Friday Favorites!!

Happy Friday! It’s been a long while since I’ve shared some favorites so I figured it was about time šŸ™‚


One word. Younger.

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Wow… how have I never watched this show before?Ā  I totally binge watched it last week and I’m obsessed.Ā  I’m sad I’m caught up because wow.. I’m a huge Hilary Duff fan (always have been!) and I just love her in this!Ā  Have you watched it?!



The last 3-4 weeks, I’ve been golfing once a week with a girlfriend and it’s been so nice! I’m enjoying the exercise since I wasn’t approved for so long and I’m surprisingly getting better!

We couldn’t go this week since the weather was kind of wonky when we usually go so we hit up Olive Garden instead for dinner šŸ™‚



Being pregnant?! šŸ™‚ Haha – I know I said I wouldn’t mention it but ugh, it’s always going to be a favorite of mine!Ā  We also get to hear the heartbeat again today and I CANT wait! I shared another Bumpdate this week for 13 weeks (last week!).


Image result for hallmark christmas in july

I’m all about Christmas all the time and guess what?! It’s Christmas in July starting tonight! We’re out of town for the next few days so I won’t be able to binge watch but you better believe – as soon as I can, I will be!

I usually start my Christmas shopping next month with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and with baby coming Christmas, I’ll be getting all my shopping done early this year!


Fourth of July! I bought the cutest dress from Old Navy for a steal!

This dress is only $12 (plus an additional 30% off!) online… steal!

I can’t wait to wear it this weekend in preparation for the fun holiday!


Last weekend we went to the Cheese Curd Festival with my brother (and SIL and sweet little Nora) and while the festival was kind of a bust… they had ONE tent with cheese curds and the line was miles long to get to it..

We enjoyed seeing them and spending time with little Ms Nora!

My other SIL came and stayed for the weekend too which is always a good time!

We love when she visits! We hit up the outlet mall too on Saturday and let’s just say.. Logan’s the only one who really made out that day! šŸ¤£

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! šŸ™‚ I’ll be sharing a little glimpse into our “camping” weekend via Instagram so be sure to check it out!



5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!!

  1. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    Christmas in July! I am so excited! I won’t get back home til next week but it will definitely be on my radar. I am counting down the days until fall when my favorite months and seasons and holidays commence! Woo hoo!

    And you will have so much fun this Christmas! Great idea to get ALL of your Christmas shopping out of the way pronto!

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