Weekend Shenanigans!

Somehow, it’s already Monday and time to work again! I swear these weekends get shorter and shorter! I think we skipped fall weather and jumped right to winter because it’s been in the 50s and SO chilly! Where are our 70 degree days?!

Onto this past weekend and just a little bit of life lately.. it’s been busy with a little bit of relaxation which helps because I’m tired 99% of the time!

We celebrated Logan’s birthday last week and enjoyed dinner at Pig Ate My Pizza!

It wouldn’t be a “logan picture” without a goofy face now would it?!

If you’re from this area, you definitely need to check it out in Robbinsdale!

Ashton and I hit up a “big baby sale” but unfortunately came home with only 3 things – all Christmas related of course 😊

She’s so sweet to come with me to these things!

I’m sure Baby will come after Christmas so they won’t apply (read Baby’s first Christmas jammies) but just in case!

I met one of my BFFs from college for some Mexican before they head out on their love to the west coast!

She’s a few weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy and it was fun to talk about #allthingspregnant especially the weird things no one likes to talk about! 🤣

I went to Bachmans Fall house with Jess and for the first time ever.. was SO disappointed! The theme “watercolor harvest” wasn’t my favorite and basically nothing was really decorated for fall!

I only took a few pictures because there really wasn’t anything to write home about…

I did love the little shed – which I usually do! It’s a cute set up and different!

The garage was made into a man cave/beer area and that was pretty sweet too!

Then we went into the house and it went a little down hill…

See what I mean?!

I just didn’t feel the “fall vibes!”. It was just a bit disappointing and I’m hoping they redeem themselves with Christmas this year!

We celebrated my littlest nieces’ first birthday with family and it was so good to get together!

They had Nothing Bundt Cake Cupcakes & they were
SO good!!

She is such a doll, seriously and was obsessed with her cupcake!

I love ALL my nieces SO much! They’re also one of the reasons I think Baby G is a boy.. because I only have nieces! 🤣

Fast forward to another year or two when we’re ready for Baby 2 and this will be us…. 🤣🤣🤣

I have my first shower for Baby G this weekend with my dads side and I’m so excited to see them! There’s only a few of us on that side and we’re very close so I’m excited to catch up with them and visit 😊

That’s a bit of life lately around here! What fun fall things did you do this past weekend?!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans!

  1. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    I’m so jealous of the cool temperatures! I can’t wait to wear my scarves like you’re getting to. You’re so beautiful. 💗

    I agree, the Bachman house didn’t have pizazz. I remember you sharing it last year and it was so beautiful. Surely they’ll make their Christmas decor amazing!


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