Life Lately!

It has been a whirlwind… we finally have time at home with NO PLANS since June and I can’t wait to just relax!

Want to know what we’ve been up to lately?!

A few weekends ago, we had our maternity pictures taken by Jess Nolan and even though it was a whopping 33 degrees out and freeezing (it was at 8 in the morning keep in mind since we had other plans that day!), I think we’ll get some good ones! Here’s the preview we received 🙂



We got our pictures back Tuesday night this week and oh my gosh do we love them?! I’ll be sharing them next week on this space so be ready 😍

After our pictures, we headed back to Wisconsin for a wedding!


So good to see them all! 🙂

I have known Derek for probably close to 20 years as family friends!


The cakes… oh my… were those good!!


The bride’s Mom made all of these!! Aren’t they amazing?!

Such a fun night getting together with family!


Clearly the groom looks thrilled with more pictures 🙂 HA!


Sister… Sister! 

Last weekend, while in Oshkosh we headed to Little Farmer – which is a cute little apple orchard with a gift shop, caramel apples, HUGE muffins and animals to see!


How cute is all that Christmas stuff?! I could have bought it all!


They add just a few toppings to your caramel apple! It’s nice they cut them up instead of trying to eat them on the stick…


I wasn’t kidding about those muffins… talk about HUGE!


Unfortunately the weather was rainy and very COLD so we didn’t take any pictures outside of the grounds but we did get a big picture inside – haha!


It’s always a fun place to visit – we haven’t been in YEARS but were happy to get over there!

img_7506Clearly Logan was a little bit excited about those apples!

Somehow my SIL turned 18 last week – I can’t believe she’s a senior!! And that I’ve known her since she was 9… I said that and my MIL said “That’s half of her life!” which is just crazy!!


We were able to celebrate her a little bit after my shower with ice cream cake and a thanksgiving meal (turkey, buns, mashed potatoes, stuffing.. umm yes please!).

While in town last weekend, we were able to hit up my favorite pizza place, Rocky Rococos and my BIL posed as a ghost #spookypizza


And finally Logan put our crib up 🙂 It’s the sweetest sight to see when I walk by the room! Now we just need to order our glider and dresser so I can decide where everything will go!


That’s been life around here lately!

I also just realized that maroon must be my favorite color since I’m literally wearing it in every picture I’m in on here! hahaha

I’m starting to go through everything we got for Baby G and what all we still need!? What were must haves for you Mama’s that I need to make sure I have on hand when we bring Baby home?!


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