Thanksgiving Weekend!

I can’t believe we’re literally a day away from December! And also… it’s been 50-60 degrees! Winter is nowhere in sight and while I would usually be thankful for that.. I’m ready for snow! At least until January 1… then I’ll take all the 50-60 degree weather I can get! #neverhappens

This weekend was busy and slow at the same time but I realized i didn’t snap too many pictures! #busyenjoyingfamilytime

We ventured to my in laws for Thanksgiving and part of the weekend! It’s about a 5 hour drive so we don’t get down there very often! The last time we were there was June for the US Open!

We celebrated Thanksgiving by eating lots of food, watching football and going through the ads to see what we need!

Then us girls headed out for a little shopping later that night!

We headed to Shopko, Best Buy, Walmart (which wasn’t crazy – I mean, no lines!!), the outlets and Target!

… where we clearly found a bit of stuff! 😂

We headed home early – around 10 I think and relaxed for the night!

, I headed out to shop a little at the outlets by myself before grabbing Logan and my SIL to join!

hopping, my MIL met up with us (she worked!) and we enjoyed a quick margarita (I mean, I kind of enjoy these I think 😂) and my all time favorite queso!! Logan was with as well but didn’t want to be in the picture #shocker

Friday night, my MIL and myself held a Black Friday live sale for Lipsense (she was so obsessed with the products, she signed up too!) and it was so much fun! My recent favorite color is this Razzberry pink..

I mean, for real… obsessed!

We hung out a bit on Saturday (I did a little shopping with my SIL) and watched the Badgers kick some butt before giving an impromptu mini makeover on my SIL to share the Senegence makeup!

Don’t they look great?!?

We headed home and ended our weekend finding our Christmas tree!!

And it was so weird to pick it out in 50 degree weather with no snow! Reminded me of Christmases in Florida growing up 😊

We usually go to the Rum River Tree Farm and grab our tree – we even did engagement pictures there 3 years ago!

And I apparently wore the same flannel from Old Navy! 😂

But this year, we opted for the easy route! A tree lot from Rum River Tree Farm!

It was much easier and the trees were all so pretty!

After getting home and putting the tree up, Logan made a yummy pasta dish….

And homemade garlic cheese bread! 😍

Anyone who knows Logan, knows he isn’t a fan of pasta (I can’t believe it either!) so this was a nice surprise to enjoy!

There’s just something about seeing a Christmas tree when I wake up in the morning… and the smell helps as well!

It’s a shame he doesn’t like the tree at all 😂😉

That’s a wrap! How did you enjoy your holiday weekend?!

Y’all.. it’s less than a month until Christmas and I don’t know how that happened! I’m so sad when it’s over! I need to get all the Christmas in I can! 😍


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend!

  1. Rebecca Brittain says:

    You’re rocking that fur vest! I’ve wanted one fur-ever 😉 but haven’t made the commitment when I’d hardly be able to wear it with our heat. I might have to just get it even though it would get minimal use. Your sweet pups are too adorable and that pasta/garlic bread meal…I’m drooling!


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