Bumpdate 28 Weeks!

I can’t believe I haven’t done a pregnancy update since weeks 14 and 15!! I started off so strong and then clearly, didn’t quite document throughout this journey! I do plan to do so for the remainder of my pregnancy though – I just need to decide if I do them every 2 weeks or keep with every week….

For the first time, we missed week my 27 picture and we’ll take my 28 weeks one on Friday (even though I’ll be 29 weeks on Saturday!) so this is the most recent pic I have!

How Far Along? 28 weeks

Size of Baby:
 An eggplant or bowling pin; whichever you like better 🙂

 Still waiting to find out… it’s been SO hard! We had our big 20 week appointment at the specialist downtown and it took everything not to say “yes, we want to know!!”.  I really feel it’s a boy though – I don’t know why, since most things point to a girl but I do feel that I will be a boy mama first 🙂 We will be happy no matter what though as long as Baby is healthy!

Weight Gain: 
Ugh… I was up 22 pounds at my last appointment which was at 24 weeks.  We’ll see what they say today… fingers crossed it’s only 4 more pounds (like they’d like) and that I pass my glucose test!

Maternity Clothes:
 I’m definitely wearing some maternity and some non-maternity clothes!  All pants are maternity for sure – surprisingly i’m enjoying below the bump leggings versus over the belly though!  When they go over my belly, it’s just itchy!

We officially have the nursery started – we have wallpaper on one wall and the rest of the walls painted 🙂 Oh yeah, and curtains hung!  Otherwise, Baby’s room is pretty empty aside from Baby Shower gifts!  We are going to shampoo our carpets so have been waiting for a few things before we schedule that – because we figure we might as well do the rest of the house while we have someone here! We are doing gray, cream and white though with some elephant and pom-poms!

 Baby G is definitely moving around!  More sporadic still but definitely gets in some kicking fits! The doctor said around this time, it’ll start to be more consistent though so I can’t wait! Logan has officially felt Baby G twice and both times, I cried watching his eyes get so big and happy 🙂 I love when I wake up to a kick too in the morning. It’s like Baby G is saying “Good morning Mama!” already!

 The nausea finally went away for the most part at 18-20 weeks thankfully! I’m still pretty exhausted most of the time and I have some back aches from my chest as well as my lower back! Also, acid reflux and heartburn have been killing me lately! My oh my… it gets bad!

 Sleeping is getting a little tougher – Logan ordered me a pregnancy pillow because I was trying to hold out and I can’t say I love it… it’s the Snoogle or whatever it’s called, after having friends refer it to me but it’s just awkward.  I reallllly don’t love having to use it for a pillow as well – I’d prefer to use my own pillow then use it for back support and stomach support but that’s not how that works. I’m hoping I get more used to it! OH yeah, and I think i’m up at least 2-3 times peeing so that doesn’t help either! But some nights I get a whooooole lot of sleep and it’s amazing! 🙂

 Still not craving too much!  I definitely want #allthesweets but that was before as well! ha! And I’m loving pizza which I wasn’t obsessed with before but now I’m a happy camper when I get any!

What I Miss: I miss mimosas (that everyone got to enjoy last weekend!) and loving the way everything fits!  I feel like when I try things on that are maternity or other things I own, it just doesn’t look as good as I’d like! But I’ll do anything for this little one and am so thankful to be pregnant that I shouldn’t complain! 🙂

Best Moment This Week:
 My baby shower last weekend with my Dad’s side of the family! It was just so nice to get together and chat and love on Baby G! This little one is already so loved and I just can’t wait to share him/her with everyone!

Looking Forward To:
 My baby shower this coming weekend and maternity pictures! And finally doing more in the nursery! We need to get that carpet done ASAP and I really need to pick out a dresser for the room – so we can start working my magic in there 🙂 I can’t wait to put it all together!

5 thoughts on “Bumpdate 28 Weeks!

  1. saltcreekwife says:

    We were both totally convinced ours was a boy, even though a lot of the old wives’ tales pointed to girl. We did the sneak peek sonogram two weeks before our 20 week anatomy sonogram and we did, in fact, have a girl! We were so shocked, haha! I think y’all are so strong for waiting to find out, I don’t know how you’re managing!


  2. rechellemorris says:

    Love these bumpdates! Happy to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t really have cravings but OH gosh am I with you on the reflux/heartburn, ugh! I’m a couple weeks behind you at 23 weeks and we only have the nursery painted too so I’m feeling better about that 😉


  3. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    Yikes! I bet having to get up more and the back pain from sleeping awkwardly aren’t fun, but the payoff is worth it. =) I think you look amazing! I’m sure there’s annoyances with having to wear maternity clothes and them not fitting the same. Thankfully with cooler temps you’ll be able to wear more leggings and gorgeous fall sweaters and hopefully feel more comfortable. XOXO


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