Friday Favorites!

Christmas is T- 3 days and I’m just in disbelief! I’m always so sad when the holidays are over but I’m ready for a New Year!

I’m linking up to share a few favorites as we finish out this year!


Logan graduated!

We had a small dinner to celebrate the graduate! He worked so hard and we’re both so happy he’s done 🙂

We often talk about moving away from the Minneapolis area and there’s just some friendships that we’ll truly miss!

But we don’t get too sad because these ones won’t ever end; such gems that we’ll have forever!

He’s already planning all the extra golf he’ll be able to get in starting in the Spring! Imagine that! 😉



We volunteered with People Serving People and handed out Christmas gifts to all the kids! I’d never heard of the organization but it’s the largest homeless shelter in Minnesota, housing over 350 people (mostly kids) every night!

It’s fun to give back during the holidays (and any time!). We sponsored 4 kids with Christmas gifts for the Salvation Army this year as well – it feels so good to help others who aren’t as fortunate as us. If you can, organizations are always looking for volunteers! And you’ll get back much more than you gave 😊


ts almost here and we're ready! We're traveling a little this season and we're ready to see family and relax a little bit!

innamon Sugar Pretzels… need I say more?!

enjoyed a massage again last week and I had to get some change for gratuity beforehand.. I stopped by Walgreens and Jess texted me to ask if I got Airheads! She knows me all too well 🤣 I had to snap this pic to send to her because duh I love these things!!

Anyone else love these things??

Enjoy the last Friday before the holidays! What are some of your favorites from this week?!


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. Rebecca @ Every Piece Fits says:

    Some friends remain friends despite the distance. Those are the best friends to have! I am loving your earrings – so.much.color. =}} Merry Christmas and congrats to you and hubby on his graduation! Being in school and married is hard on the relationship, but so worth it in the end. XO


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