Baby Room Inspiration Board!

Happy hump day!

So many of you asked for a little sneak peek of Baby G’s room and honestly… we have one wall done with wallpaper but otherwise, it’s still a mess with non-baby things! HOWEVER, I did start a little inspiration board with the things we already have and/or registered for so I could see how it all would look together 🙂

Babys room collage

Since we obviously don’t know the gender of Baby G (it’s killlllling me, y’all!), I went with a gender neutral nursery – obviously- and we’ll be using creamy beige, white and gray.  Once Baby is here, I’ll add in a little more color with more gender specific colors!  And I realize now a days, there are no “gender specific” colors but to me, there still is for a nursery so that’s the plan for now!

I have other ideas too but haven’t found the perfect items so I’ll keep those to myself for now. 🙂

I’m so excited to start working on Baby G’s nursery, in the next few weeks and think it’ll finally feel more real!  It’s goofy, I know, since feeling the baby and getting bigger should make it all so REAL but even Logan has said “sometimes it feels like we’re having a baby and other days, it really doesn’t” and I totally feel the same way! SO SURREAL!  I just can’t wait for all the shower(s), nursery time and just all of it!

I’ll share some actual sneak peeks once we start working in there more. First up, paint! We’re looking for a VERY light gray or cream color but haven’t found the perfect one just yet… if you have suggestions, let me know!

What was something you had in your nursery you loved or wish you had?! Or if you’re a “praying mama-to-be” , what is something you love?!

Have a fabulous mid-week day!


4 thoughts on “Baby Room Inspiration Board!

  1. Rechelle says:

    It all looks so great! We just got done painting our nursery grey with a navy accent wall, now to fill it! I can’t wait to see how you are touches of color for the gender and how it all turns out 🙂


    • happilyevergriedls says:

      I registered for a cream glider/ottoman and have been debating switching it to gray! Our crib and dresser will be white so didn’t know which is like better – cream (since I couldn’t find a white one i liked) or gray! Love the pink and gray!!


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