Two Casual Holiday Looks!

If you know me… then you know I love everything about the Holidays; from the movies, foods, Christmas trees and lights to the drinks, family time and overall holiday spirit!

Another thing I love? Cute holiday outfits, of course!

Nordstrom is a huge place I shop throughout the holiday season for both myself and Logan. – shocker, I know 😉


They have legit, everything!

Logan is a big fan of Vineyard Vines so this shirt was a no-brainer with their take on holiday colors!  Vests have been all the rage for Logan lately – I know, he’s a little late to the game! – and this Patagonia one is perfect to wear over shirts and sweaters! It would also make a great gift for your brother/father/significant other… just saying 🙂


I’ve always been a fan of puffer vests but this is my first Patagonia vest! I love how warm it is – even on the windiest of days.  My shirt isn’t available but  how cute is this one?! I love any floral type tops and this one is all the heart eyes!

Fun story – Logan and I looked at this venue for our wedding!  I was obsessed with the outside of the yacht club and was convinced we’d get married there!  After we toured inside though… I wasn’t as in love! Had we been able to have the whole wedding and reception on the front law, I would have been like “take all my money, I NEED this” but unfortunately that wasn’t an option they said SO we ended up where we got married instead which was beautiful as well 🙂

Y’all… about these next outfits…

A) I need a spray tan, STAT! B) this is the cutest little house C) look at the camera, giiiirl and D) Where has this faux fur vests been my whole life!?


I wish I could say we have a fun holiday party where we get to get all dressed up and swanky BUT not this year!  This dress would be perfect for Christmas Eve though 🙂 How fun are those bell sleeves?!


Logan switched out his vest for this North Face style and has been wearing it non-stop! It’s his go-to for the cooler days that don’t require a jacket.  He’s also been wearing it under a lighter jacket because it’s great for the office to keep a little warm! PS – why are offices so cold?! I swear every time I’m in the office, I just shiver!


I just can’t believe we’re officially 2 weeks from Christmas today!  I’m trying to soak up all the Christmas things and embrace the holiday season as every year before but this one just seems to be a flying by! I need time to sloooooow down!

What fun holiday activities have you been doing?!


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