March Book Review!

Im way late on my book review from last month (and totally slacking at reading this month!) but wanted to share anyway! I only read 2 books this past month but I’m happy I at least got through 1!

The two I read I’d definitely recommend! They were both books that made you think; one in a bit of a scarier way and the other as a “what if” sort of way!

Here we go!

Maybe in Another Life : Taylor Jenkins

Maybe i another life

This book was good! It was an easy read and it was interesting to see how one small decision can change your life. And it’s interesting to see what would have happened with either decision. I would recommend this one – it’s somewhat a chick flick but a quick read!

The Last Mrs. Parrish: Liv Constantine

THe Last Mrs Parrish

Wow… this book was all the thrills and mysteries! I kinda had a hunch about the big twist due to other books I’ve read but I had no idea how it was going to end. I would recommend this book if you like thrillers – it’s hard to describe the book without giving the story away so take my word on it and pick it up today!!

That’s it, folks! I’m hoping to start picking up my books more – and maybe with our impending snow (5-8 inches… again!!) this weekend I’ll be able to read a bit more!

For real though.. spring, where are you?!?

I’m going LIVE this afternoon around 4ish on my Facebook page for the blog to share more about Project 1:8 that we were chosen for! If you have time, check it out πŸ™‚

Happy Friday-Eve!


Bachman Spring House!

I know you guys love some good home decor inspiration and this house is just that! This year was more geared towards bunnies, unlike previous years but it still was just so cute with clever ideas!


First off, the porch is just so stinkin’ cute!


I didn’t snap a picture but that green rug is made from hoses all put together! I’m not sure how they got it all so flat but it was darling!


I mean… I could just sit out here on the porch and watch the cars go by!

They used lots of soft colors including blush and that gave me all the heart eyes!


How sweet is this dining table? It’s like “Oh this old thing?! I just threw something together quick” ha!


Apparently I didn’t capture any of the kitchen this time – it wasn’t my favorite room – but heading upstairs, I always love the wall decor!


And I just loved how they framed out the window on the stairs and added some plants!


There are 4 bedrooms upstairs…



The next room was set up as a bedroom.

They rarely have headboards – and I just love their creativity in making it seem cohesive without one!


This was a little different… a bird bath filled with flowers on the other side of the bedroom!


The next room was set up as a bedroom as well but somehow I only took one picture!


The last room was set up as a butterfly conservatory almost – it was very overwhelming and I didn’t actually take a picture of it!

The bathroom upstairs is small but always so creative!

Look at that toiler paper holder! πŸ™‚


The living area was my favorite -without a doubt! I just LOVE a good blush and white theme!e


It’s crazy the amount of time it must take to take down and set up the house – they paint every room or add wallpaper so it doesn’t have any similarities.

This is on the wall to the right in the living room above. And get this… ALL the flowers were real!


The flower arrangements were just beautiful!


The last part of the house was the little foyer area – for Christmas, it was a bar area and for fall they set it up differently too! This year, was almost like an outside tea party πŸ™‚


This is literally one of my favorite things in the Twin Cities area.Β  If you live in the area, check this house out! It’s only $5 for a ticket and you get $5 off your purchase at the end if you want to buy anything from the house.

Oh yeah – and if you think this is good, the holiday and fall houses are the BEST!

Have you been decorating for spring or are you ready for summer?! I’m sure ready for spring or summer especially after ANOTHER snowfall!

Have a fabulous day!


Life Lately!

Hellllllo! Finally, a blog post and just to warn… it’s full of pictures!!

Life has been busy and slow at the same time the last few months and I’ve missed this little blogging community and am glad to be back at least a few times a week (that’s the goal!).

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to the last few months!

You know our love for Bingo on Saturdays and our good friends finally joined us for it!

We didn’t win, imagine that, but it was good to catch up and enjoy a frivolous day!

My doctor’s office is near this little gem of a spot!

They have cookie dough donuts along with chocolate bacon donuts and so many more!

We went to a charity dinner for a charity Logan works with through work.

There were some games, silent auctions and good food!

And this might have happened…. thanks to Logan!

*Correction, it’s a trip to St. Lucia – any tips or advice, let me know!

My poor sweet grandpa passed away in February, but we were thankful to spend more time with this special lady! I mentioned previously that I lived with my Grandparents for 2 years in college and again at the end of my Senior Year and I will always cherish that time with them!

Love my cousins!

And I got to spend a little more time with this sweet girl!

You can’t tell but her sleeper has flamingos on them!! So stinkin’ cute!

We celebrated this guy turning 30 with a dinner of his choice; Chinese!

And Gayle registered for graduation so we went out in St. Paul for lunch to celebrate!

I had brunch with these lovely ladies who I hadn’t seen in forever – no joke… since like November!!

Loved catching up!!

I met up with Ashton for a mani and coffee date! We started these little dates back last year and they are just SUCH a good time to chat πŸ™‚

Love this girl and am so thankful for our friendship!

We stopped by Elaine and Adams for some St Patrick Day fun!

It’s always fun chatting with these girls!

Then we headed back to Elaine’s so I could use my new camera to snap a few pics of this cute guy!

I mean…. 😍😍

Such a cutie!

We celebrated my Brothers birthday last week – with my Sister and Nieces!

And was lucky enough to spend a few days with my sister and nieces!

We experienced the Mirror Maze at Mall of America!

img_4703-1And my sister freaked out from claustrophobia within the first 3 minutes of being in there!img_4606

The girls rode all the rides they could!img_4607While my Sister and I hit up Sugarfina..

img_4585Β And Dough Dough…


The girls enjoyed a trampoline type park that just opened by us, one morning!


It was actually pretty sweet all the stuff they had!


And hit up Bachmans Spring Home tour! A definite favorite!


And ended the day with an Escape Room with my nieces!


We had done one other Escape Room with my inlaws previously but this was a lot different; you had to solve and answer 3 questions before getting out (and you had to figure out how to escape as well). It was pretty cool and the girls loved it!

The girls left the next morning to celebrate Easter at my Grandma’s the Saturday before Easter and Logan and I hit up the Opera!


Wanting to try something new (Logan’s idea!), we bought tickets to Rigoletto at the Ordway and enjoyed a night at the Theatre!


We didn’t know what to expect but it was hard to read the subtitles above and watch the show!Β  It wasn’t our favorite thing (we’re more into musicals and plays) but it was worth a try!


That’s a wrap! Logan cooked a huge turkey (aren’t we supposed to be eating ham on Easter? was my response! Ha!) on Sunday and we enjoyed a real Thanksgiving feast πŸ™‚

Well, that’s a wrap!

What have you been up to lately?!