After Party Sale – Lilly Pulitzer

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

If you have a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store by you, then run, don’t walk to your store because the sale starts in store today!

If you’re like me and don’t have one near you then get ready for tomorrow when the madness begins!

I’ve shared about the sale previously herehere and here but we’ll chat about it a little more again…


  1. You will be placed in a virtual line once you head to their website (it starts 8 am EST).  DO NOT refresh your browser – it seems like the numbers take forever to move but trust me, it’ll put you at the end of the line if you refresh.
  2. Use as many objects as possible… meaning, use your computer, your significant/roommate’s computer and your phone or whatever means necessary so you can hopefully get in quicker on one of those.
  3. Log into your account ahead of time and make sure all of your information is updated including address and payment methods so you can check out ASAP if there’s a certain item you want in your cart!
  4. Having an item in your cart does not mean it’s reserved! Remember that – if there’s one item you want so badly (as if there’s only one!) then check out quickly.  You’ll be placed back into the virtual line but if you’re on multiple devices then you might be able to get in earlier!
  5. Above all else – have fun! This is always so crazy and the excitement is overloading – but even if you get just one piece… you’re golden!

Now for the fun part… Here’s a few of my favorite that I always look for during the sale:

Elsa Tops:



These are without a doubt some of my favorite tops – they’re comfortable, dress up any outfit and can be worn to work or for fun.

For size wise, I am a small.  I have a few that I sized up in to a medium but these run true to size!

Meg Tops:


I bought a few of these at the last sale and it’s become one of my favorite tops! It’s so comfortable (cotton) and lays so nicely!

A Lilly Pulitzer

I’d say this runs true to size – I wear a small!

Enna Tops:


I love a good off-the-shoulder and ones with bright prints are total favorites!  These tops are perfect because they stay on your shoulders – how awesome is that!? No moving or scootching up!

I own this in both prints and can’t wait for warmer weather so I can wear them again! Sizing wise: I’m a small!



This is the time to order one off these great sweatshirts! They’re flattering and normally $98.. not ideal to me for a sweatshirt – so I make sure to wait until these sales to stock up!

These run a little small but I stuck with my normal size and was happy!


I haven’t met a Lilly dress I didn’t like… No joke, I could wear one everyday if I lived someone where it wasn’t -8 degrees!


I wore these two from the previous Lilly sale in Madeira and LOVE the tropical feel.


These two are some of my favorite dresses – the Essie dress (and is also a top!) and the Jessica dress! So comfy and cute to wear for any occasion!img_7431-1img_7694

In all honesty – I wear these in Minnesota where not many people wear such bright colors and I just love it!  Every time I put Lilly on, it just makes me smile 🙂


If there’s a style you have a question for sizing – or just want some help shopping – definitely reach out! Clearly, I wear my fair share of Lilly 🙂img_5678img_5406img_5048img_4692

Good luck and happy shopping! Keep up with me on my Instagram (Kristilynn531) as i’m going to be instastorying my finds throughout the day tomorrow!


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