Friday Favorites – Weekend Recap!

Last weekend and part of this week was one for the books!  I’m still exhausted from it all.. and I’m sure happy it’s almost the weekend again!

We headed down to Logan’s Grandma’s camper/cabin for the first time since we’ve been together – almost 9 years!  And let me tell you… it was HOT! I mean… like way over 90 degrees hot! It was nice to see where Logan has so many memories though and I’m sure we’ll be back to visit again – just when it’s not 90 degrees!  I thought I had pictures because I looked in prime condition (ha ha) but I don’t see many on my phone!

I finally got a chance to visit Kristmas Kringle Shoppe and y’all…. it was THE best!

I mean… the villages they built along with just about every single tree theme you could imagine!

I definitely fell in love and will be heading back again before Christmas!

We went Raspberry picking one morning – and surprisingly, Logan joined us!

He’s definitely in his prime condition here 🙂

My MIL made a Raspberry Cheesecake and Raspberry White Chocolate Scones with them all!

We spent time at the Zoo later that day while Logan golfed with his Dad again.

And again… it was HOT! I’m not complaining because I certainly don’t enjoy the cold cold days but man, over 90 degrees with all humidity.. brutal!

We watched some fireworks that night even though it wasn’t the 4th yet but it was terrible!  We were basically on a countryish type road and the mosquitoes were HORRIBLE! My SIL’s, MIL and myself stayed in the truck but not before 5000+ mosquitoes got inside! Ugh!

We went to the parade the next morning and again.. the theme of the trip was clearly HOT because it was bad! My SIL and I sat in the shade away from the parade because she forgot her sunscreen (whoops!) and somehow, I forgot to put on deodorant before we left (TMI, I know).

Such a good time and fun-filled but now I’m ready for a weekend at home with NO plans! What are you doing this weekend?! Any fun plans or laying low like us?


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