Five on Friday!


Can you tell i’m pumped?! Some weeks fly by but this one…. wow it dragged on!


I thought I’d share a quick Five on Friday of my favorites from the week – I know, you’re all so eager to know 🙂 I also, did a poll on Instastories (check it out if you haven’t already) about doing a hair tutorial because that’s one of my most asked questions and it was a resounding yes!  I think i’ll feature it over here as well as instastories in case you check one over the other 🙂

Let’s get these favorites started!



It’s a new year and that usually means NEW goals.  I’m not going to lie, I wrote a whole blog post about what goals I’d like to achieve this year but I decided I’m not going to post it (probably not, anyway!).

Goals meme

I just had to… sorry for the language! 

My goals are always work out more, blog more, meal plan more – and guess what?! Those were on my list as well! But guess what?! I decided this year, I’d pick a word that should describe my new year! I finally decided on my word and I can’t wait to share more with you next week!


We officially made 3 dinners this week – THREE! That’s a definite favorite but come this Sunday when we have to meal plan again…. it won’t be on this list, that’s for sure! #literallytheworst


It has been a month decades since I got my nails done and with the holidays and new year, I haven’t had a chance to get them freshened up.. I mean, they look horrid with the gel polish half on and half off.


But guess what?! I have a coffee and nail date tomorrow with this girl and i’m stoked!


More favorites of the week are these yummy Bark Thins… Have you ever had them?! I hadn’t but the Gingerbread ones were on sale for $1.12 by the checkout so I had to give them a try.

SO SO GOOD!! If you have any near you – run and grab them!


Last but certainly NOT least.. another goal I had for myself was to read more because I feel like I’m always missing out when people share book reviews but I have such a hard time picking up a book and just reading!


I’m not sure how exactly BUT somehow, I’ve already read 2 books this past week (who am I?!) and I started my 3rd last night.  I’m hoping to keep on this track and read 20 books this year – not a ton but I would be so happy if I could read that many!

What are your favorites from this week?! I should add that we had 2 days of mid 30 degree weather this week and that was a HUGE favorite! #imreadyforspring Don’t worry, Mother Nature came back to her senses and sent us quite a few inches of snow yesterday and single digit weather again… so there’s that.

Have a fabulous weekend, see you here next week!


12 thoughts on “Five on Friday!

  1. Angela says:

    I love the almond flavor of Bark Thins. It’s very hard to find dairy-free chocolate that still tastes good and I’m a huge fan.
    I’m not really good with goals either. But this year I’m taking on a huge goal/challenge, reading 100,000 pages in one year.


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