Meal Planning Monday!

Hello! Happy let’s hope this work day goes quickly! It is Monday after all…

Our weekend looked a whole lot like a blank blog post… no joke! The Mr. started feeling under the weather on Thursday and spiraled a bit this weekend with a cold so he stayed in bed ALL weekend! In turn… I didn’t do a whole lot either – mainly because it was -2 degrees and snowy!

I did, however, squeeze in a quick coffee and nail date with this girl – which was my highlight for sure!

I’m trying to stick to some goals (I guess you could say, goals!) of the new year while it lasts and therefore I’m sharing a few meals we’ll be enjoying this week!

 Monday – BLTs

Tuesday – Crock pot Cuban Beef

Wednesday – leftovers

Thursday – Chicken Gyros

Friday – leftovers 

As you can tell – nothing earth shattering about these recipes but I’m happy that I went to the store yesterday to get prepped for them.  It really does make the days/nights easier when I’m not thinking “what can we have for dinner…” all week!

Well.. time to get to work and finish out this Monday!

Please share what you’re having this week!! I need all the ideas as usual 🙂


8 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday!

  1. emily @ a little bit of emily says:

    Ohhh you need to share the crock pot Cuban beef – that sounds interesting!!! And it was 0 degrees this morning, which felt awful, but then I thought if you and how the temps have been in the negatives, so I figured I should be semi thankful it’s not worse. So dang cold, though!

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