Maternity Pictures!

If you know me, then you know I’m borderline obsessed in love with pictures!  I like pictures for special events, special people and even the mundane events (I mean, who goes to Paris and contacts a photographer for some professional pictures on vacation?! I’m pretty sure 99% of people thought I was crazy when I said we were doing that.. my husband included!) of every day life but these are pictures I will forever cherish and love!

I know I say this often, but there was a time I didn’t know if we’d have this special moment of expecting a little one and because of that, these pictures are even more special.


It was SUCH a cold morning (33 degrees!) and SO incredibly windy.  Thankfully the rain held off but the dew on the ground was beyond wet.  I envisioned red, yellow and orange leaves all over but with the weather this fall – going from 90 degree days to 40 overnight – the trees just didn’t quite turn as beautiful as they usually do.  This just seemed SO fitting with our journey, that we wouldn’t have a beautiful colorful day with warm, dry weather but we persevered and ended up getting some really good pictures!


We even almost didn’t do a second outfit because I was beyond freezing and my feet were drenched – I wore sandals since you couldn’t see my feet and I didn’t want anything too bulky underneath just in case.


Jess kept saying – I think if we don’t do any in the second outfit, you’ll regret it… and I just want to make sure you get every picture you want! I’m so glad she kept saying that! I think it’s a nice change up from our dressier outfits and I really wanted to make sure we got a picture with our sweet book!


We need to decide which ones we’ll blow up to a little bigger for the Baby’s room since I’d like a picture or two in there 🙂 Any help with which are your favorites would be great!


This was also the one photoshoot that Logan was SO cooperative during! He didn’t make any faces and kept saying “if you want to do another pose or another outfit, whatever you want!!” but I was just SO cold that it was hard to focus on staying out there longer than an hour!


The picture above was in standing water… we didn’t realize it when we walked down the hill to it and into the swamp but as soon as I went further in, I was completed sunken in ice cold water! We walked back out a little bit but anything for a good shot 🙂


Don’t mind the bruising on my arm from the glucose test! Those bruises stuck around for a little bit!



There have never been more truer words than this book…


We will always remember our journey and how hard it was to get Baby G  here and we’ll always be incredibly thankful for this opportunity to be Baby G’s parents ❤



We just ordered our Christmas cards – yes I know it’s early – and it was hard deciding on the picture to use!  We didn’t use any of these ones though so it’ll still be a surprise when people receive them after Thanksgiving!


Baby G, you are loved beyond words!

Let me know which ones are your favorites for us to put in Baby’s room – Lord knows I have a hard time making those decisions!

Photography: Jess Nolan – photographer if you’re in the Minneapolis area!


7 thoughts on “Maternity Pictures!

  1. rechellemorris says:

    These are SO beautiful Kristi! So glad you did the second outfit too, that last one might be my fave 😉 But I LOVE the one with the big yellow tree in the background too! Tough decision for sure!


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