Goodbye 2017….

I can’t believe we’re ready for a new year tomorrow! This year has been anything but easy and I’m definitely ready to say goodbye to it and hello to a new one!

I set a lot of goals for myself; blog and workout 3 times a week, meal plan more.. and I can’t say I stuck with them as well as I’d like.Β  It always starts off so strong but finishes a little slower.

I’m sharing a little snippet of our year in review so I can look back at all the highlights we experienced in years to come!


I shared a lot about our daily lives this month; from movies, outfit posts and DIY projects.

We celebrated Christmas with my family a little late!


My Mom and I visited my sister (and nieces) to celebrate my Mom’s Birthday!



Jess and I hosted our first Galentine’s Day brunch.


I shared some yummy s’mores! Seriously… go try them!!


I loved this fun Valentine’s Day shoot with my sister!



I had my first Blogiversary this month…


and celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday!



We headed out for our first round of golf of the season!

April golf

And celebrated my BIL and (future) SIL’s engagement over Easter weekend!

April Easter

We also celebrated Lara’s bridal shower virtually – such a fun concept if you can’t be with the Bride – to – be!

April Lara


I “partied” hard for Katie’s Bachelorette party πŸ™‚ and met a great new friend!

May Bachelorette Party

We visited Charleston this month and it was such a fun time!

May Charleston

May Charleston 3.jpg

May Charleston 2.jpg

And we celebrated Katie and Jed’s wedding!

May Katie wedding.jpg


My Mom visited while Logan was away at a bachelor party..

June Winery

and we certainly kept busy watching movies, getting my hair did and visiting a winery!

We visited my in-laws for a weekend at the US Open!

June US Open.jpg

I also did 3 winery tours with the ladies of the family – which was so fun!

June Wineries.jpg

We visited friends we hadn’t seen in forever – and spend some much needed time with their little one!

June Steph and Kelsey.jpg


We held a small bridal shower/bachelorette party for my cousin’s fiance (now wife!) on my Dad’s side and it was unbelievably fun!

July Bachelorette

July Bridal Shower

I shared a little bit of our life at the annual extreme animal racing – think ostriches, zebras and camels!

July Racing.jpg

I started as a distributor for Lipsense! Gosh, I love this stuff and you guys have shown me you love it just as much!

Our biggest project yet – our patio!

July patio2.jpg

My in-laws came to help and we spent the whole 4th of July weekend digging, sanding and laying brick to be perfect. Us girls helped quite a bit with the digging but otherwise…. the boys took care of the rest!

July Patio.jpg


We celebrated Jess’ big day with a fun bachelorette party at her cabin!

August Jess Bachelorette

We held a baby shower for my SIL and Brother for little baby Nora!

August Baby shower.jpg

We held our annual Crawfish boil on our new patio!

August Crawfish

My in-laws visited for our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair!

August State Fair.jpg

We got our house re-sided this month due to hail damage and decided to switch up the color and add a little more for curb appeal.

September house.jpg


This was a month of travel for us…

We headed to Madison for our first ever Badger game with my family..

Sept BAdger.jpg

before heading to Milwaukee for my cousin’s wedding!

September wedding cousin

It started off celebrating Kallie and Bryan’s wedding in Eau Claire.

September wedding.jpg

Then we traveled to London

September London.jpg


September Paris

and finally to Madeira to celebrate a fun wedding with great friends!

September Madeira.jpg

My sweet niece Nora was born when we got back to the States – she knew to wait for me πŸ™‚



We spent a lot of time this month cuddling little Nora…

Sept Nora.jpg

and baby Beckett (he was born the day we left for London but thankfully I got a quick chance to meet him!

October Beckett

I shared our Paris pictures and y’all LOVED them – they’re my favorite pictures of all time!!

October PAris.jpg

We had two housewarming/end of summer parties to attend!

October Ashton.jpg


My Aunts and cousin visited us for a weekend of shopping and a little bit of relaxing πŸ™‚

October Aunts.jpg

We ventured to Oshkosh for Thanksgiving weekend – filled with food, shopping…

November shopping

and finding our Christmas tree!

November Tree

We went to Jess and Jeff’s wedding reception and it was so much fun!!

November Jess.jpg

It brought us back to Madeira with the same group of friends πŸ™‚

November Mom

My sister (and nieces) and Mom visited this month for the first time in 2 years (for my sister) and we visited with Nora while also getting some shopping time in!

November Nora.jpg


I held my annual Christmas Cookie Exchange with some girlfriends!

December Cookie.jpg

We played some fun minute-to-win-it games and we laughed so hard!

I shared a few fun holiday guy and gal looks on the blog! This is a big deal because as you know.. Logan isn’t the happiest with getting his picture taken πŸ™‚


We celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary – with Logan being in Denver – so we settled for apps and drinks the night before!


My SIL and her boyfriend visited us for a night and we walked through some fun Christmas lights!


Logan graduated college!!


We traveled this month to my Mom’s for Christmas…. (I promise I’ll recap our whole time next year πŸ˜‰

December Family

then headed to celebrate a weekend with my in-laws! And guess what?! My hubby surprised me with a very nice camera for Christmas! πŸ™‚ And it was legit, a serious surprise!

December Inlaws

That’s it.. that’s our 2017!

Thank you for following along and being apart of it! πŸ™‚














Friday Favorites!

Christmas is T- 3 days and I’m just in disbelief! I’m always so sad when the holidays are over but I’m ready for a New Year!

I’m linking up to share a few favorites as we finish out this year!


Logan graduated!

We had a small dinner to celebrate the graduate! He worked so hard and we’re both so happy he’s done πŸ™‚

We often talk about moving away from the Minneapolis area and there’s just some friendships that we’ll truly miss!

But we don’t get too sad because these ones won’t ever end; such gems that we’ll have forever!

He’s already planning all the extra golf he’ll be able to get in starting in the Spring! Imagine that! πŸ˜‰



We volunteered with People Serving People and handed out Christmas gifts to all the kids! I’d never heard of the organization but it’s the largest homeless shelter in Minnesota, housing over 350 people (mostly kids) every night!

It’s fun to give back during the holidays (and any time!). We sponsored 4 kids with Christmas gifts for the Salvation Army this year as well – it feels so good to help others who aren’t as fortunate as us. If you can, organizations are always looking for volunteers! And you’ll get back much more than you gave 😊


ts almost here and we're ready! We're traveling a little this season and we're ready to see family and relax a little bit!

innamon Sugar Pretzels… need I say more?!

enjoyed a massage again last week and I had to get some change for gratuity beforehand.. I stopped by Walgreens and Jess texted me to ask if I got Airheads! She knows me all too well 🀣 I had to snap this pic to send to her because duh I love these things!!

Anyone else love these things??

Enjoy the last Friday before the holidays! What are some of your favorites from this week?!


Happy Hour – Christmas Recipe Edition!

Hello and Happy Thursday! I know I’ve said this everyday this week but I can’t believe it’s 4 days until Christmas!

It’s also the last Happy Hour Link Up of the year which is crazy! As usual, I’m linking up with Holly (big shout out, because it’s her Birthday today! ) and today I’m sharing an easy recipe for Christmas!

I shared about my Annual Cookie Exchange a few weeks back and its time to share my cookie! It was legit the easiest thing EVER and who doesn’t want an easy cookie to make?!

I made Christmas Kringle Cookies – you could make these for any time though and just switch up the food coloring choice πŸ™‚

β€’ 1 box vanilla (white) cake mix
β€’ 1 egg, lightly beaten
β€’ 1 tub (or 3 cups) Cool Whip
β€’ 1 tsp vanilla
β€’ Red & Green food coloring
β€’ 1⁄2 cup powdered sugar


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a Sil-

2. In a large mixing bowl, beat together the cake mix, egg, cool whip and vanilla.
The dough will be thick and sticky.
3. Divide the dough in half and place one half in a second bowl. Add a couple drops
of red food coloring to one bowl and a couple drops of green food coloring to the
other bowl. Mix the food coloring into each half of the dough. Add more food
coloring as needed, until your desired color is reached.
4. Put the powdered sugar into a small bowl.
5. Use a small cookie scoop to portion the dough into the bowl of sugar. One scoop
at a time, place the dough into the sugar and roll it around until it is completely
coated. Place the dough ball on your prepared baking sheet. Repeat with the
remaining dough, leaving 2 inches between each cookie. (seriously, the cookies
spread A LOT).
6. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes or until the cookies are set. The center of the cookie
will still be soft, that’s ok!
7. Remove from the oven and let cool on the baking sheet for at least 5 minutes.
Carefully transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool completely.


And that’s it.. so easy!! I would definitely recommend making some of these – they were a hit!

What are your go-to favorite recipes for the holidays? I can always use more that are easy πŸ™‚


Life Lately.

We’re just FIVE days until Christmas.. can y’all believe it?!

I’m sharing a little bit of life lately around these parts!

A few weeks ago, we had dinner at my Brothers house and I got snuggle this little one a bit!

We always love playing Bingo and I was in heaven when we played last; mimosas and queso?! What more could I ask for?! Only thing that would have been better.. winning!

Ps – look at the photobomber behind me! 🀣🀣

My SIL and her boyfriend surprised us with a visit over night!

And we walked through some Christmas lights!

I love that she loves to visit and spend time with us! 😊

It was absolutely freezing but the free hot cocoa helped! They had free popcorn too but my hands were too cold to eat it.. how does that happen?!?

We enjoyed a Christmas movie on the couch by the tree after 😍

Logan was out of town on our anniversary but we enjoyed a quick happy hour before he left!

I made some Christmas cookies for Logan’s holiday lunch!

We had a fun game night at Elaine and Adams house and somehow I only got a picture of this cute little elf!

Such a fun night with great appetizers!

I visited the Holiday House and share about it here! One of my favorite things to visit!


I usually do the house with Jess every year, every time but it’s been hard to figure out days that worked! So Gayle came with and loved it!

Gayle and I have a tradition of enjoying Grasshoppers at Jax Cafe every year (this was our 4th year!) and visiting Macy’s downtown for their Christmas display (and great ornaments)!

Macy’s closed this year so we visited the Holiday House instead!

While at Elaine’s, we loved the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels so much that Logan thought he’d make some for us 😊

Yum!! Let me know if you want me to share the recipe; so easy and good!

Last night, we had something on tv and Logan said “why don’t you put on a Christmas movie!” Music to my ears! He NEVER says that so I jumped on it! We watched Fred Claud and both had a glass of wine – another thing that doesn’t usually happen!

Logan had a dentist appointment this week and surprised me with a PSL (yes, I’m still drinking them until they tell me they’re out! I’m dreading that every time I order one!)!

It’s the little things 😊

That’s what we’ve been up to! What have you been up to?! I’m trying to soak up the last few days of Christmas – let me know if you do any fun traditions I should start?!

Happy Wednesday!


Holiday House Inspiration

Happy Monday! Can you believe we’re ONE week from Christmas?! I really can’t! Normally I’m crazy in the spirit but this year it’s been a little tougher.

I did, however go to the Bachman Holiday House this past weekend that I’ve shared so many times and it as usual, it did not disappoint!

The theme of the shed was ice fishing at the lake and it was seriously so cute!

The front porch is always a favorite of mine! I could just imagine snuggling up with a large cup of hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music! Doesn’t t sound magical?

The bedrooms are so dreamy!

I legit want every room in our house to look like them!

Usually there aren’t so many sale tickets but it was the last day of the tours so they were making sure to get rid of everything!

How fun are all the things above the beds?! I would never think of half those things!

The last bedroom was turned into a gift wrapping room and y’all…

I need it! How cute is this?! Wrapping paper on the windows even??

And I loved this idea for a checklist – I swear I love making checklists but I lose them more often than not!

They even decked out the small bathrooms and it just shows, you don’t need a huge room to make it cute πŸ™‚

I’m obsessed with the sleighs turned into shelves.. now I just need to find some old sleighs to turn into shelves!

Even the toilet paper holder was a sleigh!

How smart is this makeshift bar area?! So perfect for a small area you need to fill!

Next year, I’ll go a lot earlier for a tour to get ideas before the holidays! It’s just amazing what they do this same house every year!

They show this house 3 times a year, spring, fall and holidays so if you’re in the Minneapolis area – you should definitely check it out! 😍

I still need to get 2 white elephant gifts for Christmas! Does anyone else do this?! If so, I’m all ears for ideas for gifts! Aka please oh please give me some!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and are ready to rock the last week before Christmas!


His & Her Holiday Looks!

One of my most asked questions about fashion is – “can you please share some girl/guy duo outfits?!” Why yes.. yes I can!Β  If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that my sweet husband is not a big fan of pictures… as in, he hates them! So getting him to do a few pics with me for the blog is always a challenge BUT he surprised me with agreeing to some holiday looks!

JCrew Factory is another place I love to shop for myself and Logan!Β  It’s Jcrew quality without the hefty price tags!Β  And right now, they’re offering crazy deals with Christmas approaching – which is is a huge win in my book!


ThisΒ skirt totally made me feel a little like Britney Spears circa 1999.Β  This skirt is perfect for the holidays – holiday party – yep, work with tights – oh yes, Christmas day – yes yes! And it’s 50% off so who doesn’t love that?! I’m also lusting over thisΒ velvet skirt for the holidays – and for under $40, it’s a no brainer!

Blazer’s on men are legit one of the best things to me!Β  They can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion – which is perfect during the holiday season. Logan loved this flannel because it’s one he’ll wear on a regular basis for work (he has a “dress down” pass for winning a golf event) or just a day out and about! Also.. the flannels are under $25 which is just crazy!

Gosh, I just love this guy πŸ™‚


I told you I was a sucker for this print!

Another thing I’m a sucker for?! My husband in a sweater over a button up! He wears them to work often and it’s just perfect as a dress up or dress down option again.

What are some of your favorite items to wear around the holidays?! And where do you shop?!

Let me know if you want me to keep these duo style posts in the rotation going forward πŸ™‚


Two Casual Holiday Looks!

If you know me… then you know I love everything about the Holidays; from the movies, foods, Christmas trees and lights to the drinks, family time and overall holiday spirit!

Another thing I love? Cute holiday outfits, of course!

Nordstrom is a huge place I shop throughout the holiday season for both myself and Logan. – shocker, I know πŸ˜‰


They have legit, everything!

Logan is a big fan of Vineyard Vines so this shirt was a no-brainer with their take on holiday colors!Β  Vests have been all the rage for Logan lately – I know, he’s a little late to the game! – and this Patagonia one is perfect to wear over shirts and sweaters! It would also make a great gift for your brother/father/significant other… just saying πŸ™‚


I’ve always been a fan of puffer vests but this is my first Patagonia vest! I love how warm it is – even on the windiest of days.Β  My shirt isn’t available butΒ  how cute is this one?! I love any floral type tops and this one is all the heart eyes!

Fun story – Logan and I looked at this venue for our wedding!Β  I was obsessed with the outside of the yacht club and was convinced we’d get married there!Β  After we toured inside though… I wasn’t as in love! Had we been able to have the whole wedding and reception on the front law, I would have been like “take all my money, I NEED this” but unfortunately that wasn’t an option they said SO we ended up where we got married instead which was beautiful as well πŸ™‚

Y’all… about these next outfits…

A) I need a spray tan, STAT! B) this is the cutest little house C) look at the camera, giiiirl and D) Where has thisΒ faux fur vests been my whole life!?


I wish I could say we have a fun holiday party where we get to get all dressed up and swanky BUT not this year!Β  This dress would be perfect for Christmas Eve though πŸ™‚ How fun are those bell sleeves?!


Logan switched out his vest for this North Face style and has been wearing it non-stop! It’s his go-to for the cooler days that don’t require a jacket.Β  He’s also been wearing it under a lighter jacket because it’s great for the office to keep a little warm! PS – why are offices so cold?! I swear every time I’m in the office, I just shiver!


I just can’t believe we’re officially 2 weeks from Christmas today!Β  I’m trying to soak up all the Christmas things and embrace the holiday season as every year before but this one just seems to be a flying by! I need time to sloooooow down!

What fun holiday activities have you been doing?!


Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!

My oh my.. it was my 2nd annual Cookie Exchange on Tuesday and while that doesn’t seem like much… it’s one of my favorite events every year (aka this year and last… 🀣🀣).

How it works: I send out an invite a few weeks ahead of time. Have everyone send me their recipes a week in advance and I put together a book for everyone to have a copy! This year, I did an EBook because let’s be real… I lose all things paper!

I have all the girls bring a dozen cookies per person and we have fun, sip wine, play games and enjoy cookies!

We vote on a winner and there’s always a prize for the best cookies!

Last year we did Christmas charades and family feud. This year we did two Minute to Win It games and they were hilarious!

The first game was a candy cane competition where you had to pick up candy canes and put them in a bucket. Sounds easy right?!

Try it with only using a candy cane πŸ™‚

I got a whopping 2……. Ashton was our winner with 9!

The next game really had us girls crying! It’s called… Bottoms Up!

How it works… tie string around your waist to make a belt. Tie a longer string to hang down and attach an ornament.

You set up empty cans and have to use your booty to get the ornaments to knock down the cans!

It was so funny! And one other thing.. you only have 60 seconds to do each game!

Then we chatted more, ate cookies and voted for our favorite!

This years favorite was Elaine’s Christmas Crack! 😍

It really is the best time! We were missing a few girls but they’ll be there next year I’m sure! πŸ™‚ It’s been a bit of a rough year for personal reasons and I wasn’t feeling the most Christmasy.. which if you know me is very UNLIKE me!

I actually wasn’t even sure if I wanted to have this party.. but I’m so glad I did! These girls are something special 😊

I’m already looking forward to our next get together and next years Exchange!

What holiday traditions do you do every year?! I’m always looking to make new ones 😊


Weekend Rewind!

Happy Monday!!

We are going to rock this week, right?!Β  I have to keep telling myself since i’m currently wishing I was snuggled in bed and it was the weekend!

I had such a fun and busy weekend! Let’s justΒ  jump right into it!

Friday night involved a fun Happy Hour at a new place with this girl…

It’s been forever since we’ve gotten together so it was nice to catch up over a few glasses of wine πŸ™‚

Saturday, I met a good friend for coffee and a manicure bright and early!

It was so nice to chat about everything life and Christmas related!

I’m so thankful I met this girl earlier this year – she and her husband seriously been such a blessing in our lives!Β  Have you ever met someone and instantly had a connection?! That’s how it was with our this couple and we’re so thankful!

Saturday was also the big candle sale day at Bath & Body Works!Β  I literally light these candles almost daily so I needed to stock up πŸ™‚

After nails, I met up with another good friend to shop at a Holiday Bazaar at a nearby church!

I haven’t been to one since I was little and it was so much fun! All the crafters, baked good and Christmas music gave me all the feels!

I wasn’t kidding when I said the weekend was busy…

I then headed over to my Brother’s house for some family and more Christmas time!

I matched little Nora πŸ™‚

We went to Afton’s Holiday Tours – which is just about the CUTEST little town here in Minnesota!Β  It’s a total gem and we’d never been.

This art school offered free s’mores (yes please!) and the best Santa and Mrs Claus!

I mean…

Everyone at shops were so sweet and friendly!

The whole town is old fashioned and full of Christmas cheer!

We ate at the Lumberjack Lodge and it was such a cute little place!

And we heated up with a fire by the road… odd, right?! haha!

We missed the ice cream shop (so sad!!) but it just means we have to make another trip there soon enough!

Wonder where Logan was?! GOLFING – in December in Minnesota.. how crazy is that?!Β  He was in heaven, of course πŸ™‚

Sunday was filled with quite a bit of work (it’s a busy time of year!) and some baking goods.

These ones joined me in my office while I worked!

We had 2 bunches of bananas that had to be eaten (or thrown away tomorrow) so I made some PB Banana chocolate chip energy balls and Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies – say that fast 5 times!

I ended the night with a Hallmark movie and playing ball with this guy while Logan did some homework.

Today’s agenda after work?! Baking cookies and getting ready for my annual cookie exchange tomorrow! We’re missing a few girls and I’m so sad but hoping to enjoy some good cookies and games πŸ™‚

If you have any suggestions for Christmas games – I’m thinking Minute-to-Win it games, let me know!

What did you do this weekend?! Was it filled with Christmas?!