These are my Confessions…

Is everyone singing Usher now after reading that title? I sure am!!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some random thoughts on this little space so thought, why not?! Full disclaimer: I don’t have any pictures in this post – I know posts like that are boring but you’re going to have to just deal with it today!

Also.. can we talk about the weather for a minute?! So we all complain when it’s cold here.. which it is 9 months out of the year! Then we complain it’s too hot – I’m looking at you, 90+ degree days (which I used to love!!) and now its back to highs of 70 today! Like what is the deal, Mother Nature?! Want to make sure we’re still on our game here or what?

Just a little tangent, as usual 🤣 onto those “thought provoking” thoughts:

  • I keep seeing everyone on Facebook advertising for the L’ange curling irons and straighteners.. Like the company is just giving them away. If that’s the case, I’ll take one over here!! 🤣
  • Drinking 90 ounces of water (what the doc recommended while pregnant) is near impossible. I swear I am lucky to get up to 75! I’m working on it! And please don’t recommend adding flavor to my water.. it’s not the taste that I don’t like, im just not THAT thirsty all day!
  • Leinie is obsessed with #allthingsbaby and can’t get enough of Baby Gs closet with all his/her stuff in it! I couldn’t find her last night and there she was.. laying in the closet after trying to snuggle everything Baby! She’s going to be the crazy pup IN the baby swing with the baby 🤣
  • I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and they sure have all their fall and some Christmas stuff out and honestly.. I’m not mad about it! I can’t wait to start decorating for fall in September!
  • I hate going into a public bathroom when there is a line.. I mean, I want to pick my own stall out, not just go to the next available. And usually I’m stuck with the one closest to the door (that i swear people can see into on the sides of the door) that needs to be cleaned up a little. Not a fan!
  • I really can’t wait for Pumpkin Spice (decaf) Lattes! Like really can’t wait!
  • I started my Christmas shopping (yes I’m THAT person) and now I want to cross more people off my list! Hint hint family.. give me your ideas now, 5 months in advance 🤣 I figure with Baby coming anytime around then, I’ll be really happy I started so early when the time comes!
  • It’s still unbelievable and crazy to me that we’re going to have a BABY this year!!
  • I swear, I have 50 scarves and never barely wear any! Yes, it’s summer I get that but I’m talking fall, winter, spring… but somehow I still always think I need more when I see them. Don’t you ever see the cutest scarf and just need it?! Even if you only wear it once or twice…. I feel like I already shared this thought with you a while back but #pregnancybrain I don’t feel as bad though because I just purged my closet in the office where Baby Gs nursery will be 🙂
  • My Lilly Pulitzer dresses officially don’t fit too well. I tried a few of my cute tank dresses on this week and with my bump, the dresses ride up so high in the front. Not cute! So then I’m struggling with the Lilly Sale coming up in a few weeks.. like do I order a few things for next year and hope I lose the weight or… do I not buy anything?! Omg I can’t NOT buy anything! #firstworldproblems If only I knew if Baby G was a girl…. 😬 #thestruggleisreal 🤣

Well.. that’s all folks! At least for this random Thursday!

Have a good one!

  • Kristi
  • 9 thoughts on “These are my Confessions…

    1. Elizabeth | The Blush Magnolia says:

      I am right there with you with the water. My OB said aim for a hundred ounces and it is so hard even though I’m a big water drinker anyway. No tips to make it easier – just here to commiserate!

      I’m due in December so I plan to shop and decorate earlier than usual this year but I thought it was a little ridiculous when I stopped by Hobby Lobby last week and they were already Christmas ready. It’s 95 degrees where I live so I’m not in the spirit just yet! Haha!

      I would buy your Lilly in your regular size. I lost all my weight from my first pregnancy but my body is shaped slightly different but I can still wear my old Lilly. And you could always buy just one Mommy and me match and then sell the little one if Baby is a boy. There are tons of group boards for kid’s Lilly online.


    2. Jenna says:

      So with you on the water. I’m just not that thirsty until evening and I don’t like drinking any too late or I’m up all night having to go pee. And it does feel like fall today!


    3. Lindsay says:

      I am so glad I’ve found a Minnesota blogger. I am working on moving to Minneapolis in the next 6-12 months. My family has already moved to MN and I would like to be there as soon as possible but the job hunt has been slow to be honest. Do you plan to come back to blogging consistently again?


      • happilyevergriedls says:

        Hi! Sorry I’m just getting back to you! Yes! I just told my husband I need to get back to it consistently! I’m finishing up a blog post as we speak and will continue to do so about 2-3 times a week 🙂

        How exciting for you guys! Where are you moving from?


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