so sweet! The Baby was crazy Thanksgiving night – just wouldn’t stop moving for almost an hour! Logan was going nuts over it 🙂 And my Mama got to feel Baby for the first time and she was just in awe!

 Hmm well, I might have overdid it a little the day before Thanksgiving – I took off work and yet didn’t sit down ONCE all day with cleaning, cooking and helping Logan with the basement (that is almost finished, kind of!).  On Thanksgiving, I had swollen ankles/feet for the first time and they were legit cankles and it was SO uncomfortable. Also, the round ligament (or so I’m guessing) came around and it hurt to even move in my groin/lower stomach area! Thankfully I sat most of the day with my feet up and then it was OK on Friday! I also have my first cold with Baby G this week and it’s been terrible! SO MUCH CONGESTION! We laid low all weekend (literally did nothing) and I’m still not feeling too great. I even passed up getting our Christmas tree… who am I?! That’s how bad I felt!

 Sleep has been tricky since having a cold – I can’t breathe out of my nose and my mouth is comfortable, and it’s not draining down my throat so then my throat hurts… you get the hint! Hoping to be on the mend though and able to get more sleep (minus all the bathroom breaks!).

Cravings: Apple juice, Apple juice, Apple juice! That craving is real! And also, craving mini candy canes (my favorite!).

What I Miss: I miss wearing my wedding ring… it became too tiny a few weeks ago and I just miss wearing it! I miss being able to take medicine that will help versus the VERY small “approved” list from the doctor! But thankful I can take something versus nothing!

Best Moment This Week:
 Feeling Baby G move around SO much lately! I don’t know if I’ll miss being pregnant like most people say but I do like feeling Baby G in there! Also just taking the day on Thursday last week to really reflect on our grateful we are for this whole experience.  It’s not lost on me how lucky we are to be having this little Baby shortly and even though our experience “getting here” wasn’t the easiest – we’re just so grateful for it all!

Looking Forward To:
 Feeling better and rejuvenated! We are less than 30 days out and I definitely don’t want to feel sick or exhausted going into labor – that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?! I’m also looking forward to snuggling our little one! SO terrified for labor/delivery still but I absolutely cannot wait to see if Baby G is a girl or boy and to just have him/her here with us!

Thank you so much for following along and all the kind words always! It’s so amazing to have such a supportive community around us 🙂 Also… I’ve been packing my hospital bag (I realize it’s a little late!) and if you have anything that you thought was a MUST, let me know! Or if you’d like to see my list of what I’m bringing, let me know that too and I’d be happy to post and share! I checked with two of my good girlfriends to see if my list was a bit “extra” but thankfully they both said not at all – and it looks great!


Life Lately!

Happy Friday!!

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared what’s been going on in our world! We always seem to have something going on – and if we don’t then we do because we’re also finishing our basement before Baby arrives… A little ambitious huh?!

I’ve been trying to fill my weekends with Holiday events or at least something fun once a weekend!

So here’s a little look at life lately in the Griedl world:

A few weekends ago, I attended a fun Holiday Boutique event downtown Minneapolis with Jess!

Holiday Boutique

We shopped and made these fun little succulent hangers…


spoiler alert… I had to throw mine away because it was just bad… and it wouldn’t stay inside the actual container! #fail

Later that night, Logan and I attended a friend of ours Halloween Party!


Our first of MANY family Halloween costumes! Logan came up with this one!

Amy always goes ALL out and outdoes herself every time 🙂


Bats galore all lover! Such a fun party!

I wish I would have taken pictures of it all because even the magazines in the bathroom had funky eyes on each person on the covers!


How awesome are their costumes?! Elaine is always SO creative and made these! Their little boy was Abu but he was sleeping at this point 🙂

They even had signature drinks… and let me tell you – they looked and smelled SO good! Logan sampled them all of course and I’m hoping she makes this an annual thing so I can enjoy some cocktails next year 😉


The next morning we had our sweet little Niece, Nora’s baptism.


We feel so honored to have been asked to be her Godparents!


Just a little pictured out I’d say 🙂 Love time with my siblings (above!)

Contrary to these pictures, she is always smiling and such a happy girl! She did SO well during the baptism and service that we were all so happy to be there with her and my Brother and Sister-in-Law to celebrate!


Such a sweet girl!

I attended the infamous Bachman Holiday Idea’s House with Jess last week!


And we got just a bit of snow the same night!

I was going to share all the pictures but I’ll save that for next week since it’ll be even more picture overload otherwise!

This past weekend, we had a double date with our good friends, Ashton and Ryan!


We went to the movie, The Grinch and then enjoyed some great Mexican food after 🙂 Recipe for a perfect night!

Funny note – it showed up on my timehop (or whatever it’s called) on facebook that the same weekend last year, we saw the Grinch at the Children’s theater with these same friends!


Too funny! I was shocked when I saw it happened to be on the same weekend!

We are hosting Thanksgiving next week since we can’t travel and I’m excited!  We usually travel to either my side or Logan’s for the holiday – the only time we didn’t was when we had our first Thanksgiving together and neither of us had off for Black Friday! So instead, my Mama visited from FL that year and stayed with us for a few days so we weren’t alone!

thanksgiving 2010

We look just a little different now a days, don’t we?! Haha!


That’ll be the same this year – my Mom, brother, SIL, niece, friends will all join us which makes it easier not traveling (and not feeling like you’re missing out!). So we’re thankful to have people visit us instead!

Well that’s about all that we’ve been up to lately!

Baby G won’t stop kicking around near my ribs so I’m going to go enjoy this time with our sweet little one all snuggled up inside of me! 🙂 Oh yeah.. and get to work!

Have a great weekend! I’m planning my hospital bag list – and I’ve asked a few of my good friends who are Mama’s for some must haves… but if you have some too, please let me know!!



34 Week Bumpdate!


Happy Thursday!

I can’t believe that we’re a week away from Thanksgiving and tomorrow is Friday! Last week went incredibly slow so I’m happy this one is going a little bit faster! It’s been a while (again) since I did an update and have had so many people reach out and see how it’s going SO I thought I’d share a fun bumpdate 🙂

This picture is from last Friday when I was 33 weeks but we take our bump pictures on Fridays so I’ll have to update this one with my 34 week picture tomorrow evening!

Let’s get started!

How Far Along? 34 weeks!

Size of Baby:
 Acorn squash (getting biggg!)

 Clearly still waiting…… we’re down to 5.5 weeks though so hopefully it’ll be here before we know it!

Weight Gain: 
I’m up 30 pounds…. which is what I would like to have maxed out at for weight gain but oh well. The doc isn’t worried about it so I’m trying not to!

Maternity Clothes:
 Still wearing both – maternity and non-maternity. I just realized that I only have about 4 shirts I bought that are maternity so thankfully my sweaters are still fitting and the majority of my tops (it helps that I didn’t wear super tight stuff before I guess!) so I’m happy about that. I’m definitely only wearing maternity leggings though…. 99% of the time 🙂 I’m in the office today though and normally we have a “dress for your day” policy so leggings are good but I have a meeting with an agent in person so finding something to wear that is more professional looking has been a bit of a challenge…

Oh my… we’re getting there!! We have the crib, dresser and glider all up and ready 🙂 I’ve washed all of baby’s clothes and the majority of the blankets and have started organizing everything.  It’s the BEST ever! Logan is still working on the closet for me and then we’ll put things on the wall (still deciding on all that) and it’ll be perfect!! I’m LOVING the nursery and find myself just sitting on the glider for no reason at all dreaming of holding Baby G in there 🙂

 Definitely on the move a lot! We had our 34 week appt earlier this week and the Doctor was laughing because Baby G wouldn’t stop moving, kicking, rolling from side to side! We got to listen for a long time (normally it’s just a few mins) since he was waiting for Baby’s heart rate to go back to normal…. Baby was just so happy apparently and wanted to show off 🙂 Baby’s heart rate has been pretty stable in the 130s the last few weeks BUT this week it was 145-150s he said!

 Heartburn is still there… thankfully I do still have the meds which are helping but it’s a daily thing… and not just for a little bit but for the whole day! So I’m learning to live with that! Baby better come out with a lot of hair with all this heartburn – although Logan and myself were both pretty bald for a while so we’ll see! A new one has been my hands cramping SO bad at night! When I get up to go to the bathroom at night (multiple times), my fingers hurt so bad just moving them! They’re find during the day but it’s always in the middle of the night and when I wake up in the morning. Of course, I forgot to mention this to the doc because #pregnancybrain so I’ll have to follow up with him on that one.

 Sleep has been good… for the most part! I’m up peeing like 3-4 times a night which is a pain but otherwise, I’ve been able to sleep for a few hours in between! I am definitely having the WEIRDEST dreams ever but that’s normal with all my hormones!

Cravings: Nothing too crazy – still loving pizza, cereal, ice cream and #allthesweets!

What I Miss: I miss not having to pee every half hour and having clothes that just fit “normal” without this big belly! But I’m soaking it all in since Baby G will be here before we know it! I also miss being able to sleep on my back… my hips are a little bit sore from always laying on my sides!

Best Moment This Week:
 Hearing Baby G’s heartbeat so strong and sweet 🙂 That’s always the best! And all the movements from Baby. It’s amazing to look down and see my stomach moving while feeling it all. Also, still seeing Logan’s face when he feels Baby G move or kick after talking to him/her 🙂 literally the sweetest thing ever!

Looking Forward To:
 Getting the nursery completely done and hospital bag packed! I know I still have a little time and Baby will most likely come late since it’s my first but I’m a planner and since I can’t plan for Baby’s gender/name/nursery for gender, I can plan for these things! I’m looking forward to meeting Baby G – while I’m still very nervous about the whole labor and delivery/recovery/breastfeeding part, I absolutely cannot wait to hold our little Baby in my arms and know he/she is safe and healthy!

We have accomplished so much lately… we’ve finished our birthing classes, had our hospital tour last night and we have my breastfeeding class tonight (yes Logan is coming!) and it’s just so surreal. I know it sounds INSANE but it really does not feel like we are having a baby so soon! I don’t even feel pregnant 90% of the time (minus the big belly and peeing so often!).  I’m not sure if most people feel that way – it doesn’t seem like it when talking to others – but I just think we’ve prayed and wanted this for SO long that it coming to fruition just doesn’t seem real! God is SO good!

Logan and I were talking the other night and I asked “Did it feel like this pregnancy has gone fast or slow?” and he said “extremely slooooooow!” and he’s so right! Sometimes I’m like, “how am I almost 35 weeks pregnant?!?!” and other times it’s like “Ok, we’ve been doing fertility treatments for forever so how come we still don’t have baby here?!” but we are just so blessed and excited to meet our little Baby that it doesn’t matter how long it’s taken to get here! But please Baby G…. grace us with your presence a day or two before Christmas so we can be home with you for it 🙂

Baby G, we are SO excited to meet you and feel so honored that God chose us to be your parents 🙂