Let’s Make It Sunny!

We’re halfway through the week and I’m already ready for the weekend!

We’re doing some Superbowl activities this weekend because when will we ever be around the Superbowl?! Probably never… So we thought it would be fun to act like tourists for a day and do all the things!

I’ve had a few of you ask if there are other ways to purchase good Lilly at decent prices #not200dollarsforadress AND there is! Of course, there’s the After Party Sale that’s twice a year but also, there are so many groups on Facebook, Re-Lilly is one where people put their gently used Lilly up on there for sale and you can contact the person to purchase.

I also use Poshmark as a selling mechanism (and have purchased a thing or two) for all things Lilly! You can check out other sellers reviews and make sure the items are good quality!

So check those out for some good deals! Moving onto this fun dress…

Isn’t it so fun?! I didn’t know if I loved it because of the style (it’s the Linden dress, if you’re wondering!) and with my larger chest, sometimes these dresses aren’t the cutest…

But, boy do I love a good flamingo print?! #allthehearteyes

These cute flats have my monogram on them and are only $15! They definitely need to be broken in – the backs are killing me after one wear but I’ll let you know how they are after a few wears!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?! Or just this fun Wednesday?!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Sunny!

  1. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    You tie it all together so perfectly with the pink tassel earrings, matching colored tote, and those flats are super cute! I’ve just recently checked out Poshmark. It looks like a neat site that I’ve avoided perusing for a couple years (because #addictedtoonlineshopping). =)))

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