Weekend rewind!

Whew, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve shared about our weekends around these parts so figured you’d all be dying to hear what we did! 🤣 also… how is it Monday already?!

I mentioned on Friday, but we headed down to Madison this weekend to visit my family as well as celebrate my Aunt and Uncles retirement! Logan and my Dad folded on Friday while I visited/had lunch with my aunts and cousins! I even got to spend a small amount of time with my Grandma which is always treasured time!

My cousin and his family flew in from New York and we just LOVE seeing them! We both happen to be pregnant at the same time (only 3 weeks apart!) so it was fun comparing and asking for #allthetips! Shes getting ready for Baby number 2!

We headed out for the surprise retirement party later that night and it was such a great time! I just love seeing all my cousins (and their wives!! Love them all!) and catching up.

It was a low key celebration which ended up being perfect!

This picture reminds me of the last time I was in Madison celebrating another thing..

When we went out on the town to celebrate Johanna before the wedding! So much fun!

Saturday, we had a lazy morning before heading down to the Farmers Market downtown!

We met up with my Aunts for a short time again before heading back to my Dads to grill out and relax for the night!

It’s funny, I used to love being busy busy busy when I was younger but sitting out on the porch with some apps and chatting (there’s clearly a theme, right?! 🤣) is what I really love nowadays! Being pregnant and exhausted 24/7 plays a part I’m sure 😉

We headed back home on Sunday, ran a few errands and got ready for the week! I’m already looking forward to the next visit – which will be celebrating Baby G! So excited!

What did you do this weekend? Laid low or crazy busy?! Also.. I started registering for Baby and I need #allthehelp so if you could tell me your MUST HAVE Baby items, I would totally appreciate it!


6 thoughts on “Weekend rewind!

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      You are SO sweet!! It was such a good weekend and I’m definitely having an interesting time dressing my “bump” ha! One day, Logan said “you look like you have a tire around your waist” when I had a normal baggier Lilly dress on! I was like.. ok, I need to wear things to show it off more apparently!!


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