Lilly Pulitzer Week!

Helllllllo! Happy Monday!

We have a snow storm upon us #whatsnew and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it!  Normally, if it snows at all, I work from home because if I don’t have to be on the roads – I’m not! But today, we have meetings in person so off to the office I go!

I polled instagram last week about a full week of Lilly outfits – and y’all responded that you ABSOLUTELY do want to see those After Party Sale purchases and how I’m styling them this Winter. So every post this week will be just that; a sale purchase!

First up for the week: the Willa Dress!  

I’m on the fence about this dress to be honest…. The style is good but the colors just aren’t as vibrant as I’d like!

However, we had 2 days of 40 degree weather, and while I’d prefer it to be a littttttle bit warmer to wear this, I would absolutely wear this dress with booties much like in the pictures.  It’s perfect for the cooler weather!

Not pictured but I’d also throw on my faux fur vest in case it got a little bit chilly!

Did any of y’all pick up this Willa dress from the sale?!

I didn’t do meal planning yesterday as planned…. mainly because I’m not sure how long it will take me to get home from the office today.  ON a good day, it’s an hour… with the snow they’re talking about us getting.. it could take up to 3 hours!  But I will work on getting meal planning done tonight for the week though because it’s been SO much easier the past two weeks with it planned out.

Wish me luck today… hope you have a fabulous day!!


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