Baby Shower time!

I had my first official Baby Shower this past weekend and it was so sweet!


Missing a few ladies but they were there in spirit! 🙂

My cousin and aunts threw it for me at my cousin’s new home and it was such a good time! We don’t have very many of us on my Dad’s immediate side, so we’re all really close and any time we get together, is just great!


Love my aunts!

My sister threw a bridal luncheon with them back in 2015 and I recapped our craziness here. 🙂 This time, it was a little different seeing as how I couldn’t even indulge in one of my favorite drinks; mimosas!


Thanks to my cousin for a nice and laid-back shower!

We chatted, ate yummy food and opened presents!  Perfect afternoon that turned into evening.



Reminder to Kristi: close your legs when you have a dress on!! Oye vey!!


My cousin’s little girl, Collins loved helping me open gifts and seeing everything!

One of my good friends from college (and one of the first friends I made at UWEC) was able to join and I can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve gotten together!


How cute is her little girl, Lily?!

Everyone got me such wonderful gifts that I can’t wait for Baby G to get here so we can use them (but please stay in at least 10 more weeks, Baby! :)).


Love my sweet sister!

It was a perfect way to welcome my third trimester!


My sister’s best friend joined us for the festivities and she’s just so sweet!! Thanks for coming, Paula!!

It was extra special because my Grandma was able to come! I lived with my Grandparents in college for two years (as well as the end of my senior year) and we lost my Grandpa in February of this year.  It’s been hard.  My Grandma has Alzheimers and it’s just been so difficult for all of us to see such a decline in her.  I will always cherish the times when she was so spunky and full of life!


Now, I’m just happy with any time I get with her and this past weekend I got so much time! My heart is definitely full after spending so much time with my family!

We have such a busy week this week; we have our maternity pictures Wednesday, pending the thunderstorms they’re predicting (please oh please change!) and my Baby Shower with friends on Saturday! I can’t wait!


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