Friday Favorites!

I planned 3 different posts this week and somehow this is the only one I’m finally publishing! Ooph! Get ready for a few next week then 🙂

I’m writing this on our drive down to Madison for a quick weekend! We don’t get down here very often but we’re excited to see all of my family!!

I thought I’d share a few favorites from the last few weeks! Some are products, some are updated and some are things I’ve been doing!


These girls…

I finally had dinner with these sweet girls last week and it was so nice to see them!! I hadn’t seen Natalie since my cookie exchange (yes, in December!) and Jess since April so it was so much fun catching up before Natalie’s big day next month! I’m looking forward to hopefully doing these monthly!

Also, if you’re in Minneapolis… Young Joni’a was legit really good! Definitely recommend it!


I had my 16 week check up last week and also had a fall this past weekend (I’m ok, don’t worry!) so I got to hear Baby Gs heartbeat twice the last week! We also got good results from one of our tests for Baby so that’s a big plus too!

I don’t have a pic of Baby so figured I’d share this one from last week!


The Nordstrom sale… its always a favorite of mine but I didn’t share as much about it this year! I started my Christmas shopping and marked a few people off my list, bonus!

Here’s some of my favorites!

Great for post baby and breast feeding! I put this one on my Christmas list since Baby will be here around then and I can’t wait to snuggle and be cozy in this!

This isn’t necessarily part of the sale but i just love it! I loved it pre pregnancy and will love it post pregnancy too! Love outfits like that! My dress in the bump pictures is the same version but long sleeve!

A fail of the week…

And really.. I know everyone raved over this sweater but it really ate me up! So this was a definite no…

Also.. why do bloggers pose like this with sweaters?! It makes the cardigans look super cute but I can’t imagine anyone truly wears it like this out…


This past weekend, we went to the farmers market downtown and it was Logan’s first time! He was shocked with how big it was and how much food there was!

I made sure to pick up some Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (my favorite!!) amongst a ton of veggies for the weekend! Logan kept saying “we have to bring my parents to this next time they’re in town!”. He was pretty excited and I loved that we did something out of the ordinary!

That’s it! If you were waiting to shop the Nordstrom sale, go check it out now! It’s open to the public 🙂

I’ll be back next week with just a few posts! Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Nancy says:

    Glad you’re ok post fall…sounds scary…you’d look great in a tent so all those Nordstrom outfits are lovely but that’s you!!


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