Bumpdate – 13 Weeks!

Happy hump day!! This *bumpdate* is from last week (which I suppose is how they’ll go so I finish off my week and share how it was!) and I can’t believe I’m almost 15 weeks!

I promise I’ll have a non-pregnancy related post on Friday but for now… it’s all about those bumpdates 🙂

How Far Along? 13 weeks

Size of Baby:

 We still don’t know the gender yet (even though we could have found out immediately before the transfer – one perk of IVF, right?!) and I think we’re going to end up waiting until Baby G is here to see if we have a daughter or son 🙂

Weight Gain: 
I haven’t weighed myself this week – our scale isn’t the most reliable so I’m thinking I’ll wait until my 16 week appointment 🙂 So far as I know… 7 pounds still!

Maternity Clothes:
 Welllllll – I definitely have been wearing maternity leggings (already!!) but still sticking to dresses for now and hoping that will last a while!

I’m leaning towards a beige warm nursery where I can add in colors  more after Baby G is here! I don’t have any cute ideas for a completely gender neutral nurseries so I’m thinking this.. Or i’ll order two different bedding sets once it’s closer (one girl and one boy) so we have the one we want prior to pictures after Baby G Is here!

 I don’t believe any yet… although on Monday night, I got up to pee for the 3rd time and I definitely felt something that wasn’t “normal”.  Obviously I don’t know what to expect when it’s time to feel Baby – I know friends have said it’s like flutters but still, I hope I can tell immediately! 🙂

 I thought the nausea was subsiding a bit but it’s been back full force this week! I even threw up (TMI, I know) for the first time this week after eating a bagel.. what the heck?! I was thinking it would start getting better by now, but that’s OK. Baby G is just letting me know he/she is still growing in there 🙂

 I’m still pretty exhausted and haven’t gotten all of my energy back yet. I’m sleeping OK at night but getting up to pee approximately 3-4 times a night! My lower back has started to hurt as well since I’m trying to sleep on my left side as much as possible!

 No change here – not really any cravings yet.  The nausea doesn’t help for sure! I do lean way more towards sweets though – I mean, give me all the candy or ice cream 🙂

What I Miss:
 Feeling great or “normal” for a full day. Some days the nausea really gets to me and others, it just feels like the new normal everyday!

Best Moment This Week:
 Looking at all the Christmas baby things on Pinterest 🙂 I’m already obsessed with Christmas and seeing all the cute baby things makes me SO happy and excited!

Looking Forward To:
 All of it.  I’m looking forward to all the movement and our next ultrasound which is still 2.5 weeks away!

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