Crawl-fish Boil Diaper Party!

Good morning and hello!

I’m currently getting ready for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand because I am still exhausted from our fun weekend. Side note: my PSL is decaf so it’s clearly not helping the way I’d like 🤣  This is the latest the Lilly sale has been so it’s odd that i’m drinking a fall drink, looking at bright colors! Alas… I always give in 🙂

Why am I so tired from the weekend, you ask? Because we had our 5th annual craw-fish boil that we turned into a diaper party!  I’m not going to lie… we felt a little funny that we were throwing this for ourselves BUT Logan was insistent and honestly, why not?!

So we sent out invites for the party.. how cute are these ones I got on etsy?! And got ready for the weekend to come!  This year, we invited our parents which is something we hadn’t done before, and it was great to have everyone together!

Saturday  morning, we hit up the farmer’s market in downtown Minneapolis (the best one!) to get some veggies for a veggie tray and corn for the boil.  Ever since I brought Logan to it a month ago, he’s obsessed!

Afterwards, we came home and prepped for the party!  We usually do a few apps and a non-alcoholic drink (just lemonade) for people to snack on before the boil starts while we all chat.

I always love the idea of having parties (and seeing everyone) but always feel so bad that I don’t get a chance to mingle with everyone!  I always feel like there’s people i’m leaving out or ignoring – which is the worst – but I can’t be everywhere I guess… even if I think I can 😉

Logan got the boil going and it was a hit (as usual!).  He built the long table we use every year the very first year of our boil and it’s still going strong! We really only use it for this event and we literally just put newspaper down and sprawl out the boil.

Everyone stands around the table and eats with their hands. I know a few of you asked about more details; how it works, what you make for it, where we get stuff for it (since we live in Minnesota), etc. And that’s honestly, all we do!  We order crawfish from Louisiana and have it shipped here – everything else we buy local!

The place Logan orders the crawfish always throws in a few big seasoning packets so we’re set (and we also use Old Bay and Zatarain’s oil).

Everyone was SO generous with their diaper gifts and we couldn’t believe how lucky we are to have such great friends!

It’s such a fun time for us and Logan LOVES throwing this every year.  It’s funny that our first year doing it, Logan proposed to me during it and now, our 5th year, we’re celebrating a little Baby coming into our world this year!  God is good!

Baby kept moving around during the party and it’s such a great reminder that he/she is healthy and happy in there! Honestly, it’s just such a crazy feeling when I get kicked or jabbed 🙂

We enjoyed having our families together since it’s only happened for our wedding (aside from my bridal shower).

Love this picture!! Twinsies!

Our parents both live further away and they don’t live near each other so it’s hard to have everyone over just for a dinner! I’m sure there will be more times once Baby G is here which we look forward to!

Next celebration for Baby G is at the end of the month and I CAN’T wait! This is such a special time for us (I know I keep saying it) and I’m trying to cherish and take in every celebration and moment!

What did you do this weekend?! Have you thrown a diaper party before for yourself or someone else?!

And let me know what you scored from the Lilly Sale if you shopped! I always love seeing pictures or hearing what good deals you got! 😉


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