Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!

My oh my.. it was my 2nd annual Cookie Exchange on Tuesday and while that doesn’t seem like much… it’s one of my favorite events every year (aka this year and last… 🤣🤣).

How it works: I send out an invite a few weeks ahead of time. Have everyone send me their recipes a week in advance and I put together a book for everyone to have a copy! This year, I did an EBook because let’s be real… I lose all things paper!

I have all the girls bring a dozen cookies per person and we have fun, sip wine, play games and enjoy cookies!

We vote on a winner and there’s always a prize for the best cookies!

Last year we did Christmas charades and family feud. This year we did two Minute to Win It games and they were hilarious!

The first game was a candy cane competition where you had to pick up candy canes and put them in a bucket. Sounds easy right?!

Try it with only using a candy cane 🙂

I got a whopping 2……. Ashton was our winner with 9!

The next game really had us girls crying! It’s called… Bottoms Up!

How it works… tie string around your waist to make a belt. Tie a longer string to hang down and attach an ornament.

You set up empty cans and have to use your booty to get the ornaments to knock down the cans!

It was so funny! And one other thing.. you only have 60 seconds to do each game!

Then we chatted more, ate cookies and voted for our favorite!

This years favorite was Elaine’s Christmas Crack! 😍

It really is the best time! We were missing a few girls but they’ll be there next year I’m sure! 🙂 It’s been a bit of a rough year for personal reasons and I wasn’t feeling the most Christmasy.. which if you know me is very UNLIKE me!

I actually wasn’t even sure if I wanted to have this party.. but I’m so glad I did! These girls are something special 😊

I’m already looking forward to our next get together and next years Exchange!

What holiday traditions do you do every year?! I’m always looking to make new ones 😊


4 thoughts on “Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!

  1. Rebecca Brittain says:

    Those games look like a blast! What a fun idea. I hadn’t heard of them. And I love a cookie exchange. So festive and a treat for everyone! Girl, I’d be at your pad in my Christmas jammies, drinking wine, and sharing cookies in a heart beat! And I hear you…I’m OK to say farewell to 2017…but sometimes just jumping into festive things like this help perk us right up! XO

    Liked by 1 person

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